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Top safety tips for women travellers

Top safety tips for women travellers

Without any doubt, women are on prowl and there is no stopping to it. But when it comes to women travelling around the world, eyebrows get raised of family, friends and well-wishers. Is our world not a place so safe for women? The answer to this is a little controversial, and reason is few handful of bad things happening to women because of fewer sick and foul minded people. We disagree with people that blame these incidents on carelessness. Women you need to be more than that and we have created a comprehensive list that will keep you away from bad experiences.

  • Easy going gals and polite women often do their best not to upset this world, but few people take this as a wrong signal. So you have to watch out, to whom be nice with. If other person might cause harm in wildest imagination, shed off every good thing about you.

  • Even a child is smart enough to feel when vibes are not in their favour. You are a grown up woman and better off with understanding what’s wrong and what’s right. You certainly don’t need someone to tell you that. Always think what best or worst could happen.

  • Women you need to careful where you are booking your hotel, Airbnb, or couch surfing. Internet might lead you in between bunch of rowdy men too. Always make a call to place before booking, tell them you need to be in mid of women, or find a women hostel.

  • The carry bag that every woman carries is their asset. Trust me, don’t be a tomboy sticking to a men shaped wallet. Carry bag is usually inert to pickpockets, as you have a strong hold over it. Use it, but you can always divide what imp. Stuff you want to keep in it.

  • You might be your daddy’s little princess with shimmering pendants and glistening rings, but in distant lands you could be invaded for your unofficial exhibition. All that glitters attract miscreants, so keep them safe in home or in hotel safe.

  • We all love listening music, but its stupidity to do so when you are crossing a street or walking in busy parts of city. You probably could meet an accident that will shatter your harmony. Save it for an afternoon at beach, bedtime, or for cup of coffee.

    Top safety tips for women travellers - Listening music
  • Having little booze is okay, but drinking to hell’s gate could be a problem. You are in a foreign land, and you can’t afford to lose your instincts. People often see drunk women as soft targets for their sick fantasies. You have to keep such lot at a distance.

  • Tech is bringing the world closer with lots of apps and portals that help you connect with locals for destinations around the world. Talk to them, they will give you an idea what to do what not, where to go, where not, whom to meet. Whom to avoid, etc.

  • If it’s night, prefer booking a taxi that too by trusted service provider like Uber or a local equivalent. This might cost you extra, but it’s a safe bet where your driver and destinations will logged in for reference if anything bad happens. Don’t cringe when it comes to safety.

  • Always carry a couple of visiting cards of the hotel you are staying in. No matter how good you are at remembering streets and landmarks, this will never go in waste in case you want to recommend the hotel. Plus in foreign language countries it’s an asset.

  • You are woman and not a spy. We know that, but carrying few gadgets won’t do any harm. But a personal safety alarm which is normally very portable, but when comes the testing times it will probably draw more attention and people than you could expect.

  • When you are in a foreign country always keep the number and email of the embassy on your fingertip in phone. It is also advisable that you mail a copy of your itinerary to the embassy, so if something goes wrong they have something to start with.

  • Being a woman you must be accustomed to getting proposals about a coffee, dinner, or visit to their home, a drink and what not. It is not going to change when you travel too. But in foreign lands the answer to proposals should be no, till you are dead sure of safety.

  • There are smaller versions of Airbnb and couch surfing operating in your favourite tourist destinations. But we will assert that you don’t book a place of accommodation that doesn’t have a security guard and is unregistered place. You will be protected by law.

  • Darkness creeps at night, by all means, and you cannot avoid that. What you can do is to be safe at night. Travel during day, it might eat your precious hours, but you will be safe. Wrap up your parties before night and go to sleep in a secure hotel room. You will be safe.

  • We strongly assert that you should always learn few handy phrases of local language. It will make you feel a local and you will be in a better position to shut up local jerk trying to act over smart with you in their own language. Also helps in building bonds with nice ones.

    Top safety tips for women travellers - Know local language
  • Never ever keep all your money at one place. It is a traditional practice and has come a long way to go further in future. This way you will never go broke in least unexpected of situation. It is helpless and state of danger to be without single penny in foreign lands.

  • When returning back, talk to the hotel staff to arrange for airport transfers if it’s not free. It will be way safer and you will be far from perils of not catching up the flight, which you cannot afford especially if the last day of your journey is the expiry date of your VISA.

  • Download any map app that also works offline. It will keep track of all your activity. But don’t forget to synch your movements time to time online. Also tell your family and friends about what app you are using. This is near to securing your holiday with perfection.

  • Never tell strangers about where you are staying till you are dead sure it will be safe. It is like inviting the unknown which could be anything good or bad. We suggest you stay on safe side. You are out there for experience and not expanding your friend circle.

Stay Safe wherever you are!


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