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List of Adventure Sports you must try

List of adventure sports you must try

Increasing number of people are getting more and more interested in adventure sports. Why shouldn’t they be! Everyone likes to push the limit once in a while. While our lives are centered around finding thrill, excitement, and passion, these adventure sports gives us a break from it. Must we mention that these activities are not for faint hearted, and will sure give you a jolt of adrenaline if you are looking for it! They can so much of fun and also too much of insanity altogether. But we believe they give a zest to your life and you must try them. Here is a list of them.

Indoor Climbing – This one is very close to mountain climbing. An outdoor activity made accessible through indoor setup. All those who can’t travel to a real hill, will find it appeasing. You will find number of indoor climbing gyms that provide this.

Zorbing – Though this could be tried by anyone, but kids would specifically love it and it’s also safe for them. It involves rolling down a hill in a transparent ball that is filled with air. It stays inflated and you go places. That is a great roller coaster of a ride you must try.

Street Luge – Sliding with speeds of hundred miles an hour while lying back on a luge board where you steer yourself with help of legs and only your shoes can stop the momentum, is an adrenalin pumping sports becoming immensely popular.

Bungee Jumping – This is like the soccer of adventure sports, obviously because of its popularity. Best way to kill your fear where you indulge in free falling from top of a cliff or tower with bungee cord attached to your tail to break your free fall.

BASE Jumping – This one is a risky business. It involves a person doing a free fall from top of a high structure, monument, building, bridge, or cliff, till halfway or till fair heights from where the jumper pulls parachute to descend down through rest of way.

Skydiving – This is one thing I want to do before I put on some real weight. The thrill of diving in air without strings attached is unmatchable. It involves jumping from a plane with a free fall, enjoying a bit of space and using parachute for safe landing. The real thrill!

Hot Air Ballooning –This one is thrilling family adventure sports. Oh yes you can go in numbers taking your entire family to it. Involves riding in a lighter than air aircraft consisting balloon filled with hot air and carrying a wicker basket loaded with people.

List of adventure sports you must try

Paragliding – This is another popular hell of a ride that will take over your fear. Involves flying the paragliders which is light weight and free flying, with no rigid structure attached to it, and the pilot sits in a harness suspended below the wings. This one is lot of fun.

Wingsuit flying – It is a combo of Skydiving and BASE Jumping, which involves jumping from high structure like a cliff with a special gliding suit, which helps in gliding through the air as it has webbing stretching through hands and legs, and finally descend with a parachute.

Hand Gliding – This is the adult version of your childhood paper planes. You get to take off from elevated heights by hopping on a glider similar to a huge kite, and with help of winds it takes you on a ride through the sky until it lands down. It’s more fun than it sounds.

Snowboarding – This is mixture of skateboarding and skiing. Involves the person to descend down from hill top with body positioned on a snowboard. This is also an official sport of Winter Olympics, and the most fun part is doing stunts while boarding down.

Snowmobiling – This comes at much more ease and is lot more fun than its boring name. What could be better in riding a motored sledge on a snowy hill! That is exactly what this sport is about. You will get plenty of avenues and alpine resorts offering this one.

Heli Skiing – This one is advanced skiing and real James Bond games. It involves boarding down from a helicopter towards inaccessible terrains and descending down with all the force of slope. This one really pays off if you are already good at skiing.

Scuba Diving – Immensely popular sports that give you a closer look of what underwater world looks like. Involves person wearing the wet suit and scuba gear, then diving into depths of ocean. It is easily available in ocean areas rich with coral or marine life.

List of adventure sports you must try

Snorkelling – You might consider it as younger sibling of Scuba Diving. You get to get rid of specialized wet suit and that heavy scuba gear, which gets replaced by snorkelling mask which lets you breathe through a pipe. Its popular in shallow and clear waters.

Water Skiing – This is another fun sport which involves skiing on surface of water while you are tied to back of a boat. It pulls you through the water surface with splashing your way out. Fun part is when you make turns and moves, and rise against strong sea waves.

Shark Cage Diving – I am sure you must be feeling the shivers already. This is your window to get face to face with the deadly sharks. It involves placing people with diving gear inside a cage that gets lowered down to underwater with sharks closing by. We are glad it’s safe.

Para Sailing –Similar to paragliding, this one too involves gliding through air attached with a canopy that is more like a parachute which propels you up in air while the other end of your tail is tied to a speedy motor boat riding on water. All forces get at work for fun.

Kayaking – Much more peaceful, but has all the joys of relishing nature at its best. This involves rowing by your own a small boat called kayak on water bodies. Doesn’t require any expertise but involve a little sweat as you row your way out. Is lots of solo fun!

River Rafting –A must try adventure sport that is also hugely popular. This one is carried out in teams. It involves you holding up to the river raft that is tossed and thrown by rapid water currents. The real fun of this is in rainy seasons when the water current is at its peak.

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