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Fun things to do at beach

Fun things to do at beach

They think Beach is where land and sea meet, but we believe beach is where life meets fun. Is there any other venue more diverse than beaches, because we cannot come up with one. Beach is like that old jeans that has been faithful to you from over ages, still running and will probably be around for ages to come. Most importantly it fits with all colors of tops and you can wear it everywhere. This is what beaches mean to us. If anyone can kill the heat of summer, it is only the beach and, please not your air conditioners. We are glad that you are headed to one. Too much of excitement can cloud your thoughts on what exactly to do, so here we are with a list.

Snorkeling might be a lot of fun – Beach exists because of oceans. So why not explore it too. Yes visiting beaches not only means to explore the sand terrain or sail over the ocean, but it also includes exploring the under water beauty. When it comes to under water exploration then snorkeling is best way to break the boredom and immerse in some memorable experiences.

If you are at an exotic location, bingo you also get to see colorful fish and even corals if the beach has them. To be honest most of the beaches in the world have corals, if not in abundance then least some where in the quantity that you can enjoy them. There is no better pleasure than sailing along with the fishes while they are clueless on who you are.

Frisbee and your pet dog – Everyone says that there in no one more loyal and better friends that dog. But remember we are heading to a beach, so what we need is fun and not loyalty. In that case too your pet dog can come in picture. We have to agree that we all have at least, that one dog in our huge families that play Frisbee very well. Now its your chance to live that sports at the beach.

No matter if you have a dog or not, but Frisbee is going to be with you. Take that opportunity of playing Frisbee when you are on the beach. If you are accompanied with a dog, you will make some great moments, as they play it the best. The sport will sure warm you up for more fun to catch up with on the beach. Remember its always great hopping around on sand.

Sand Castles never go out of fashion – We all have done it as kids. The only difference is that some people have done it with soil, some people have done it with sand, and some have done it with Lego bricks. The point being that joy of building a sand castle never goes out of fashion. Remember that you are never too old to make sandcastle, and there is no shame in it to spoil yourself with it.

Building sand castles is the most classic and exquisite means of having some beach fun. You can also boast your self for being finally in footsteps of Walt Disney, building those towers, turrets, moats. The fun doesn’t even stops here. You can also have a little competition on who makes the classiest of it. There could be a little prize who makes the best sand castle.

Burying a friend – Wait a minute, do not wander your brain if you are thinking about slaying one of your friend, because we know that this is the last thing you will do this summer. We all have to agree that beaches are best avenues to get creative and mad at same time. Yes consider building sand castles, its creative, so now let me add the the mad thing that you should do.

Purely a fun try burying a friend in sand. Trust me its lot of fun and picturesque as well. Only their head visible above ground, or may be a little liberal by keeping their upper half visible. The friend who is going to buried should be ready to feel some pressure of the ground, but we bet that they are going to love it, and of course you will make a memory of lifetime.

Get the best of sea food – Visiting a beach is not just about the sands, or the color of sands, or the waves splashing on to the beach,. but it is also about the amazing sea food that you can have at your dispense. Just think what place could be better than beaches to have the freshest of sea food. No fancy restaurant of mainland can serve you sea food better than the eateries at beaches.

If the beach that you are visiting is not an isolated one but a popular one then chances are high that you will get ample amount of eateries at the beaches. Never be shy of walking into them, this goes especially for our foodie travelers, as they are the ones who are going to enjoy this experience the most. You can be treated with fresh crabs, fresh lobsters, fresh prawns, and the freshest of sea foods.

Sunrise and sunsets – If you thought that fun is all about Adrenalin rush, or a pumped up heart, or hopping around the beach side, then you are mistaken my traveler. Fun is also in the serenity, and embracing the beauty of nature. Beaches by default are beautiful, and they have a soothing effect on our minds. But there is something more to it that you can enjoy.

You got this right, we are talking about the beautiful sunsets or the sunrise, depending upon the geography of the beach. The most beautiful part about this experience is that you will witness the sun going down or sun going up right at the horizon. The orange and the golden hues will give you a pleasant effect. Plus it is a beautiful sight even for your cameras.

Beaches without volleyball is incomplete – If there is one sport that suits best the terrain of beaches then that has to be volleyball. You just got remember that you are not practicing for Olympics, but this sports on beach is just for some fun. You will automatically know that it is time for volleyball, when you will realize you have rested way too much or this beach needs some action.

What could be better than converting the beach into a playground. Plus the sand on beach is perfect for dives that you are going to make without getting hurt. For a game of volleyball all you need is a group of friends. If you don’t have that, or you are outnumbered, be a little outgoing and ask that group of friends already playing. No one minds an extra hand.

Fun things to do at beach
Surfing on beach is a yes – I think surfing is probably one of the coolest activity that you can do on a beach. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but once you get a hold of surfing on the beach then there is absolutely no stopping. The point being that how long you would keep watching those daredevils with boards under their feet, and spirits sailing over every rising tide. Time to surf people.

Surfing might look like a sophisticated thing but it is actually very simple, and all about keeping the balance and finding the right tide. But before you head out, take a little crash course on beach, and probably by the end of the day you will find a balance to ride on a tide. Yes it doesn’t takes forever to learn surfing, and a couple of days is enough. Once you surf boast about it too.

Have a beverage under the sun – Beaches are cool and we do not even need to argue about that, because that is how it is. Beaches are the synonym of chilling around, under the sun, taking a plunge when sun gets too hot. But you also got to note that fun is different for different bunch of people. Not everyone would like to build sandcastles, or go for a match of volleyball.

This goes especially for those who have put on some weight and intend on just chilling on the beach. In such a case, a beach bistro is a nice stop. Take some cocktail, or may be a glass of cranberry juice, or some lemon soda and get under that umbrella. Put on the music and sip your glass of joy one at a time. This might look very normal, but is a fun thing to do at beach, or rather doing nothing.

Sunbaths are a must – Beaches are not just about the sea and the sand, but also about the sun. It plays a major role in crafting the experience that we have on beaches. In fact many of the folks visit the beaches because of the sun. The sun rays on open skies can give a very rejuvenating effect on your body and mind. So folks, sunbaths are a must on a beach holiday.

We are also not saying you to completely lie down on a shack and enjoy the sun for the entire day, but make a couple of hours for it. Also do not forget to bring your sunscreen lotion with you which will be a savior from those tan lines. While enjoying those sun rays, you can also choose to read a novel that you have been wanting to, or can plug in some music into your ear.

Water sports is always a go – What if we had none of the sports in this world, then world sure would have been a dull place to live in. But the good news is that our world does has sports, and lots of them, even the water sports. The better news is that beaches now have become hub for all sorts of water sports. People not just visit beaches for the chill vibe but also for the thrill.

The only thing that matters is that you are headed to some popular and commercial beach which has access to such kind of water sports. Rest of the fun is taken care of. The best thing is that you have plenty of options. You can choose to hop on a Banana boat, you can also ride Jet Skis, you can go Kayaking, or rise up with para sailing, and the most exciting of them the scuba diving. All are fun.

Send a message in a bottle – Lets not forget that we all believe in fate, and we never know what is be stored for us. This in fact is the beauty of life. Being kind to strangers and be nice to people around us is another beauty of life. So not try this at the beach. Yes we all behave well most of times with people around us, but i am talking about having some fun for fate.

Sending message in a bottle seems to fit the criteria. Yes write anything, a quote that might have crossed your head, but note that it got to be original, or you might want to write your address, or you might want to write about your feelings for someone by believing in fate that it reaches to them, it can be anything. Seal it in a bottle, and throw it in the sea, it will be fun for sure.

Nightlife and clubs – Majority of the beaches all around the world will close access to public once it gets night, which means no more swimming or no more plunging into the waters. But this is not the end, rather a start to a night full of music and some fun. People we are talking about the night clubs. For a heap of fun all you got to do is to buy a way in that Beach side club.

Trust me partying by the beach is one of the most fun experience that you are going to have. Just thinking about enjoying under the skies. The good news is that these days’ numbers of them are popping up, and you can probably enjoy a live concert that could also be a stand up comedy, a musical show, or a DJ pushing the tempo. This will probably make your evening.

Flying kites at a beach – Winds at beaches are in a great flow, so make use of them and fly a kite. Yes this might sound kiddish and very little fun, but if you have previously flown kites, then only you can know the thrill it encloses. Plus at the beach you will have clear skies and virtually no limit on the top where you could fly the kite up to.

Chances are that you must have done that on your rooftop, but the joy of walking around flying that kite with waves splashing on your feet is unbeatable. Also there is lot of open space in beaches which perfects the venue. To add a little twist and fun you can do that in a group and even have a flying kite competition, on who flies highest, or the last kite to fly.

Bonfires are soothing – When you are with group of friends and family, and the sun is setting down. Beach becomes a perfect place to start a bonfire. What could better to have a little warmth in mid of those chill winds. Bonfires are perfect if you are visiting the beach in winters. All you got to take note of is if the beach authorities allow bonfires.

Even if they don’t you can break a little law and walk down the beach to a deserted spot and do your thing. To add some interest in the evening, spice it with sharing stories, singing songs, or catching up with those favorite dance steps. It is said that night brings out the best of us, and there could be no better fun activity than Bonfire with bunch of friends on a beach night.

Write messages in the sand – We can actually bet on the fact that if you are a fun loving person and you have been to a beach before, then you must have tried this for sure. We all love writing messages on the sand, or maybe even write own own name, before a wave of sea comes in and washes it away. It might be temporary, but still we do it all the times.

So do not be shy and pick up a stick, or merely use your finger and scribble anything that you might to write on sand. To make it last, keep it farthest from the strongest of waves. You can even decorate the writing with sea shells, trust us it will look beautiful. The most important thing not to forget is to take a picture of that message to be etched forever in your memories.

Collecting sea shells is still a fashion – There was a time when fun things to do at beach consisted of only few activities, with collecting sea shells being on top of the list. This activity has been popularized especially by the younger folks, and they do boy enjoy a lot. Having said that, younger folks can immerse themselves in collecting seashells.

At start or by just mere hearing it, might sound boring but when you will start to notice the different colored and different sized shells coming in together, you will start loving it. The joy of collecting something new, something starry, something more good looking is just great. The best thing about collecting sea shells is that you can make n number of things with these shells.

Capture the memories and make it the best time – Having fun in the beach might be important, and vital to enjoy your trip, but sadly i will have to break this that there is something more important than that. It is to capture the memories and make the best time out of your beach holiday. The point being is that you cannot forget the proofs.

By the proofs we mean the pictures that will bring your memories into life. Apart from having fun you also got to keep your camera active, so that the people around you can hear the mere sound of the click. Image of that sandcastle or image of you screaming while para sailing, or image of that friend pushing you into the sea, has all got to be recorded, for days to come, and memories to cherish.

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