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Tips for Choosing Travel Insurance

Tips for Choosing Travel Insurance

Most of us might avoid this, and live happily ever after. But it’s there, it’s real, and it’s vital too. We all have Car insurances, Home Insurances, and blah-blah, but when it comes to Travel Insurance, we ask ourselves whether it is necessary to pay those extra hundred dollar bills. The answer is yes, you must. If travel is about possibilities, it can welcome some unwanted events too, like baggage stolen, getting seriously sick, flight cancellation, social outrage at your destination, and it goes on. One single event can drain all your trip investment. So better be insured. Here are some tips to choose Travel insurance right for you.

  • When covering the medical expenses that can occur, take into consideration what country you are travelling to. United States have high cost when it comes to Medical Treatments, while India can be cheap. Also pre determine what quality of medical care you will want.

  • When covering for medical expenses, take into account whether the policy will cover the expenses in foreign country only, or will it continue to serve you when you are back home. If there is anything serious you catch up with, it won’t leave you soon enough. So be ready!

  • The travel insurance policy depends on factors like, where you are traveling to, how you will be travelling, Airplanes, Road Trips, Cruises, etc., if trip involves adventure sports, how many people are accompanying you, what is the net value of your belongings and baggage.

  • Check the history of insurance company when it comes to claiming. Because every insurance provider will be good to talk when selling insurance, and hard to deal with when it comes to claims. Check their reputation, or you will have to keep waiting when bad things happen.

  • When you are presented a travel insurance quote, check it thoroughly and ask the agent for all possible upgrades and downgrades. This way you will be in better position to see how much you are ready to pay to insure something worthy enough. It will give you choices.

  • If you are an avid drinker, then you might want to check few things with insurance companies. Because most of the policies are void if that bad event happens while you are drunk. Do check what all falls under the influence of alcohol and what not.

  • You might want to pay an extra attention if you are planning to immerse in an adventure sports during your holiday, or if your excursion is in an unstable country, or if you have existing medical problems, because most of policies will exclude them. Be careful.

    Tips for Choosing Travel Insurance - Adventure Sports
  • Each travel policy comes with a list of exclusions. Be very keen and read it thoroughly. It might have something you want to be insured of. Mostly it is limited to natural disasters, acts of god, and acts of war. You might want to get yourself insured for worst odds.

  • Avid travellers,there’sgood news that instead of insuring their every trip that happens before every quarter of the year ends, you can get an annual policy covering all your trips that fall in. This will not only save you bucks, but also the hassles of insurance process.

  • When buying a policy for group of people, you should know the companies charge premium based on the age of oldest traveller in the group. Once a person is above 65 the premiums go drastically up. So it’s better to insure per person for that old traveller.

  • To save bucks on your next travel insurance policy, check with your existing car insurance or home insurance policy provider, they might offer it for less to existing customers, or their might be loyalty points too. Few insurance companies offer free cover for kids with families.

  • If your trip includes you renting a car or a motorbike, you would want to be insured about any mishap that happens while driving it. Many insurance companies will not cover this, and so you have got to ask this vital question to them and get it added if upgrade is available.

  • In case if you got sick, or boss cancelled your holidays, or if flight got cancelled, would lead to termination of your trip, and huge losses too. This is something most travel companies would not cover, so get a hang of your policy well enough and avoid the worst with best.

  • See if your policy is primary or secondary. In case of an medical emergency, a primary policy will dictate the insurance company to pay bills directly to hospital, and in secondary you will pay the hospital and later claim for the expenses incurred. Their price also varies.

  • Pricey belongings and expensive electronics gear should also be insured. After all it consumes a lot of savings when you buy it. Insurance companies have an upper limit to what value can be insured for such items, and also they have upgrades if your stuff is costlier.

Get insured & be assured!


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