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Top Travel Apps to have before next trip

Top Travel Apps to have before next trip

Traveling might sound like a living dream, but is also a nightmare when things go wrong. Well we would never want that, but forgetting something important, facing unwanted unexpected weather, being stranded on a lonely road without any sign of taxis, not being able to find a Wifi nearby, or dozens of such things come without notice. You have to be prepared for them, and don’t worry we reminding you is not a problem. We are here with suggestions of some best apps that will make your next trip a french cheese.

Google Translate – Trust me folks, this one is a life saver, boon directly from god for international travelers. Will help you making local friends, and smooth your way out of unexpected trouble. Plus it also comes with pronunciation in your language.

WhatsApp – That might sound naive, but there are people still living without it. So if you haven’t please make it a top priority. It has wide reach, will increase your connectability, and its video calling is an asset when on trip.

Duolingo – I have personally used it for learning french, and must say that it works. This will give you an extensive prep before heading to lands with foreign language. There is simply no pre requisite and they will start from scratch.

Uber – If you have options of vehicle back at home, it’s okay to not have Uber. But travelers must not risk not having it. You never know when you will need it, especially in foreign where you don’t have taxi numbers on your cell phone.

Google Maps – I don’t know how people can live without it. No matter how expertly you know the city, it will always come in handy. Travelers you got to have this. The extensive database is just way too precious for a no.

TripAdvisor – Independent travelers that don’t have a tourist guide in their trip, must have this one. You simply can’t walk in to a restaurant with the branding of their sign board, or maybe interiors. Your sightseeing will become worth if backed by this app.

Top Travel Apps to have before next trip

Trivago – If hospitality is an industry then you got to be competitive. Trivago will help you in awareness of best deals on hotels you deem to be fit for your next stay. It plays fair, and can for sure save you lots of money.

Dark Sky – There is nothing more annoying than a sudden heavy downpour when you are best dressed for some serious sightseeing. Well this app can predict the future, only for weather that too real time with hours ahead. Must have.

XE Currency – This one can come in handy if your lovely politicians and corporations do something noteworthy. Simply it will notify you about each change in currency markets. Once market hits the sweet spot, you can go for an exchange.

LoungeBuddy – Connecting flights can be very tiring, and flight delays frustrating. To tackle such situations you really will need those Airport Lounges. This app will help you get access to them, and has network of most popular airport lounges.

Wifi Map – We know that world is still in the process of trying to be cool. But we bet you already are by reading this. So finding a wifi hotspot in nearby locations on your next trip can come in handy, and this App does just that work.

Mobile Passport – Before we show you existence of Utopia, an alert that this is only for selected US airports. The accessibility of passport in your mobile phones. No longer queues, and more faster check ins.

CityMapper – Not everyone can afford private commute every time. Especially if there are means of local transportation. This app provides you everything about city buses, metros, tube, and even few ride sharing services. Must have.

Flush – Guys never underestimate the urgency of using a washroom. Well it’s not funny to be in mid of city and getting a nature’s call. This app will show you the way to nearest public washroom. It also works offline. Here you go.

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