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How to not get sick while traveling

How to not get sick while travelling

The last thing you would want on a trip is to fall sick. I can’t imagine lying in the hotel room bed with a window view of a beach or a hill or a breathtaking landscape. Well things could also get worse, and you might find yourself in White Room with green robes, you got that right, a Hospital. You will never want to be upgraded from Hospitality to Hospital, so better not make ‘mistakes’. I have created a list of few tips to keep in mind for a healthy round trip.

  • If you are travelling to a destination with extreme weather conditions than that of home. I suggest that you take a day’s rest to make your body accustomed to the environment before you get involved in hustle of the destination.

  • Well of and fortunate people in world normally have three meals a day. Probably you too will have same while on trip. Never eat heavy food which can be meat, oil prepared dish, etc. for consecutive meals in same day. Give your stomach a break much needed.

  • Don’t stay under the sun for too long. All tourist destinations have shelters and shades unless you are on a trek, please make use of them. Never mix the sun on head with chilled water down the throat. When extremes collide, the damage is more.

  • Keep Mosquitoes away, by all means. Even if you have to apply repellent lotions for that. Hotels in clean vicinity with all closed AC rooms are perfect for your anti mosquitoes crusade. Few countries are notoriously famous for deadly bite diseases, so get vaccinated beforehand.

  • Before you lay back on the restaurant chair, please turn on your detective eyes. See for yourself that if food here would be fit to eat. If you suspect that food to be old, contaminated, tasting different than usual, immediately stand up to call the manager and leave.

  • Try to consume water from packaged bottles, or if not then enquire properly about the source of water you are being served with. Especially, Third World is struggling with constant supply of drinkable water, so do check it out.

    How to not get sick while travelling
  • Before you touch the food you are going to eat, or your mouth even to hide a yawn, or if you have just sneezed on your hands. Please, in all of cases, wash your hands. Carry a mini bottle of liquid hand wash, or a Hand sanitizer.

  • Get a mask on, if you are going through a busy area. This will keep you safe from Air Borne diseases that can come from any one of hundreds of people around you. This is a great practice and will save you from hell lot of diseases.

  • Be less touchy. Though this is hard to avoid especially in a carnival, open space music concert, or rush while travelling in a metro. To avoid this, try wearing full sleeves clothes for such situations, even if you are in tropical parts of world. Cotton clothes will save you from side effects.

  • We know that you don’t want to miss a thing, but get a good night sound sleep. This will keep you active, away from diseases, and your blood circulation will tend to stay just about fine. Good sleep is essential for good health. Mind it.

  • Do not change your routine abruptly. Ensure you are treat your body while on travel, as if it were rest of the days, especially for first few days of travel. Sudden change in routine could also hamper your health.

  • Fruit salad might sound like a very healthy idea. But please, if you haven’t seen its story from being washed to being cut, then do not submit yourself to such a plate. Vendors never wash fruits properly, if so then by tap water. Be very scared of germs, pesticides, etc.

    How to not get sick while travelling
  • The least you can do is ask the waiter of restaurant or hotel to wipe the utensils you are going to eat in with tissue paper. These things are not washed by care, but in bulk. You will not know and you will eat cuisines with germs.

  • Travel involves long walks, busy schedule for sightseeing, too much of outdoor activity. This will surely lead to more water consumption than on normal days. So let it be that way. Don’t dehydrate, as it can welcome some offbeat diseases.

  • Beware of the swimming pools in your hotel. Be very upfront to ask the manager, if the water in pool is properly treated, if it has adequate chlorine levels, before making a plunge. Pools are easy to make(Well, not that easy), but hard to maintain.

  • Maintaining a healthy diet might become unmanageable during trips. So to beat the odds, carry some Multi Vitamin Pills with you. They will cover up everythi9ng that you forget to take care of.

  • If you are an avid fan of Pepsi or Coca Cola. Try to buy plastic bottles of it, and avoid drinking from reusable glass bottles. Even if you are doing so, clearly wipe it off before it touches your lips. These bottles can be very unhygienic as they are processed in machines.

Good Health for sure saves your Wealth


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