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List of Least Expensive Tourist Destinations

List of Least Expensive Tourist Destinations

While travelling is mostly fun, it can also be a nightmare for your savings. Most of us are always on a lookout for finding a destination that doesn’t feels a burden by the time it gets over. After all, what we want are little memories, some fun, new friends, great pictures and couple of stories to tell, but definitely not the savings account going bankrupt. The good news is that there are destinations across the world best suited for budget travellers. The bad news is that you might regret not reading this. So here we are and here you go.

Bosnia – The country might still have war memories and memorials (also are great tourist spots), but also is gifted by beautiful landscapes, mountains, vineyards. Being a European city, it is surprisingly cheap. A stay can cost you up to $25, a good meat meal $5, and pretty affordable or free sights.

Colombia – Right from colonial towns, coffee plantations, beaches, green valleys to ancient ruins, it has all of it. Hotel rooms are well in reach with price up to $20, and food up to $5, and quick food juices snacks come up within $2. Commute and sightseeing are cheap to within $2.

Romania – Another European surprise, with medieval towns, countryside, and wolves at its heart, and how can we forget Transylvania. Hotels will cost around $30, Food is great n delicious n well within $5, local beer up to $2 and wine up to $4, Train travelling is pretty cheap, you will also find BlaBlaCar ridesharing, and sightseeing almost free.

Cambodia – Temples and beaches are its highlights. Double rooms well within $25, $5 for good food in great place, local beer in $1, massage within $10, commute via tuktuk is very cheap, though pass to Angkor Vat can cost you a little, but overall it’s a treat to soul and pockets.

Sri Lanka – Mountains, Tea estates, beaches, temples, wildlife, what else you could ask for. Beer n juices within $1, local places for meals within $3, upscale meal places within $10, Trains and buses are pretty cheap. You will probably have one of best times here.

India – Known for its diversity in geography, and high held traditions. Hill stations, beaches, backwaters, plains, metropolitans, ancient monuments, and all it has. It will hardly cost you $50 a day. A decent meal within $1.5, hotel within $10, trains and buses are very cheap. It is undoubtedly one of best places to travel to.

Indonesia – Beaches, surfing, scuba diving, jungles makes it exotic. High end rooms in villas too will cost within $20, good seafood within $3, a scooter bike on rent within $5 a day, though imported liquor can cost a bit due to taxes imposed, but again local beers are pretty cheap.

Mexico – World class beaches, delicious cuisines, friendly people, and place you can stay for long. Tacos are for less than half a dollar, margaritas for $1, coronas with lime slice within $1.5, and there is not much more you would ask for.

Cuba – Caribbean beaches, delicious food, dance on streets, partying, tobacco farms, are all here. Casas will cost near $25 per night for two people, a meal well within $10, cocktails close to $2, peso food in $1, and everything else well within few dollars.

South Africa – All of nature’s treasure at one place and lots of adventure too. From coastline to wildlife, it’s all packed. Hotels are well within $30, $7 for meals, and entry to amazing national parks is $10! Dollars can buy you lots of fun in this place.

Turkey – A truly beautiful country, with great Islamic Architecture and culture. It has friendly people and also Mediterranean coastline. Traditional Turkish food well within $5, tasty kebabs within couple of $, good guest houses within $20, and popular sightseeing within $10 each, which is worth.

Greece – No it neither is weird, nor a joke. A major European hub is yes on this list. It is purely blissful, beautiful with side of Mediterranean. Apartments well within $20 on Zakynthos, with pool in Santorini within $20, tasty seafood meal under $8, tours starting from $25, Jet Skis well within $50, and some great memories for free. You can’t miss this one.

Travel is never a matter of money but courage!


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