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Most beautiful movie theaters in the world

Most beautiful Movie theaters in world

The Gen Z likes to catch up with movies on Netflix, while sitting on their couches, or relaxing on their beds. But the true charm of watching a movie is only in the theaters. Did you thought that theaters are boring and monotonous, then we have got some of the most beautiful theaters in the world. Some will provide you comfort of watching a movie on a couch like your home, while some will have amenities like the best food and drinks which is not just limited to pop corns.

Here is the list of some of the most beautiful theaters in the world, and we are sure that you should keep them in your travel bucket list.

Castro Theater, San Francisco

The iconic theater of San Francisco, is known for its architectural style, which looks like a Mexican Cathedral with Spanish and Asian motifs for its interior. The theater gives a feel of being in Europe while being situated in United States. It can accommodate 1400 people for a show.

Le Grand Rex, Paris

It is registered as a historic building by the French Government, and is inspired by New York Radio City Hall. The theater has seven screens with the biggest one that can accommodate 2400 people for a show. The theater is regarded as one of the most celebrated cultural institution.

Cineteca Madrid

This theater is specialized in documentary movies. It has basket like patterns for the wall and beautiful ceilings that let the lights in. It was built in the locality which was formerly a slaughterhouse, and livestock market. It has three screens that are named after great Spanish screen writers.

The Electric, London

Located on Notting Hill, this one screener is the comfiest cinema in the world. Located between antique shops of Portobello Road, this theater stands out. The theater has a bar accompanied with full dining facilities. The seats here include double seated couches, and even bed like booths.

Raj Mandir, Jaipur

Here is the Indian entrant of the list, which doesn’t looks like a theater but like a palace. This single screen theater can accommodate 1100 people for a show. The chandeliers, pink walls (keeping in mind the pink city Jaipur where it is located), blue lightings give audiences a grandeur feel.

Kino International, Berlin

It is located on the Karl Marx Allee, in Old East Berlin. It opened its doors in 1963 and since then has been a premier place for movies in the former East Germany. It got recognized as a World Heritage site in 1995. The glass façade and the wooden cladding inside will take you back in time.

TCL Chinese Theater, Los Angeles

This 1927 icon is one of the world’s most popular theaters. Films like star wars have premiered here. Just outside the theater you can witness the concrete hand prints of Hollywood Celebs on the walk of fame. The radiant red seats and the golden columns will give you pure cinematic experience.

Tuschinski Theater, Amsterdam

The art deco and art nouveau style of this theater will make you feel in some surreal world just like the movies. It also has a bar that serves some of the best cocktails in the city. Running since 1921, this is place where most of the country’s movies get premiered.

Puskin Art Cinema, Budapest

It was once called the Forum cinema, and nothing can get more stylish than this for a movie theater in Budapest. Once a single screen but renovated into 5 screens, the marble pillars, glittery ceilings, and the wooden seats will sure give you an experience of a lifetime. It hosts mainstream releases in the city.

Stella Cinema, Dublin

It opened its doors in 1920’s and got shut down in 2004, but again came back to life with even grandeur restoration in 2017. The hand painted ceilings, chandeliers, art deco railings, are bound to impress you when here. The Stella cocktail club in here is another add on with martinis and bourbons.

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