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Top things to do in Dhaka

Top things to do in Dhaka

Also known as city of Mosques, Dhaka is situated at the banks of the Buriganga River. This mega city is full of energy and always bustling. Visiting Dhaka has always been an overwhelming experience. The open spaces, university grounds, Architecture from British and Mughal era, are charming aspects of Dhaka. Spiritually, this place is diverse with people following Islam, Hinduism, and Christianity. Culturally this place has one vibe, that of Bengali. History is witness that this city has once been one of the richest cities of World. This city has been home to civilization for millenniums. Travellers fall in love with the noise of Dhaka. Here are the top things to do.

Lalbagh Fort – It represents the bygone Mughal rule in Bangladesh. Though incomplete, the complex consists of Mausoleum of Pari Bibi, Bathing Tank,Diwan-i-aamand three-domed Quilla Mosque. The main building has paintings, calligraphy, and Mughal Miniatures. Its must visit for history lovers.

Liberation War Museum – Housed in a Colonial era building, the complex has a tea stall, stage (Cultural shows are hosted), and bookshop. Exhibits inside consists of artefacts, images of conflict, refugee crisis, and some heart drenching displays. Visit here to feel the freedom of country.

Bangladesh National Museum – This spot is a sneak peek into local history and culture. It has exhibits related to geology, nation’s flora fauna wildlife, Buddhist and Hindu past, War of Liberation, and Modern day Bangladesh. Then there are handicrafts and artistic displays. It’s a joy to be here.

Pink Palace (Ahsan Manzil) – Once the residence of Nawabs of Dhaka (Ruler), now is a museum that displays the palace life in pictures and also houses skull of Nawab’s favourite elephant Feroz Jung. It is a perfect example of Indo-Saracenic Revival architecture which is eminent in colonial buildings.

Curzon Hall – Now part of Dhaka University, it is an architectural marvel with Mughal British influence in Indo Saracenic style. It is surrounded by Old High Court, Mausoleum of Three Leaders, Shaheedullah Hall, giving it perfect backdrop. Nowadays University exams are held in its main hall.

Sadarghat – Located on the shores of BurigangaRiver amidst chaos of everyday people, fishermen, and tourists, this spot offers a lively experience of sailing on boats for a trip to either sides of river. You can take detailed tour of this one of world’s busiest waterway, and see life of Dhaka slums.

Armenian Church – Built in 18th century, in a small area called Armanitola which once was dwelled with thriving Armenian community. They all now have dispersed leaving behind this white and lemon painted Church along with a graveyard that has been constantly restored by locals.

Khan Mohammad Mridha Mosque – This architectural marvel is built on similar pattern as that of Lalbagh Fort. It is built on a raised platform can be accessed by climbing series of steps. It was built in 18th century in Mughal style of architecture and to this date serves as a place for offering prayers.

Shankharia Bazar– This is the heart of Hindu Community in Dhaka, and also known as Hindu Street. This busy congested market crisscrossed by alleys is home to artisans, and craftsmen. You will find these traditional artisans making kites, gravestones, wedding hats, bangles and what not.

Parliament House– It was built by American architect Louis Kahn in 20th century over two decades, and is considered a marvel of modern architecture. It is assembly of rectangular boxes, sliced open with multi-storey circular and triangular apertures. Visiting here requires prior appointment.

HussainiDalan – Built as a residence of Shia community’s imam, now is a popular attraction with its architecture and interior design. It might look baroque, but is purely Mughal in style. It was restored after the earthquake in 1897, though original miniature model be seen in National Museum.

Zia Uddyan – It is located near to the Bangladesh National Assembly, and was built in the memory of former Bangladeshi President, Ziaur Rahman. He is buried here. The park also has a lake, Crescent Lake which adds beauty to it, and a bridge that runs over it to connect to road. It’s perfect for walks.

Dhanmondi Lake – It is favourites of Dhaka families and locals. It is a perfect spot for laid back midday and picnic. This one is located in the Dhanmondineighbourhood. It has clean outdoor environment, and you will see locals visiting this lake for a cup of tea or coffee under tree shade.

BaitulMukarram – Located on the Topkhana Road, it is one of the world’s largest mosques. It is built by the style guide of the holy Ka’aba of Mecca. Hence becomes an ideal place to be witnessed. IT has a bustling market surrounding it that majorly sells clothes, books and street food up till late hours.

Dhakeswari Temple – This temple is built dedicated to Hindu Mythological goddess Dhakeswari, protector of Dhaka and incarnation of goddess Durga. Durga Puja is best time to visit here, when all the neighbouring streets get filled with colours, noise soothing to ears and joy all around.

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