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Best 12 places around the world to celebrate New Year

Best places around the world to celebrate New Year

New Years Eve is probably one time in the entire calendar of the year when everyone parties and celebrates. Their mode of partying can be different like hitting a nightclub, or being present in a public space with friends, or dining with family, or watching entertainment shows on television, but the bottom line is everyone tends to enjoy on this evening. Heading to some distant destination on New Year eve can also be a good idea. After all travelling combined with biggest celebratory event of the year can give you an experience of a life time.

In this blog we have listed some of the best places in the world to celebrate New Year Eve. These destinations are known to host events on this special eve and follow customs that you are going to like it. So what are you waiting for, gear up and head on for the New Year Party.

1 – New York City, United States

On New Year’s Eve you won’t find any place livelier than New York City. The famous celebration of Times Square Ball Drop has hooked up people for long. Millions of people that visit Times Square, and billions of people that watch it on TV screens, stay glued to see glittering ball drop above the crowd. The city also hosts some star studded concerts that will make your evening, and pump you up with energy to welcome the New Year. Rooftop parties are other highlights of NYC on NYE.

The New Year celebrations in New York are not just limited to Times Square. There are dazzling display of fireworks that happen in Central Park and New York Harbor. You can indulge in a cruise dinner and cocktails night on a Yatch in Staten Island.

For the party crowd of New York, there are plenty of EDM concerts that get hosted in nightclubs in downtown New York. On a whole New York gets lit on New Year Eve.

2 – Sydney, Australia

Sydney is everyone’s beloved when it comes to New Year Eve celebrations. Because of having the Eastern Time Zone, it is one of the countries that celebrate New Year before everyone else. Plus during the time of New Year Eve Sydney is in middle of its summer time, hence the weather is not as chilly as compared to its other counterpart New Year Party destinations. The fireworks that happen in Opera House, Harbor Bridge are some of the best around the world.

The firework display in Sydney lasts about 15 minutes, and there will not be one moment when you will not feel dazzled. You can also choose to rent a boat or a Yatch and enjoy the New Year Eve by being afloat on the harbor region of Sydney.

If you are not boarding on a boat or a Yatch, then you can also enjoy the New Year Eve by booking a table at some waterfront restaurant facing the harbor.

3 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

In recent years, Dubai has emerged to be one of the most happening cities in the world, and there are abundant of mammoth sized manmade structures to admire. The firework display at Burj Khalifa on the New Year Eve’s is one of the sights that you are going to cherish forever. It is complimented with the light and sound show at the Dubai Fountain. Usually it’s hot all year round in Dubai, but December Evenings are the coolest ones. On New Year Eve Burj Khalifa is all lit up, and is a beauty to see.

If you are seeking some real entertainment, then you can head to the Dubai Opera to catch up with a live performance and on New Year Eve it will be surely from some renowned artist. The environment at the Dubai Mall is also very lively during the New Year Eve.

You can also indulge in some fancy dining in some of the waterfront restaurants of Dubai. If you want something unique, you can also head to the deserts for a private camp party.

4 – Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh takes the New Year Eve celebration to a whole next level. In Edinburgh it is not called the New Year Eve celebration but the Hogmanay celebrations which happen for 3 days. The festivities start on 30th December with a Viking inspired Torch Bearing procession, through the streets by thousands of participants, while fireworks blaze the sky. Then on the big night, there are Scottish Music Concerts, fireworks, drink binging in outdoor bars, and street dancing outside the Edinburgh castle.

The final lapse of the celebration happens on the 1st January, when people wear their fancy costumes, to march and take a dip in the chilling and freezing waters of the River Forth. This is in nutshell how New Year celebrations happen in Edinburgh, which is also one of the most amazing celebrations.

It is to be noted that music concerts that happen in Edinburgh during Hogmanay Celebrations are all performed by internationally renowned artists. Music and fun lovers must go for it.

5 – Las Vegas, United States

The sin city is known for its nightlife, on any given day. It is home to some of the best night clubs, casinos, and hotels, which makes it a perfect spot for celebrations. On New Year Eve too, the city lives up to its expectations. On New Year Eve the popular Las Vegas strip is closed for traffic while hundred thousands of revelers gather there to celebrate the New Year under the lit sky with some of the finest firework displays across the world.

On New Year Eve the city hosts number of events, live shows, and concerts, all by renowned artists. In short, there is no dearth of live entertainment in Las Vegas on New Year Eve. It is not just the indoors but the outdoors celebrations are also on a high in Las Vegas.

You can also choose to head to the Fremont Street in Las Vegas for the massive block parties. There you will get plenty of avenues to wine and dine, along with many light shows.

6 – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Carnival might be the biggest event that happens in Brazil, but then the New Year Celebration Party of Rio De Janeiro is also no less. It is estimated the close to 2 Million people gather in the Copacabana Beach to celebrate New Year in style. The two and a half mile long coastline is all studded with people and loud music. There is a tradition of wearing white clothes before hitting the beach, so you will find everyone is somewhat same color. The nearby regions are blocked to facilitate this gathering.

At the arrival of the New Year there is a long round of firework display at the beach. After the fireworks are done there is a tradition of jumping seven sea waves by the beach and make seven wishes. People also offer flowers and candles to the sea for a blessed new year ahead.

During the beach party you should be prepared to take some light showers of the champagne, buzzed by the crowd. You can also enjoy the New Year celebration of the place by booking a table at some rooftop restaurant near Copacabana beach.

7 – Bangkok, Thailand

On New Year’s Eve, all the revelers of Bangkok gather at Central World Square for celebrations. There is a massive display of fireworks when the clock strikes mid night, with lots of cheering from the people gathered in the Square. The place is also lined up with many nightclubs that become the place where people head to from the square to carry on the party. You can also choose to opt for a fine dining option on Chao Phraya River cruise boats, or party on a private yatch.

On the New Year Eve Bangkok also hosts many events, like Meta Music Festival, or the Beam NYE. You can also choose to visit the Muay Thai boxing exhibition, or can indulge in some of the cabarets of the city. There are ample amount of events for just about everyone in Bangkok on New Year’s Eve.

If you are seeking some truly local experience in Bangkok for New Year, then you should head to the Khaosan Road for street side delights and local bars.

8 – Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town also called as Mother City in South Africa, is known for taking the New Year Celebrations to a whole next level.  It is not just the New Year Eve that is celebrated here, but the festivity lasts for three days. In Cape Town on New Year’s you got to visit the Victoria and Albert Waterfront to enjoy the musical concert performed by globally renowned DJ’s. It also hosts shows of solo musicians and even dance performers. On the eve of the New Year there is also a massive display of fireworks in here.

In short Victoria and Albert Waterfront is a place in Cape Town where you will get fine dining, live music, and fireworks all at one place on New Year Eve. Another great place where you can head in Cape Town is the Table Mountain to admire the last sun set of the year and relish the firework display.

Another must have experience in Cape Town New Year celebration is watching the Cape Town Minstrel Carnival Parade where there are thousands of singers and dancers performing on streets. You can also head to speculate the Victoria Falls New Year’s Carnival which has live music and themed train.

9 – Berlin, Germany

Berlin is already popular for its nightlife, and the electronic music scene. On New Year’s eve this just gets heightened. If in true words someone was to explain how the New Year Party goes in Berlin, then it will be, people are eager to do whatever it takes to celebrate and enjoy the New Year Party. On the eve of New Year, 1.6 mile stretch between Brandenburg Gate and the Victory Column is brimmed with over 1 million people on streets to enjoy the New Year Party.

The best thing about this gathering is that is free of cost, and the festivity begins late in evening on the last day of year and continues till early morning of the New Year.  Many people also resort to the popular clubs of the city that arrange Music Nights by globally renowned DJ’s.

There is lots of firework, live music, laser shows, dancing, and beer on the New Year Eve party. Another must have experience is the Dance Party in the Berlin TV tower.

10 – Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik becomes very lively when it comes to the New Year Celebrations. Despite of the cold weather that can be bone chilling, the city celebrates in its full spirit. It is noteworthy that Reykjavik hosts some of the best and most spectacular pyrotechnics on New Year Eve. For New Year Eve most of the residents of Reykjavik buy their own fireworks from the ICE-SAR which is Iceland Search and Rescue Department. So while celebrating the New Year they also participate in a fund raising effort for community service.

All the fire works that are bought by the people get launched late in night or around the time of midnight, lighting the entire city with thousands of mini fireworks. At midnight the fire engines and ships docked at the harbor also blow their horns to welcome the New Year.

On evening of the last day of the year, the community bon fires are also a common sight in Reykjavik. You can also choose to head to Nordic House or the Reykjavik City Theater to enjoy shows and concerts.

11 – Tokyo, Japan

New Year’s celebrations in Tokyo are longer than anyplace else. They start right from 29th December and lasts up till 4th of January. It is not a day, not a couple of day but an entire week of festivity. Most of the traditional establishments are closed during this time, and streets of Tokyo are filled with its residents and visitors alike. They also have a custom of indulging into a dish named ‘Toshikoshi Soba’ which is a special kind of New Year’s Eve noodles.

If you are a fan of fireworks, then you should head to Yokohama which is a suburb of Greater Tokyo. This place hosts Japan’s popular firework display Symphonia, a light show consisting of over 3000 fireworks. Along with dazzling display there also is live music.

Another great place to visit in Tokyo on New Year’s eve is the Zoji Ji temple where the monks ring the temple bells 108 times to welcome the New Year.

12 – Copenhagen, Denmark

In Copenhagen, the New Year Celebrations take place at the City Hall Square. Residents and visitors in Copenhagen gather around the City Hall Square, to wait for the City Hall Tower clock to strike 12 and then begin the fireworks display in the city. On New Year Eve the people of Copenhagen are very loud and raucous, while celebrating in the party. This tradition is believed to be carried on further from ancient times, when farmers made loud noises to scare off the evil spirits.

There is another very interesting tradition that Danes follow which you will like if you are looking to take out your anger on New Year. Danes launch plates and crockery on the neighbors door and they believe that more the plates they are going to break, the better luck they will have in upcoming year.

Copenhagen is surely a surprising place when it comes to traditions. They also tend to jump from the place where they are when Clock strikes 12, in order to welcome the New Year.

New Year, New Place!


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