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Best places to visit in China

Best places to visit in China

This Asian giant is not only an economic powerhouse, but also a country blessed with places capable enough of finding place in every travel bucket list. It is the country with maximum number of megacities that obviously leads to more travel opportunities. Not just the cities but the diverse countryside, and a charming culture is top reason why China tends to attract Travellers to all its parts. From Buddhist establishments to lush green mountains to rivers of plains, China is a challenge to what travelling shoe you would pack. Walk on great wall, a plate of hot dumplings, or entering the Forbidden City are joys of life you will only get in China. Here are the best Chinese places to visit.

Beijing – Capital of China for near to a millennium. This city is both imperial and modern. It has cultural, economic, academic importance. From skyscrapers to shopping arenas, and stadiums to museums, it has all. Top attractions include The Great wall, The Forbidden City, The summer palace, the temple of heaven, Tiananmen Square, the National Museum of China, Beihai Park, Beijing Ancient Observatory, and Beijing National Stadium (Bird’s Nest). Also the Badaling part of Great Wall of China is close enough to Beijing and one of the best preserved for a visit.

Xi’an – This is a true historic city with history of seven millenniums. It is from here the popular ancient silk routes started connecting Eurasia. Top attractions in here include The Terracotta Army (World’s largest imperial tomb), The Ancient City Wall (World’s largest City fortification), Big Wild Goose Pagoda, the Muslim Quarter for local Chinese Muslim Cuisines, the 15th century Mosque, and Historical Museum of Shaanxi Province.

Hong Kong – It is one of the world’s most important financial centres. It has world’s largest concentration of skyscrapers. Having a colonial history it also offers a high dose of old world charm. Hong Kong is also a hot destination for shoppers. Top attractions include Victoria Harbour (Symphony of Lights is delight), Victoria Peak (also ride the Peak Tram), Lantau Island that also includes Disneyland, and an evening at Temple Street Night market.

Shanghai – China’s largest city that is a true metropolitan with an artistic bend. The towering skyline and broad grandeur of this city makes every traveller go gaga. From malls to hotels, from galleries to alleys, everything about Shanghai is distinct and adorable. Top attractions include Shanghai Museum, China Art Museum, the Bund (promenade), Yu Garden (the Garden of Happiness), Oriental Pearl Radio and TV Tower, Shanghai Science and Technology Museum and Shanghai Disney.

Chengdu – Thinking of Pandas, then get yourself moving towards Chengdu. They might be present in zoos in all around the world, but in Chengdu you will find them in their natural habitat. In Chengdu the places for encounters with pandas are Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, Ya’anBifengxia Base, and Panda Base in Dujiangyan. It is also popular for Sichuan food like kungpao chicken and spicy hotpot. Other must see are Leshan Giant Buddha, Chengdu Huangcheng Mosque.

Guilin – Chinese consider it as the next best place to Heaven, least Chinese Children Textbook says so. It is the favourite place Chinese present to foreign dignitaries. The top attractions of this place are Li River (best enjoyed by a cruise, helicopter ride with birds eye, or hike along banks), Yangshuo (sneak peek into China country side), andLongji Terraced Fields (for rice terraces). You will also love the local cuisines such as rice noodles, bamboo rice and oil tea.

Hangzhou – Another city Chinese usually symbolize with Heaven on earth. It’s the meeting point of Imperial, Buddhist, and Tea Culture. Marco Polo had praised it above any other place. It touches the Grand Canal of China which is a thousand kilometre long network. The shrines, temples, pagodas and tea farms add beauty to it one thing at a time. Top attractions include West Lake, Lingyin Temple (One of wealthiest Buddhist temple), and Wuzhen Water Town.

Lhasa – It is the capital of Tibet, and a centre of rich culture, religious life. The most popular attraction of this place is Potala Palace (former home of Dalai Lama), divided into White Palace where Dalai Lama once lived, and Red Palace meant for Religious studies. Lhasa also has Norbulingka palace which was summer retreat of Dalai Lama. Other Top attractions include Barkhor Street, and Sera Monastery. When here do visit the lakes around, and Tibetan festivals in town.

Guangzhou – Also popularly known as Canton, it has been centre of Chinese trade for long. It was a port of the historic Maritime Silk Road. It is home to China’s largest Trade fair, Canton Fair, all the other things are obvious. Top attractions in here include Temple of the Chen Family, Filial Piety Temple, cruising on Pearl River, watching Canton Tower when sun sets down, and witness Modern China at Zhūjiāng New Town by visiting ZahaHadid’s Opera House.

Zibo – It is part of China’s Shandong province, and popular for ceramics, and lacquered art works. This place has perfected famous green glass work, black glazed porcelain work, and most popular art of coating earthenware with brownish glaze. This all has established China a leader in Hand made porcelain. Top attractions in here include Zhou Ancient City, Hike Mount Tai or Mount Yuanshan, visit Lushan National Forest Park, and see the unique China Ceramics Museum.

God made world, rest everything was made in China!


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