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Most beautiful European villages

Most beautiful European Villages

Europe has always been eye candy of travelers from all across the world. The mega old cities, medieval architecture, and middle age monuments has since long captivated the attention of travelers. The best thing about Europe is that no two countries are same. There is a whole lot of diversity when it comes to terrains and landscapes in Europe. Right from coastal towns to Alpine resorts, Europe has something for every traveler. The major cities of Europe are well known not just by the traveling community but to people from every corner of this world. The good news is that European villages are even more scenic.

In this blog we have listed some of the most beautiful villages of Europe. You might have heard their names or they might come as a surprise to you, but the point being that they should occupy a place in your bucket list. Traveling to these places will unveil the real beauty of Europe to you.

Manarola, Italy

Manarola is one of the most charming and beautiful coastal village in the Cinque Terre region of Italy. Geographically it is the second smallest village in the region. The multicolored houses that rest on the rocky terrain of the village add a distinctive beauty to this village. Besides the harbor of the village there is a small square which is dotted many sea food restaurants. The place is perfect for sun bathing, and if you are a deep water swimming enthusiast, then hit the village of Manarola.

For photographers out there, we must tell you that Manarola is the most clicked places in the region. The history of this village that stands today dates back to 13th century which makes it the oldest village of the Cinque Terre region.

The village is also known for its sweet dessert wine named Sciacchetra. Many travelers visit this village for its hiking trails. The 13th century Church of San Lorenzo here is also a must see.

Bibury, England

Bibury is one of the villages in the Cotswolds region of England. It was described William Morris the arts and crafts designer as the most beautiful village of England. The picture of this village can also be spotted inside the passport of United Kingdom, which makes it the most depicted villages of the world. The population of Bibury is less than 1000, which signifies that it is a very small village. The village is located along side the River Coln.

You might not have visited this village, but should have sure seen the pictures of the cute cottages that dot this village. Admiring the beauty of this village while sipping on to afternoon tea in the tea shops of this place is a must have experience.

While visiting here, you must see the Arlington Row cottages which historically were woolen store houses. Bibury Trout farm is another must visit spot which is one of the oldest trout farms of region.

Colmar, France

Colmar is the capital of Alsace wine region, and the villages feels like to come straight out of a medieval folk tale. The place is located on the German French border, and many a times the ownership of this region has passed down hands of both the countries. This is the reason why the village has a blend of a German French culture. Colmar was also the inspiration behind the village portrayed in the Disney film Beauty and the Beast. The canals in the village heighten its beauty.

The colorful houses, alongside the cobblestoned streets, and the window boxes adorned with flowers are what makes this village beautiful. While strolling down the old district of this village you will find many cafes and restaurant serving chocolate and wine.

Petit Venice region of the village is a must visit which was once used by merchants to transport the goods through canals. Then there is a toy museum and the Bartholdi (Eiffel Tower fame) Museum.

Reine, Norway

The village of Reine is located on the island of Moskenesoya, in Lofoten archipelago of Northern Norway. The village consists of several islands that are inter connected by bridges. The red and white fishermen cottages of the village are very popular, and known as Rorbuer in Norwegian. The village is also surrounded by steep mountains that rise straight up from the sea. The backdrop of this village makes it one of the most photographed villages in the world.

Reine has been inspiration for many films including the one by Disney named Frozen. The village is also replicated in theme parks. The village is visited by many travelers solely for the purpose of hiking and fishing trips. This village has been a fishing spot since 16th century primarily for cod and stockfish.

While visiting here you must choose to stay in a Rorbuer that have been converted for accommodation. They have all the modern amenities and most of them come with balcony looking over the sea.

Telc, Czech Republic

Telc is one of the most beautiful villages of Europe and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. This historical village was founded in 14th century and was primarily built to conserve the surrounding forests. The place is surrounded by artificial lakes which add beauty to its backdrop. The historical town center of the village is a must visit that has many Renaissance and baroque houses. These houses are painted in different colors and have the same height, which gives it a symmetrical and beautiful look.

The town centre is also home to many cafes and restaurants where you can dine or sip a coffee while admiring the town centre. The other must visit spot here is the Telc Castle, which was built in the 16th century and is one of the most prominent castle in Czech Republic.

Church of Holy Spirit which is located just near to the town center, is another must visit and also offers breath taking views of the village from the top.

Giethoorn, Netherlands

Giethoorn is also known as the Venice of the North. Apparently this village was founded in 13th century a group of fugitives from Mediterranean region. Later on the monks that resided here dug up the canals. In present time this village is home to around 3000 people. There are no roads in this village, but only canals through people commute, and is flanked by a group of 100 wooden bridges, which are spectacular. The network of canals in this village is around 4 miles long.

The village is so peaceful that you can hear the quacks of ducks and chirping of birds as clearly as they do. It is estimated that around 1 million people visit this village every year. Many of the houses that dot the village have been built back in 18th century, and have thatched roofs.

While here you can indulge in the canal cruise, or can also rent a boat. In winters the canals of this village get frozen and it becomes a delight to skate on them.

Gruyeres, Switzerland

Gruyeres village of Switzerland feels like a place which has just popped out from middle ages. The place is also popular for its Le Gruyère AOP cheese, which is made from the milk of black and white Fribourg cows. The documented history of this village dates back to 11th century. The village is surrounded by pre alps which gives this place ample amount of avenues for hiking. The castle of Gruyeres is also a must visit spot which reflects the medieval history of this village.

If you are visiting Gruyeres, then you must also witness the popular cheese making process over here. The village has many restaurants where you will also find the local delicacy, cheese fondue. Another must visit is the Gruyeres Chocolate factory.

If you are a film buff then you must also visit the HR Giger Museum over here, which is named after HR Giger a resident of this village who won Oscars for this artistic work in film The Aliens.

Alberobello, Italy

Alberobello lies in the region of Puglia in Italy. Owing to its unique beauty and beautiful backdrop this village is rapidly gaining popularity among global travelers. The village is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, for its clusters of ‘trulli’ houses, which are white washed with conical roofs. In present times you can also rent a ‘Trullo’ for accommodation purpose which will give you glimpse into the tradition of this village, plus it’s fun to live in a historical structure.

These Trullo are built from local limestone, and have thick stone walls, which regulates the temperature inside the dwelling. It was in 15th century when the first of the trulli were built and within few centuries they multiplied into a whooping figure of around 3500.

When visiting Alberobello you must also try the local delicacy Pasqualino which is a sandwich invented by the locals made from Rosetta, tuna, Salami and cheese.

Motovun, Croatia

Motovun is a hill top village in the country side of Istria. The population of this village is around 900. The height of the hill where the village is situated is 277 meters, and is just by the side of Mirna River. The village is home to the Gothic Bell Tower that dates back to 13th century, and a Parish Church of St. Stephen which dates back to 17th century. If you are on a luxury trip then you can also choose to reside in the heritage hotel in former palace named Kastel.

The village is also known for its surrounding vineyards, where you can do a tour. The walls that surround the main region of the village dates back to 11th and 12th century. The village is also known for its produce of truffles. The village also hosts a grand truffle festival.

The village of Motovun might be a small place but it also hosts a popular Motovun Film Festival which hosts open air screening of films.

Bacharach, Germany

The village of Bacharach is located in the picturesque Rhine Valley of Germany. It is listed as the UNESCO World Heritage site. The name of the village is derived from the god of wine in Greek culture, Bacchus. Since the establishment of this village it has been known for its wine culture. The documented history of this village goes back in time to 11th century. The village is surrounded by many vineyards, and is a perfect spot if you are seeking some wine touring.

During the month of October this village also hosts a grand wine festival. The origin of this festival dates back to a tradition where locals believe in emptying the wine barrels for them to be filled again. The major attraction of the village is the old house which dates back to 13th century.

The houses of this village are mostly half timbered, which gives them a unique look. While visiting here and by strolling down the streets you are going to love the rows of half timbered houses.

Portree, Scotland

Portree is a fishing village which was established in the 19th century by the then Lord MacDonald. It is one of those villages where boats still arrive at the harbor to dump their catch of the day. The sea food restaurants along the harbor are a must visit if you want to catch up the local taste and delicacies. The hills in the backdrop of the village make it picturesque, while the white washed houses by the harbor gives it a distinctive beauty.

While visiting here you will easily spot seals, golden eagles and dolphins. The village is also known for its wooden crafts that are perfect for souvenirs for friends and family. It also has a cultural spot named as Aros Centre which consists of a cinema hall, and serves as a venue for cultural events.

The region where Portree is located is the Isle of Skye which is also popular for its Talisker Whiskey. It is one of the finest Single Malt produced in Scotland.

Korcula, Croatia

Korcula is the sixth largest island of Croatia. On an average it is 20 miles long and only 5 miles wide. This village is blessed with extreme natural beauty. The village is popular for its wine culture, a spectacular old district which will take you back in time, some of the best beaches in Southern Europe, and olive farms. The wine tasting scene in Korcula is great and it home to some of the best wines. The seafood of this place perfected with wines makes a great dining scene.

It is believed that Korcula was the birth place of Marco Polo, though there is no significant proof of this. The Bell tower of this village is the highest point and offers some of the best views of the place. While visiting this place you can also indulge in tasting local honey, olive oil and other produces of the village in local shops.

While visiting this village you must savor the GRK wine which is their signature beverage and is very delicious. The village is also popular for its tavern like restaurants called as Konoba.

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