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Tips for first time cruise travellers

Tips for first time cruise travellers

There is no better voyage than setting sails on seas, till you aren’t comfortable with space suits. It’s great to know that you planning for a cruise. You must be excited, but wondering what is be-stored next. Ask us, we are more excited, because we know that there in no way you are going to return without a fabulous experience, having lots of fun, too much of laid back days, tantalizing food on board, and all those water games too. Preparing for cruise for first timers can be little clueless, but we will help you through it.

  • Your cruise excursion is going to have stopovers at ports. It will give you two choices, if to stay on the ship, or anchor yourself in some sightseeing around the port. Staying on ship is good if you want a laid back holiday and enjoy the ship with zero crowds. Give a try.

  • If you decide to get off the ship and enjoy the port city, trust me you will not want to leave without preparing where you will be headed to. This is where you need to research the port city well in advance with proper scheduling of how much time and to what.

  • If you happen to discover a cozy place for dining on first night, it doesn’t mean rest of the days you will stick to same place. Journey is about exploring, and same ship same spot is so boring. There are many restaurants, and dining places in same ship FYI if its first time.

  • Cruise is great place to find luxury for extra-long hours spa treatment. We bet there are lot of them, and checking in every day could cost a lot. So we suggest you get yourself made a week pass or buy spa cabin which will entitle you to all day inclusive spa treatment.

    Tips for first time cruise travellers - Spa Treatment
  • Most of the cruises will include room service in the basic price charged. So you got to enjoy its perk too, least sometimes. Order dinner in bed or tea in morning as you wake. Cruise is all about leisure, and this will just bring in more of cruise feeling.

  • The good news is most of the cruise lines will allow you to bring in at least one bottle of alcohol in your carry-on luggage, and the bad news is some will not. You got to check the cruise line policies, if you look to save few hundred dollar bills.

  • Every cruise provides you with daily plan for activities, and the day is jammed with it. Try to pick on these activities in middle of the day and night. Morning and evening time is best meant to enjoy the views and fresh sea air out in open. You will enjoy it.

  • Solo Travelers there is good news for you. Many cruises now have solo stateroom especially for solo travellers. Limited in number but can booked well on right time. Though in some cases they cost more than booking a complete double occupancy room.

  • There isn’t need to pack clothes for all day. It will just occupy space, and could be a little burden to carry. All Cruise lines have laundry service on board. Make use of it. Wearing same clothes on couple of alternative days won’t bring your joy of holiday down.

  • You should try to join other people in dining room. Everyone gets a little bore laying back and enjoying light blue sky, and aqua marine waters. Spark conversations, and share experiences. This might also find you a partner for swimming in pools.

  • Spa lovers that also want to save some bucks must talk with on board cruise about deals. The best ones you will get will be when ship is at ports. This might deprive you from few hours of exploring a new port city, but your love for spa will win with a soothing day.

  • Booking cruise in holiday season can be pain if you are a grown up. The holiday season often comes with large influx of kids and children on board. This is a time you would like to avoid, if cruise means peace of mind for you. You got to set your clocks.

  • Cruise is lot more than relaxing on the ship and watching sea everywhere around. Make sure before you go on research the amenities of the ship. We mean the fun facilities like number of pools, how many slides, number of dining areas, casinos, bars, rock climbing, etc.

    Tips for first time cruise travellers - Recreational Area
  • First time cruisers, before thinking to save some bucks by booking inside rooms, consider the joy of enjoying sun rise, and watching the seas with a cup of tea on a private balcony. Trust me it is worth it, till you hate spending time in your room.

  • Booking your cabin is another task you need to take care of. Don’t choose ones nearer to elevator, or start of an alley, or just below top lido deck, or below a dining space. Keep your cabin at higher levels to make everything easily accessible and in mid to avoid sea sickness.

  • Be on nice terms with the ship stewards and staff. It will bring in perks of being served better. The best part is about having conversation with them and listening to great stories and experiences from all around the world. Trust me they are full of it.

  • Don’t worry about how to enjoy the most of stopovers at ports. Most of these cruise ports have guided tours facilities bound by time. They will cover everything nearby most efficiently so that you won’t have to miss your cruise. It’s easy and absolutely safe.

  • It considered wise to board early to the Ship, or get off late, when crowd is Minimum. This will save you from standing in long queues with frustration. This saves a lot of hassle. Especially boarding early gives you time to take short tour of the ship in peace.

  • Good news for going on a cruise is that you don’t have any luggage restrictions as there in all airlines. So pack as much as you can, but be sure you carry it. Also leave some spare space in your luggage to return back with some souvenirs and shopped items.

  • Entertainment on board becomes hard to catch up with in real time scenario because of huge rush. To have a pleasant experience, book spas, shows, dining tables if any, well in advance via online or over phone. Make a rough schedule and stick to it.

  • Don’t show up in the port boarding city at time of embarkation. It is advisable you reach the port least one day in advance, take some rest as you might be tired of flight or car journey. Board on cruise with fresh head and start enjoying immediately.

  • Don’t worry about carrying enough cash on cruise, or buying three fourths that have multiple pockets where you can put your money in. Because on cruises payment is not made in cash but from the room keys. Pretty modern, safe, and convenient.

  • As soon as cruise ship departs, head to the pool deck to attend the unmissable tradition of ‘Sailaway Party’. People this is style of celebrating the journey that has just started. You will find regular cruise travellers and only few bunch of people. It’s worth it.

    Tips for first time cruise travellers - Hand Sanitizers
  • Cruise is great place to catch up with fun, and also with viruses like Norovirus. It spreads quickly because of the close proximity between people, and it grows well especially in environments of closed structures. To tackle tem use hand sanitizers throughout day.

  • To keep a check if your expenses are aligned with your journey, you just need to turn on the TV and blimey everything will come up together. You can constantly keep a track of your budget and make adjustments if you have spent too much or saved more.

  • Cruising with a family that consists of maybe two nasty kids that are difficult to handle and harder to entertain. Well cruise ships have fun events for kids too, though limited in number. They also have facility of babysitting provided to kids. What else you can ask for.

  • Cruise ships are out there in middle of seas, and under the sun. Sea breezes are refreshing, but sun increases the chances of sunburn. To stay safe, apply sun cream lotion right at start of day and throughout. It’s better to stick to this one.

Let your dreams set sails!


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