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Best places to visit in Mexico

Best places to visit in Mexico

It is a country popular for beautiful beaches, rustic rural side, never settling nightlife, coloured cultured, and charm of colonial towns. Mexico just doesn’t lives under the shadows of United States, but has grown into a destination visited independently. From tequilas to tortillas, mountains to deserts, museums to malls,lively cities to festival of dead, Mexico will stun you with its diversity. So here we are, to help you plan your Mexican Itinerary with its best places within.

Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza – This is one of new seven wonders, and merely needs introduction. It is most popular Mayan sites in Mexico, also UNESCO world heritage site. This is not just Mayan architecture but has Central Mexican influences too, and the precise astronomical calculations add perfection to it. Within the premises, noteworthy monuments are Pyramid of Kukulkán, Caracol observatory, and the Mayan Chacmools erected throughout. Chichen Itza is a day trip from other popular Mexican destinations such as Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum.

Mexico City

Mexico City – The Mexican capital is fast becoming hub for foodies and hipsters. It also has a rich history, many museums dedicated to it, along with art galleries you will not stop admiring. Top attractions of the city are Plaza de la Constitucion, Metropolitan Cathedral, National Palace and ruins of Aztec temple. You must also visit the historic city centre, Centro Histórico de la Ciudad that is believed to have more than 1000 colonial buildings. An outdoor adventure in here would be reaching out to Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl (Mountains) overlooking the city.

Playa Del Carmen

Playa Del Carmen – One of the hippest Mexican beach with bustling bars, chic cafes, and people from around the world. Expats in Playa have a great influence on its culture, making is truly global place. One of the busy areas in here is Quinta Avenida that is lined with all things Playa. Little sunshine, more sand, lots of sea, and a hard party night, is how you would wind up here. This is one place, you will love partying in.


Tulum – Another beach town that also has beautiful ruins. Sugar sand beaches, pinch blue waters, and archaeological sites have adorned this place and occupied the travellers for long. The town also offers excellent snorkelling and diving opportunities. The cliff side setting of this place gives photo buggers a skip of heartbeat. There also are various fun parks in here, in case sand seas are just not enough for you. Street art in this place is another highlight you will love.

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta – This resort town is gaining popularity more than ever before. This town is perfect escape for summers. It also has become a stop for cruises where folks love to swim with dolphins. Vallarta also has lots of Water sports avenues for parasailing, and jet skiing. Streets alongside beaches in here are lined with quaint shops perfect for picking souvenirs. The nightclubs are always bustling with life and colonial architecture gives an oldish charm to this town.


Tequila – Trip to Mexico is incomplete without a visit to this town, the least homage you can give to your lively nights. Obviously, this town is the birthplace of our Favourite drink Tequila. The old manufacturing facilities of this town are worth seeing, and also an UNESCO world heritage site. When here, you must not refrain drinking more than usual numbers of shots. It is surrounded by agave plant used to produce tequila. You must also visit La Capilla, one of the world’s best bars.


Cancun – It is a perfect blend of Caribbean beaches and Mayan culture. The long long white sand beaches of Zona Hotelera will make you crazily fall for this place. Most of people think Cancun as a party town, but there also is Museo Maya de Cancún, a museum with close 500 Mayan artifacts, San Miguelito with oldish architecture, and temple at El Rey. The top local food in here is cochinitapibil (slow roasted pork with orange juice and achiote), and panuchos (bean-filled fried tortilla).

Los Cabos

Los Cabos – It is the place where desert meets the sea and sunshine never leaves. Over the years it has become favourite retreat for water sports like surfing, snorkelling, jet skiing and diving. It also is great place for little golfing and fishing. Your days will turn up well boating asides dolphins and spotting whales. Beyond the beaches the desert too is worth the sights with breeds of cactuses and little streams. Like all Mexican beach towns, this one too has a crazy partying scene.


Izamal – A trip to this city will leave you with everlasting memory. The reason being every building in this city is painted yellow. The colonial buildings and Mayan ruins in the town are worth the sights. It was once a religious town of Mayans where they worshipped their gods. There are dozens of Pyramids lasting to this date in here. Another place to visit is the Franciscan monastery built by Spaniards. Also the horse driven carriages add a charm of old world to this city.


Guanajuato – This colourful city is surrounded by mountains, and perfect for stuffing yourself with tacos and beer. The old colonial buildings, cobblestoned streets, little cafes, Baroque Architecture far from Europe give this city an appeal of its own. This city also has lots of underground tunnels serving as roads, you will love driving through. Also popular for mining with La Valencia a silver mine. Must visit is Church of San Cayetano that is ornamentally laden. Also is birthplace of mariachi music.

We have nothing to lose, and a World to see!


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