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Tips to make best of your Beach Holidays

Tips to make best of your Beach Holidays

Nothing beats sun, sand and surfs. Having said that, most of us fantasize for a beach holiday all year long till we actually realize it. But once we do, shouldn’t we be prepared to make the most of it. A beach holiday is more demanding than it looks. Just packing your swimsuits won’t really you along the way. The perks and perils of a beach holiday determine how well your holiday is going to end up. While we all wait for summers or spring breaks to come, so we can head to a fun filled beach, we often forget the ins and outs of it. So here are few tips to come in handy.

  • Pick the beach that suits your priorities. There are tons of them with stretching infinitely. Choose a family type beach if they are coming, or a fun filled one if you are bachelor, or an adventure sports one is you are in your thirties. It can make or break your joy.

  • Choose very carefully where you are staying. If it has beach front view, or is it far from beach. Best scenario is if the resort has a private beach. Where do you wanna spend your days and nights, together or maybe at right place on right time! This all counts.

  • Plan your activities that you intend on doing in beach. Beaches are overwhelming and you might spend the entire day playing with sea waves, which can refrain you from enjoying the perks of beaches. But keep ample amount of time to lay back under an shack umbrella.

  • You have got to be there when the time is right. A rainy day on beach is a total spoiler, so avoid rainy days, cold weather, and too hot days. Best time to visit is a tropical day, when sun is at top and water is not bone chilling. Also avoid public holidays and school breaks.

  • If you are headed to a beach and you don’t have a sunscreen, you are missing out on precautions. It is the asset which will protect you from harsh sun at times when you are not under that umbrella. Always carry enough of it and higher the SPF the better it will be.

    Tips to make best of your Beach Holidays - Sunscreen
  • Always remember it is a beach holiday and not your prom night or a ball dance party. The point is not to carry your fancy clothes, but keep all those shorts, tanks, tops, bikinis, and everything that weighs less and dries quickly. Why to unnecessarily increase luggage.

  • Ladies it’s time to kill the heat and fashion. You must be thinking of bikinis, but there is something even better than that. I am talking about The Sarong, which can be your scarf, shawl, blanket, headscarf, or that fashionable dress capable of turning heads to you.

  • If you are carrying that carry on to the beach and yes it already has sunscreen, the other most important thing to carry is a little towel and lots of undies. So that if you don’t want sun to dry your wet undies, you can probably change them at your comfort.

  • Don’t try to be innovative when it comes to wearing what footwear to beach. Keep it simple and wear flip flops. They are easy to go, and don’t let sand creep in and stay. Plus if you lose them in a powerful tide, you won’t lament on losing your favourite pair of footwear.

  • I don’t want to spread the negative vibes. But if you aren’t a good swimmer or one not at all. I highly recommend that you don’t step in water on lonely beaches. People it can get dangerous and you will not have a lifeguard to save you. I have been a victim of this.

  • Make your beach camp sand free for best comfort of beach. This can be done with help of sand mats, there are pro ones capable of keeping the sand away, also you can use towels to make up a comfortable base, or maybe a yoga mat for the perfect laid back aasan.

  • Also make sure that your beach camp is under a shade. It could be a shack roof, or an tree shade, or an sea side restro umbrella (you can pay a little and have it for the day). This will help you in relaxing, saving from sunburns, reading a book, and for a feeling of home.

    Tips to make best of your Beach Holidays - Be in shade
  • Keep handful of waterproof bags for your cell phones, cameras and boom box./ Last thing you would want would be your Iphone drinking some water and spoiling its stomach of all those nasty circuits. They come at negligible cost and save a lot of trouble.

  • Another popular handy tip is to carry baby powder along. It acts as perfect sand repeller. It will absorb all your skin moisture and will keep sand at bay rather than getting stuck to your skin. Talking of carry on, also take sunglasses and hats with you for fashion and safety.

  • Aloe Vera and yogurt is great in applying to sun burns, or even skin patch exposed to a hot brutal sun. We hope that you stay away from them. You can also have a spray of mineral water to apply on your face at regular intervals. You will feel refreshed.

  • Finally, just be happy that you are living your beach holiday dream. Do not forget to capture the moments of the beautiful days amidst doing all of the above and other fun things. Unleash your Instagram monster and put all shutterbugs to shame. Enjoy.

We all need a little of Vitamin Sea!


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