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Tips to beat Jet Lag

Tips to beat Jet Lag

A flight can take you places quickly, and quicker it will also give you one of its evil that is Jet Lag. There is no escaping from it, whether you are travelling east or travelling west. Jet lag occurs when you change or pass time zones in matter of hours. The internal clock of our body gets disturbed. All of us aim to make most of our times after we travel a long distance flight to reach our destination, but Jet Lag can put you in an uncomfortable situation that might take days to recover from. Most common symptoms of Jet lag are Sleepiness, Insomnia, Indigestion, lack of appetite, and distorted concentration. Scared! Don’t bel, because we have some tips to overcome Jet Lag.

  • Be prepared in advance. There is going to be a lot of schedule change in eating, sleeping during that long flight. But if few days prior to departure you have immersed yourself in a relaxed schedule back at home, your body will not find hard to adjust time zones change.

  • Get a good night sleep before you board that plane. Your body needs some relaxation before you get exposed to rapid Time Zones change. By following this, your body will probably not get exhausted soon. Plus it will accommodate changes well.

  • Be a little more choosy and tech savvy. A350s and A380s are two of the best planes that will help you beat the Jet Lag. Thanks to humidification system that helps retain moisture which tackles dry air problem, and LED lights that give shades of natural lights. You’ll be safe.

  • If the journey is really long, put some stop overs in between. This will give a break to drastic time zone change. Your body will adapt to changes well and you will get time to lay back. This will not only help you save from Jet Lag but will also save you total booking cost.

  • We all know that consumption of alcohol causes dehydration, and this becomes worse when you are at high altitudes. We bet that you will definitely not want to have cocktail of Jet Lag and Hangover once you land your destination. So save the alcohol for some other time.

    Tips to beat Jet Lag - Alcohol
  • Avoid consuming caffeine rich beverages. We mean it’s a big No to Coffee, Coke, or Energy Drinks. They will undoubtedly make it harder to sleep, hence will act as a catalyst to Jet Lag. This will only worsen your situation. If you really need a drink, opt for green tea.

  • Once you board the flight, set your watch to the time of your destination, and make that new time dictate your activities. For example, when to eat (time of breakfast, lunch, and dinner), when to sleep, when to take a nap, etc. This will tune you psychologically.

  • Don’t miss any opportunity to move around. This will keep the circulation right, and will help your organs breathe in order to function properly. In our other blogs we have asserted the use of compression socks, which is must in order to improve the circulation.

  • Choose a window seat when traveling long distances. It help you lean on something. It will also expose you to sunlight which is extremely healthy, and save you from waking up when other passengers have to use the washroom. Also opt for extra leg room, for comfort.

  • If your past experiences reveal that you are a bad sleeper on flights, then please take a flight that arrives your destination in evening. This will set a perfect backdrop for you to sleep as you arrive and kill all the exhaustion developed during the long flight hours.

  • Wear comfortable clothes wrapped up around your body in layers. So that you can easily adjust to the conditions of the plane. Bringing in a neck pillow will also help a great deal in putting you off to sleep. Remember taking a good sleep is crucial to beating Jet lag.

  • Always ensure that you are well hydrated. In planes this should be especially taken care of, because plane has dry air which quickly dries everything around. Drink 8 ounces of water in every hour of the flight. Must seem too much, but will help great deal.

    Tips to beat Jet Lag - Drink Water
  • Once you land down to your destination, act as per the time of day. If it’s night, take a good meal and better go to sleep if facing problem take a dose of Melatonin which will help you sleep. If its day, then spend some time with sunlight which will boost your energy levels.

  • Eat food as per the time of day when you arrive your destination. If you have arrived in mornings and daylight, take a protein rich diet which will keep you awake. If you have arrived during evenings and night, take a meal rich in carbohydrates.

  • Consume Cherry juice, at least two glasses of it. The reason being that Cherry is a natural source of Melatonin, and will help your body to regulate the body clock. With having drank cherry juice, you will be better off with quality sleep and your body will recover too.

  • Don’t eat food in flight just for the sake of it, or because you are getting bored. If you aren’t hungry which probably will be the case most of times, eat light. Try to eat fibre rich food, like fruits and nuts. It will help you beat stomach disorders when you land down.

Jet Lag is for Amateurs!


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