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Best places in India to celebrate New Year

Best places in India to celebrate New Year

There is one thing that Indians know best that is to celebrate. India is a country that has abundance of cultures, different religions, different beliefs, different traditions, which leads to many festivals that are celebrated with equal zeal by people spanned across sects. Irrespective of the traditions and the regional beliefs, New Year is one event that entire India celebrates with enthusiasm, and no less than any other western country. But folks it could be celebrated even better.

In this blog we have listed some of the best destinations in India where New Year Celebrations can be heightened. If this year you want New Year to be special, then head on to these destinations.


Goa has earned its place to be known as the Party Capital of India, and every bit of Goa lives up to that expectation. With number of restaurants, resorts, luxurious hotels, Goa is a perfect place to celebrate the New Year in style. On the New Year Eve you will find many beach parties in Goa, and the beaches will have lots of fireworks to admire. The pleasant weather and mostly young crowd (or least energetic crowd) makes Goa an ideal location for New Year party.

On New Year eve you will find every establishment of Goa decorated with lights, which sets the mood for party. If you want to go crazy on New Year Eve, you should check out for the popular pool parties of Goa, as taking a dive in December water would sure thrill you up.

Liquor is very cheap in Goa and you will never be in dearth of it. However if you are seeking some serene and private celebrations then you must head to South Goa which has many good resorts and natural beauty.

Mcleodganj, Himachal Pradesh

Mcleodganj is a hill station located near Dharamshala and is also known as Mini Tibet, or Little Lhasa. Over here you will find Tibetan culture to be prevalent. It is also home to the 14th Dalai Lama. This place has lots of café, where you can enjoy some quality time while listening to live music. ON New Years Eve  every one gathers on street to welcome the new year. The place also hosts some of crazy parties, ifd you are on lookout to unleash the party animal inside you.

Some of the places where you can spend time on New Year’s Eve are Bobs and Barley, Xcite Bar, Black magic restaurant, amongst others. You can also choose to visit the Tibetan market to buy souvenirs for loved ones and gorge on some delicious Tibetan food.

Mcleodganj also gives you opportunity to visit the Buddhist Monasteries, and start the new year by offering prayers, and indulge in some spiritualism.

Udaipur, Rajasthan

Udaipur is the place for New Years Eve if you want to give a royal touch to your celebrations. It is known for many lakes that are there in the city. For souvenir shopping you can visit the popular markets of Udaipur to pick some handicraft items of Rajasthan. The skies of the city get brimmed with fireworks, the moment clock strikes 12. The other best thing about being in Udaipur is that you will be able to relish some of the best cuisines that Rajasthan has to offer.

While being in Udaipur you can choose to stay in some of the heritage hotels of this city. These were former palaces which have now been converted into hotels. You will not just like the experience but you will also be able to share a piece of history during your stay.

The city is also home to many resorts and clubs that host special nights for the New Year Eve. You can visit them and party like you should on the last day of the year.

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Mumbai is the city that never sleeps, and it lives up to expectations especially on New Year’s Eve. Expect to indulge in some of the best New Year parties in the country when you are in Mumbai. Unarguably Mumbai has some of the best Nightclubs in the country and on New Year’s Eve each of them organize some special party with some renowned DJ or least some musical event. Plus you will get to witness some of the best fireworks display on Marine Drive.

The best thing about New Years parties in Mumbai is that in most of the events you will find some or the other celebrity performing for you. You can also filter out these parties and attend ones that have your favorite stars performing for you. This is the perk of celebrating New Year in Mumbai.

If you want to celebrate the New Year with the crowd of Mumbai, you can also choose to head to Gateway of India where you will find people in wait to welcome the New Year.


In Puducherry New Year parties lasts till early mornings. This place is best if you want to experience some beach side party. The former French colony has many beautiful churches that get lightened up during the New Years Eve. The colonial architecture will also give you a vintage feel. Bon fires on the New Years Eve are a very common sight in Puducherry. The liquor is very cheap in Puducherry, and you will never run out of budget in this pocket friendly destination.

One New Years Eve you can choose to head to the Catamaran Beach Festival or you can indulge in some great EDM music at the Port Beach Party. In the clubs of the city you will always find renowned DJ’s performing specially for the New Year Party.

Some of the places to visit on New Year’s Eve in Puducherry are Paradise Beach, Promenade Beach, Aroma Gardens Auroville. The best thing about Puducherry is that is also home to ashrams in case if you are looking for a peaceful experience on New Year’s eve.

Shillong, Meghalaya

Shillong, also fondly called as Scotland of India is a great destination for spending the New Year’s Eve. It has best of both the worlds. It has lush green forests that are home to waterfalls, rivers, and lakes. It also has the city life which includes clubs, cafes, and places to hang out for celebrations. On New Year’s Eve you can choose any side of Shillong that you like. You can choose to camp out in the night in meadows under the stars on the New Year’s Eve for a peaceful experience.

You can also choose to hit the clubs of Shillong that are all lit for New Year, to party your way into the New Year. The markets of Shillong are all decorated on New Year’s Eve where you can also indulge in tasting some the finest cuisines of the region.

On New Year’s Eve you will find musicians performing on the folk musical songs, which is a sight to be cherished, and you will also find western music in the hip regions of the city.

Kasol, Himachal Pradesh

Kasol is one of the best destination in North India if you wanting to party in mountains. It is popular for hosting rave parties on New Year’s Eve. If you are seeking some peace then too this destination is perfect. There are lots of trekking trails, and lots of place where you can camp along with your friends, and do a bon fire on the New Year’s Eve, to celebrate it in your own way. Kasol is also home to the Parvati Valley which is known for its beauty all around the world.

On New Year’s Eve Kasol is known to host many amazing music festivals that sure get you grooving. These activities make Kasol a perfect destination for New Year. You can hold expectations to listen to some of the best trance music in these festivals and even in the parties.

On New Year’s Eve in the parties of Kasol you will find everyone to be singing and dancing to the beats. This is to tell you that don’t judge Kasol to be a small town where there is less scope for fun.

Wayanad, Kerala

Wayanad is a hill station in Kerala, and it is a great New Year celebration destination in case if you are looking for some peaceful experience. This place is great to spend the New Year Eve if you are travelling with your family or with some close knit friends. Apart from the lush green meadows you will also find many adventure sports avenues in this hill station that will fill you with thrill and pump you up to welcome the New Year with some enthusiasm.

Wayanad is situated at a height of over 2000 meters from the sea level. This place is known for its spice plantations, and receives fair amount of rainfall enough to keep it cool year round. When in Wayanad you must go for camping, and spend some quality time with your tribe.

There are not many fancy establishments in Wayanad to celebrate New Year, but you can choose to indulge with the local touristy sights, and spend the nights in famous tree houses of the region.

Bengaluru, Karnataka

Bengaluru is not just an IT hub of India, but also a great tourist destination when it comes to New Year Celebrations. The moderate climate of the city makes it a perfect spot for people to unwind and spend some leisure time. The new year celebrations here are eclectic. On MG road you will find plenty of clubs, lounges and party avenues where you can spend your New Year’s Eve.  The energy in Bengaluru is very high and here you will find young crowd.

Bengaluru is also home to many resorts that all get lit on New Year’s Eve. In these spots you will find live musical performances, and DJ nights, that are prefect to let your hair down and party all night. The dining scene in Bengaluru is also very good, as you will; find cuisines from all parts of India.

You can also indulge in some shopping if you want some person time off. Bengaluru is a true metropolitan city in all senses, and it lives up to the expectation on New Year’s Eve.

Kaza, Spiti Valley

Kaza is located at a whooping 12,500 feet above the sea level. It is not your regular holiday spot, but if you are looking for some off beat New Year Celebrations then Kaza is a perfect spot for you. The place has high influence of Tibetan culture and Buddhist cultures. You will find many monasteries located in the vicinity that could be a touristy place to start and will bring you at peace on the dawn of New Year. The place is rich in flora and fauna, and the natural beauty.

Here you will find snow capped mountains, crystal clear lakes, and a diverse wildlife. While in Kaza you can also book yourself a safari in the Pin Valley National Park which will be an experience to cherish for the rest of your life.

While in Kaza you should also head on to their market to do some handicraft shopping. The Tibetan market here is also popular for serving some of the best Tibetan cuisines.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

The white sand and turquoise blue water beaches of Andaman and Nicobar Island are perfect for New Year Celebrations. Here you can expect late night parties, and some calm in the mornings. There are plenty of resorts in this island that also have private beaches which is perfect for some quality time. These resorts also host musical nights and DJ nights on New Year’s Eve. If you are traveling with friends or family, we mean to say that in group, then Andaman and Nicobar Island is perfect for you.

If you seek some leisure experience, then you can also choose to rent a Yatch and party on the seas, or on the shore of some beautiful island. The best thing about Andaman and Nicobar Islands is that it is still not very crowded, though it is gaining popularity as a hot tourist destination.

Some of the islands that you must visit while here are Neil Island, and Havelock Island. You can also indulge in some delicious sea food and water sports for fun.

Rann of Kutch, Gujarat

Rann of Kutch might come as a surprise on the list of Best places for New Year Celebrations, but this place is totally worth it. The vast terrain of white salt desert might not sound very fancy, but when you will be here you will thank us. Rann of Kutch is totally picturesque, it will feel like if you are in some foreign destination. Here you can indulge in some camel rides, and do a white desert safari, which will compliment your New Year Celebrations.

During the time period of December to February, Rann of Kutch also hosts the Rann Festival. During this festival there is a lot camping in the region with cultural programs, hot air ballooning, camel safaris and a lot more. This makes Rann of Kutch a perfect spot for New Year Celebrations.

Rann Festival will not only add colors to your holiday, but will also be an enriching experience as you will get to witness the cultural diversity of Gujarat.

Welcome New Year with a vacation!


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