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Fun things to do while traveling

Fun Things to do while Travelling

During your holiday or trip, the Last thing on world that we would want you to be is getting bored. But it can happen especially when you are on long flights, unending highways, done early with sightseeing, or are drawn back for rest of your trip due to a bad experience. But in all low times you must not stop finding motivation for having a pumped up day. To make trip more adorable, fill the gaps with some fun, and to help the cause we have created a list.

  • Look out for local events and visit a Stand up Show or Roast Show. It will make you stick to your seats while boredom will drop off. You can also opt to watch a movie or Theater in a language that you understand. Avoid drama and crime, comedy or romcom will work well.

  • Don’t know how to swim, still find a pool and splurge into it with wide arms. Learning to swim or pretending to swim like a professional can be spirit lifting activity. Prefer going to a busy pool. Watching other people bad at swim too, will bring some nasty joy on your face.

  • Take a day off to go for fishing with portable cooking picnic gear. This is the only activity where your idle time will be filled with excitement, especially if you are fishing for first time. Nothing beats the joy of eating what you caught.

  • Be an explorer. Joy of finding a hidden gem is unbeatable. Try to explore the city in your free time in hunt of a unique fabulous spot, or something least visited but very beautiful. It can be a beach, or an old church, or an abandoned castle.

  • Write a letter to Local MP or Local Tourism Board that your city has got me into boredom, and that you should do something to make things more exciting. Be harsh and very sarcastic. Add what all fun things are there in your own city. This will sure make you feel light with joy.

  • Be as goofy as you can while posing for the photographs. As it goes, Your actions define who you are. These frequent goofy poses will tend to make you act goofy too. Its then when you will be having fun. Plus you will have pictures to cherish the rest of your life.

    Fun THings to do while travelling - Yatch
  • If there is a sea around, and extra pounds in your pockets, do book a Yatch for a day. A thought of it will excite you, when on you will have a blast like billionaires in middle of nowhere. If you know to swim, or your Yatch takes you to an island, the thrill will just multiply.

  • Turn on your internet, and browse through social media sites. Find a genuine, honest, fun loving, outgoing person with love for travel, and meet them offline. They will sure add some value to your itinerary by taking you to best least known places around.

  • This might hurt the sentiments of a deserted seller, but you can avoid that. Visit a local market, go to every possible shop with local items, check their products, when pitched to buy make a sorry face, and get out with new insight about local fashion, culture, skills, etc.

  • Rising at Sunset, clicking its picture, opening your internet device, logging in your social media accounts, posting the picture with caption ‘This is how my morning looks like’. It will give you a hang of nastiness and you will sure find some joy in it.

  • If you have hit the road, and are just 25 odd kilometers away from your destination. Click a picture in different pose with every milestone a km away. Try to position the milestone in same spot. This will shoo your boredom. Back at home you can also make video of it.

  • If staying in hotel room while idle is killing you, get back to it with switching to a music channel, turning the volume high, and dancing to the beats of songs played. Do steps you always wanted to, and try new weird ones too. Great reliever.

    Fun things to do while travelling - Quoting a book
  • If you are more of a thinker and writer. Buy a book of famous quotes (one you can relate to, like office related, love related, etc.). Read every quote, and beat it with a better version of yours. You will love it. Plus you can share this once you return.

  • If you are on a beach and look out for a fun game of volleyball. You humbly ask to join in, or yourself carry a small gear of it. More the people, more fun it gets. Perfect to beat the boredom with your moves. It is must do and quite vitalizing.

  • Make long walks interesting with a mini competition with your travel partners. Race to bottom line, and who finishes first will get something worth winning. This will add tang to usual tiring walk. But please don’t get separated during your quest.

  • You are never too old to play with snow. Trust me you are at heights of ignorance if you don’t play with snow if it’s falling or around you. It is a fun filled family and couple activity. Though don’t try this alone on strangers, could bring some trouble.

Never underestimate the importance of having Fun!


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