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12 Most beautiful book stores around the world

Many of us cannot imagine a vacation without carrying some books. Be it a beach holiday where you intend to lay back on a...

Most beautiful European villages

Europe has always been eye candy of travelers from all across the world. The mega old cities, medieval architecture, and middle age monuments has...

Best destinations around the world for Christmas celebrations

Christmas celebrations are different for everyone. Some people like to gather with their family, and have quality time together. Some people like to go...

Facts you didn’t knew about Netherlands

Netherlands is known worldwide for its tulip gardens, canals, cheese, and windmills. The country boasts to have some of the most scenic country side....

Best places to visit in the Netherlands

Netherlands is a country rich in traditions and catches up equally with all things modern. Artistic masterpieces have born, lived and breathed ever since...

Best destinations to travel by every month

Right after you pick a destination to travel, the next question that pops up is whether it’s the right time to travel or not....
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