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Free things to do while traveling

Free things to do while travelling

Best things in life are free! So True! Be it breath of fresh air or love of your family and friends, or a laid back public holiday, or a sun bath on Sunday. But does it applies in travel too. I will say yes, till you respect its value. Traveling to an exotic destination, be it solo or with soul mate or with every single family member, can give you nightmares of long bills. It is scary, but our the pleasures of travel beat the evil of finances. Further to knock them out, I have a collection of free things you can do on travel.

  • A day in museum can take you through decade and centuries of history. If you think it’s also there in my city. Double check their theme and your myths will be busted. Especially kids must be taken there. Best part many museums have free entry. They are informationally fun.

  • Your hectic itinerary will thank you, if you take a break and visit a nearby park for a sunny picnic. You might not find any peculiar architecture, but you will surely come across people from different culture. Its great opportunity to mingle with local families. Plus most are free.

  • Buy a newspaper, or visit a local tourism board office and see for free events in the area. Trust me, you will get a choice from wide range of them. Visit them, most of them will be traditional and local events. Learn something new, and kill it socially.

  • A phenomenon that is taking over the travel industry is Free Walking Tours. All major tourist cities have them. Great to explore the hidden gems of city. Indulge in it, and tip as much you want. Best part is to see the city from eyes of a local expert.

  • Bringing some sands back in pockets is not a crime and is free. You can bring back shells from seas, rocks from mountainous rivers, toys from McDonalds, barks from woodlands, a complimentary keychain, a map attached to ticket you bought, local currency, local stamps.

  • Create yourself a local music CD for free, by attending local restaurants that host live music for free with entry to all, and recording it on your mobile phone. If you happen to make this a habit, you could also be running a successful music channel, till you give artists the credit.

    Free Things to do while travelling
  • Your Mobile Phone and App Store is a great free resource. You can download maps that will excuse you from buying hard copies that costs. They will help you make video calls through skype, Duo, etc. which are highly interactive and also free.

  • Your hotel is also a great place to have things for free. Some come by default, and for some you to have to deal bargain for. The freebies could be free Breakfast, hotel room upgrades in case of houseful, complimentary laundry service or airport transfer. Your repo will be crucial.

  • If you are interested in digging deep about the city, then Public Library can be a great resource. Plus most of them are free. They are enriched with history about local spots, in form of books, DVD’s, magazines, etc. This can also save you the cost of a tour guide.

  • Perks of meeting locals and befriending them will always be free and totally depend on your social skills. They can tell you a lot about the city which otherwise might remain hidden. They can save you from disasters, and make your days.

  •  Exposure to beautiful, breathtaking landscapes and scenery while traveling on a train is a pleasure that no one can take from you. You got to enjoy it, and feel that this is a part of your journey. Routes through Swiss alps can be a great treat to your photo appetite.

  • Watching people in their true nature can be another perk that you get for free while traveling. Especially no one objects a traveler from watching, this is a perk. You will psychologically be enriched, and will get to know who’s who.

  • Another great free activity is go for hiking. Not all places will have it, but many of them do, and if your itinerary is diverse on terrains you might get lucky. It doesn’t have to a professional two days to two week one. But a short, soul pacifying one, that don’t need much of preparation.

  • On travels you also get to hone your foreign language speaking skills. Voila, you might learn basic French, Spanish, Mandarin, or German. All you will need is insight on local words from cab driver, or restaurant/hotel staff, or a new local friend. It will be forever to keep.

    Free Things to do while travelling
  • Trust me you don’t need a beach shack to relax. All you need is a linen sheet, sunscreen lotion, a pair of sunglasses, and all the beach will be yours. Beach is normally free, till its not a part of private property which you won’t encounter near public beaches.

  • How can we not mention the free Wifi hotspots that are available all across the cities. You are free to use them and surf through what you like most. This can come in handy for searching more about the destination.

  • The most basic thing which you take at granted is clicking photographs. This time feel as you are entitled or privileged to take photos. Might be you will end up capturing best moments. Remember at many spots you are charged to take pictures. Felt any good!

  • Finding topics to talk with locals can be mind-juggling. To ease this, turn on the Television of your hotel room, and watch the local city or country news in English. It will give you a lot of insight about what’s happening around, and might arise your uprightness about issues.

And do Feel free to try them!


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