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Top LGBT friendly destinations in the world

Top LGBT friendly destinations in the world

Travel has always been about accepting different cultures and embracing diversity. LGBT community is no exception. The pride colors might not be accepted everywhere, but love is. In this blog we have listed out some of the most LGBT friendly destinations. These are the places where you can hold hands. These are the places where you can flaunt your rainbow. These are the places where nobody is going to discriminate you for being gay.

LGBT community faces backlash from various countries to an extent that it becomes unsafe for them to travel there. But these destinations not only accept their own LGBT community people but will welcome other people from the LGBT community with open hearts. Here is the list.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Middle East is popularly known for its intolerance towards the LGBT community, and in mid of it Israel turns out to be a gay paradise. Located by the Mediterranean sea, it offers beautiful beaches, including Hilton beach which is unofficially a gay beach considering the population of gay people visiting it. Tel Aviv also has many gay friendly nightclubs like Shpagat.

It is also known for its Tel Aviv Pride rally which happens in June. The latest version of the rally had over 250,000 people attending it. Israel might not have legalized same sex marriage but still this city is home to the overly dense population of gay couples.

Sydney, Australia

Australia is one of the countries that have legalized same sex marriages in 2017. The beautiful coastline of Sydney is just perfect for a holiday and attracts queers from all across the world to enjoy. Some of the beaches like Lady Jane Beach, Bronte Beach, and North Bondi Beach are the most queer friendly beaches in Sydney. Sydney also a very gay friendly neighborhood named Darlinghurst.

Sydney is also known for its globally popular Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. The gay parade is one of the biggest in the world and happens between February to March every year. The city is also popular for its gay friendly nightclubs.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin has had a long history of queer community that flourished in this city since 1920’s and 1930’s. Berlin is already famous for its nightlife and also has a great nightlife scene for queer community. Some of the most popular gay bars of Berlin are Silver Future and Der Boiler. It also houses a museum on LGBT community and its history, which is only one in the world, named as Schwules Museum.

The most gay friendly neighborhood of Berlin is Nollendorfplatz. Berlin Christopher’s street day is the biggest gay event of the city which happens every year between June to July.

Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos is one of the unofficial big 4 gay summer holiday destinations along side, Gran Canaria, Ibiza, and Sitges. But the whites washed houses, great nightlife, and a fine dining scene sets it apart from the rest. Some of the most popular gay beaches of Mykonos are Elia Beach, Super Paradise Beach, and Agrari Beaches. Elysium hotel of Mykonos also boasts of being an exclusive queer hotel.

The most popular gay event of Mykonos is  XLSIOR Mykonos International Summer Gay Festival which happens every August, and is a must visit for some real fun, and performances. It is estimated that over 30,000 queer couples come to visit this festival from all across the world.

Barcelona, Spain

Spain was a fore runner when it came to legalizing the same sex marriages back in 2005. It also protects the rights of queer community through its law making it a queer friendly destination. It has a grteat nightlife scene for gay people including some of the popular bars as Gracia and L’Eixample. It also houses some of the gay beaches such as San Sebastian and Platja de la Mar Bella.

Barcelona is also home to a neighborhood called Eixample which is so gay friendly that people with love call it Gay-Xample. The biggest gay event of Barcelona is Barcelona’s Pride which happens in the month of July, and is one of the best gay parades of the world.

Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs is located within the Sonoran Desert and is one of the best gay friendly destinations of the world. It is only couple of hours drive from Los Angeles and is also popular for its vicinity to the globally acclaimed music festival Coachella. Gay pool parties of Palm, Springs are renowned all across the world. Some of the most gay friendly bars of Palm Springs are Hunter and Chill Bar.

The biggest gay event of Palm Springs is Palm Springs Pride, which happens every year in the month of November. This event and LGBT community of Palm Springs have such a significant impact on the neighboring cities that they too hold their own pride rallies.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland is one of the countries where same sex marriages have been legalized, back in 2010. Top top everything they even had the world’s first ever Lesbian Prime Minister. The legal system of Iceland is completely in the favor of the queer community. One of the most popular places in Reykjavik for nightlife for gay people is Kiki Queer Bar. It has many such gay oriented public establishments.

The Pride rally of Reykjavik lasts for 10 days such is the enthusiasm of the queer community here. It is also visited by more than 100,000 people which is almost the one third of the Iceland Population. It happens in the month of August.

Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwan was the first country in the continent of Asia which had legalized same sex marriages, back in 2019. Government there now fully promotes the queer community and even protects their rights. Taipei is also known for its vibrant nightlife. Café Dalida, and The Secret Garden are some of the best spots for nightlife in Taipei. It also has hot springs that attract LGBT travelers.

The biggest gay event of Taipei is Taiwan Parade, which happens in the month of October every year. It has recorded the strength of participants up to 200,000 which makes it one of the biggest gay parades. For LGBT travelers, another popular place to visit in Taipei is 228 Peace Memorial Park.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Netherlands was one of the first countries in the world which had legalized same sex marriage. The country is also known for its laws protecting the civil rights of queer community, and trans people. Unarguably Netherlands is a forerunner in acceptance of gay people. S9ome of the most popular bars in Amsterdam for gay community are Club NYX, PRIK, and Bar Buka. These places are totally lit.

For first time queer travelers of Amsterdam, there is a Pink Point which gives all the information related to the LGBT community and its activities. The biggest gay event of the city is Amsterdam Pride which happens in the month of August over the popular canals of the city.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Mexico has been very progressive when it comes to LGBT friendly places. In year 2022 every state of Mexico has legalized the same sex marriages and even protects the rights of Queer community. The city of Puerto Vallarta is known for its fun side and some of the most popular nightlife places for gay people are Calle Rodolfo Gomez, Calle Venustiano Carranza and Lazaro Cardenas.

The biggest gay event of Puerto Vallarta is the Puerto Vallarta Pride which happens in the month of May, and has been running since over a decade. W Punta De Mita is one of the most popular gay friendly resort where you can opt to stay.

Have a Kiki, and have a trip!


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