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Most beautiful movie theaters in the world

The Gen Z likes to catch up with movies on Netflix, while sitting on their couches, or relaxing on their beds. But the true...

Best free Museums around the World

Every Globe Trotter of this world has a reason to travel. Some travel because they need time off. Some travel to break the monotony...

Top things to do in Los Angeles

The home of Hollywood is more than what strikes the mind first. Los Angeles is where hustle meets heart. From film studios to fancy...

Best Street food cities in world

Some people eat to live, and other live to eat. No matter which one of them you are, your life goes side by side...

Best places to visit in United States

With country as vast and diverse as United States, planning a trip can be pretty confusing. Be it golden west coast, or glistening east...

Best places to visit in California

The glory of American west coast never sets down. This is the place that has changed the world with its Tech from Silicon Valley,...
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