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How to make most of Business Class

How to make most of business class

Don’t we all want to feel special, yes we do, and in travelling the best way to see yourself get pampered is to fly business class. This mode of travelling is mostly used by C Level Executives, or business men, or if you have extra disposable kitty in your bank account. On an average a business class ticket will cost you 3 to 4 times costlier than an economy class ticket. But trust us, every piece of it is worth, only if you know how to make most of Business class and how to feel special.

One of the most crucial thing to make most of business class is choosing the right airline after knowing all the perks of the ticket you are going to fly. If we were to say, the best business class experience is holistic, both on ground and on air. If you are a frequent business class flyer chances are you often neglect its perk, but it shouldn’t be that way. So here is how to make most of it.

Sleep well and enjoy well – Get some extra sleep before you on board the flight. Yes this applies to all sort of tickets, economy and business both. The flight journey is often tiresome and you will need energy to survive the long hours. The best way to do so is by recharging your batteries, by taking some good amount of sleep before you onboard the flight.

The road to make most out of business class also starts with being fully recharged. Hence before flying business class, ensure you are in full of your senses, to enjoy the most of your journey. Or what’s the use if you keep dozing the entire flight. If your top most priority is to sleep while traveling in business class then we rest our case, but to make the most of it, you have to be awake.

Priority check ins – Business class is just not about the comfortable seats as you see in the advertisements of the airlines. The feeling of being treated specially starts right from airport check in lines. If you have a business class ticket, you just don’t need to wait in long baggage drop off, or security queues. This is the biggest advantage of buying business class tickets.

Most of the airlines have priority basis separate area for Business class check ins. If you are paying more then the airlines also makes sure that your time and money both is treated well. These business class check in counters are very less crowded and you will done before even realizing that you were checking in. This is one of the benefit that you must make use of.

Business Class lounges – If your home is far from airport, mind coming to airport early, to make the most of business class lounges. The kind of luxury you will get here is unmatched to any of the waiting areas in the airport. You can probably also take a shower before on boarding. You can probably also take a nap in some of their sleeping pods. You can also relax yourself to a foot massage.

The bigger the airport, the better these business class lounges are going to be. You just name it, and all the possible luxuries are available in business class lounges. Food and beverage is obviously one of the best things that you will be pampered with. You can also expect a free wifi connection for your mobile devices or laptop.

Extra legroom comes first – The main problem about flying is that you do not get enough room to relax in most of the cases. Flying few thousand feet above the ground makes it a little uneasy when it comes to space. Little space means lesser legroom which means, that you will have to keep your feet confined, and you cannot stretch them. But that is not the case ion business class.

There are amenities that you might get in business class of one airline, and not in another. But one thing is always going to remain common in all business class seating’s which is extra legroom. Yes you will have ample space to stretch your legs. Especially if you are a tall person this amenity can come of handy when travelling in a flight.

Business class comes with good food – Normally we would never say that you come empty stomach before boarding your flight, because staying energized is vital to a good flight journey. But you can make a exemption to this while flying business class. Please leave ample room for the special treats that will be waiting for you on board.

Most of the times business class will have white table cloth meals, deserts and even complimentary champagne. The kind of treatment you will get in food and beverage during the flight in completely contrast to what you will get in economy class. The longer route flights which have bigger planes will also have a bar waiting for you to order some martini.

Go for business class goodies – Business Class compartments are so well equipped and well serviced that at times you will feel at home in bedroom. Yes the flight attendants will leave no room to make you feel special. They will make you feel even better than your mom. You will get your travel kit of socks, plush pillows, ear plugs, moisturizers, fine linen, slippers, and even pyjamas.

That is a lot, and in fact if your carry on luggage contains such stuff on usual flights, you will also save a lots of space. If anything feels left out, never hesitate to ask what’s on housekeeping menu. Trust me you will be surprised with what all facilities you can get in business class. The best part about these goodies is that you can even take home few of them.

Business class gives you ample space – Unlike Economy class where the first thing you do is occupy maximum overhead bin space, in Business class you will get ample of space to store your belongings, shoes, carry on, and it will be all yours. In many luxury airlines you will get a chamber like seating which will be all yours.

Many airlines with business class have seats that can be converted into a bed. But wait, your job is not to sleep, but recline a bit and enjoy the services at your disposal. The amenities of Business Class will lessen your carry on, and that is a proven fact. You only need to carry the essentials with you, which could be your electronic devices and maybe some medication if you are prescribed to.

Airport transfers check – The best part of Business class is the airport transfers. Yes the best airlines give it all complimentary. They will pick you right from your doorstep, and drop you at the airport. After reaching the destination they will pick you from the airport and leave you till the doorstep of your hotel or whichever place you are headed to.

But keep in mind to check before booking which airline has it and which doesn’t. Remember not all airlines offer such services. If you are flying from some smaller airport then too chances are that you will not get such service. It is also obvious that airlines that offer these airport transfers services will have a costly ticket but every dime will be worth it.

How to make best of business class

Fall in love with layovers – As travelers we all hate layovers, and stopovers, but no more in Business Class. Yes that might sound weird because we all love interrupted services, but there is a greater logic behind it. The answer to this lies in the business class lounges. The business class lounges are so nice that it will feel like your holidays have already started.

You are going to love spending time in these business class lounges. They are at the epitome of luxury, and will give you a feeling that you are spending time in some five star hotel. Make sure to use them, for stretching for a while. Remember to lay back as much as you can. After spending time in these lounges, you won’t be skeptical to layovers while flying business class.

Don’t be shy for a seat tour – Business class seats are no less than any engineering marvel. They are power packed and contain more features than you can even expect. If you assume that you can navigate the seat all by yourself, then probably you are wrong. Every airline has a separate kind of seat when it comes to business class.

Highly recommended would be to ask the flight attendant to stop by and give you a tour of the seat. You might stumble upon something that could be useful through your journey which other wise you wouldn’t have found out. You can also ask the flight attendant to help you navigate the entertainment section of the seat, like how to find content and how to use. It always helps.

Board first or last – The facility of quick check ins comes by default for the business class travelers, but it doesn’t just ends here. The sage goes on and the airlines leaves no room to make you feel special and privileged if you are flying in business class. One of the features of buying business class tickets is that you get to board the flight before the economy class passengers.

Yes you will be the first ones to board, and it is called priority boarding. This just doesn’t ends here. When the flight reaches its destination as the business class travelers you get the chance to step out of the plane before economy class travelers. But that is subjected purely to your choice, as you can also choose to step out as the last person in the flight. Now that is what we call a business class perk.

Choose your seat well – Before making any bookings be it through flights, trains or bus, we always tend to have preferences about the seat. Most of us will always want the window seat, to enjoy the scenery out of the window while travelling. This is what travel is all about. Hence be it economy or business class, window seat just doesn’t comes by default. So its better to check in online, before hand.

If you want a window seat, then choose for it. Chances are you will be exposed to some breathtaking views from the plane. A good news is, that many airlines will only give you window seats while booking business class. You can also choose to download your mobile boarding pass to reduce the hassles of check in. This is one of most important things to do.

In flight entertainment – One of the best perks of Business class is access to all exclusive entertainment options you might else wise not get in economic class. You can catch up with latest movies, TV shows, and a box set at your disposal. The chances are that you will get to watch a movie in flight which has released recently in theaters. What better can you expect.

This will for sure save your movie time that you would spend in a multiplex while in your home city. The entertainment options are not only limited to movies and TV shows, but you will also get an exclusive library of hit songs that you can listen as per your choice. You can also watch recordings of popular concerts, and you can browse through internet, if wifi is provided which in most cases will be.

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