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Most beautiful European villages

Europe has always been eye candy of travelers from all across the world. The mega old cities, medieval architecture, and middle age monuments has...

14 Most beautiful churches around the world

Places of worship have been one of the earliest known structures in our society. They were not just a place where people would offer...

Most beautiful movie theaters in the world

The Gen Z likes to catch up with movies on Netflix, while sitting on their couches, or relaxing on their beds. But the true...

Most beautiful gardens in the world

Be it Eastern inspired Zen gardens, or perfectly manicured Western Sanctuaries, gardens have always been the place which we seek to unwind ourselves. While...

Most beautiful castles in the world

What fascinates most to travellers is no doubt history, and castles. Castles though predominantly are considered to be of European culture, but they are...

Most beautiful bridges in the world

Bridges are not only structures that connect two places. They tell a lot about the city, and their culture. Though bridges aren’t considered as...
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