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Top things to do in Las Vegas

Top things to do in Las Vegas

This desert city is the entertainment capital of the world. With world class resorts, casinos, recreated sites from all across the world, and every form of entertainment under the sun, this city never ceases to surprise its visitors. With Grand Canyon a short ride away, Las Vegas also offers natural beauty and adventure sports like Hiking and Camping. Though summers can be a bit harsh with the sun scorching on you, still hotel pools come to rescue, while winters can be a great time to visit Las Vegas. Las Vegas is undoubtedly one the cities with best nightlife, which also offers a great culinary experience, and lots of places to see without tariff. So here we are with some of the best things to do in Las Vegas.

The Strip

The Strip – Soon after passing the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign, The strip, which is a 7 Kilometer boulevard starts. It runs from Mandalay Bay Hotel to Treasure Island Hotel. The strip all along the way is studded with some of the largest and most luxurious hotels and resorts of the world. At night the neon signs of these resorts, hotels, casinos, bars, lit up to create a mesmerizing effect.

The Bellagio

Bellagio – Located by the strip, this 3000 plus rooms hotel complex is a must visit in Las Vegas. You might have heard the name and seen the hotel in film Oceans Eleven, but its just the tip of it. The complex comprises of Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art, Conservatory, Botanical Garden, Spa, Salon, Gucci Tiffany Prada Shops, and Michelin Starred Picasso. It also holds many Poker tournaments. Another highlight is the Dancing fountains, with water displays tuned with music.

Fremont Street

Fremont Street – Located in Old Down Town Las Vegas, Fremont Street consists of 5 blocks, and was home to old casinos who had seen their prime time and now are less frequented. Known by Fremont Street Experience, or Viva Vision, a light show is a major highlight with 16.4 million pixel lights and 600K watt sound effect. This pedestrian street is now crammed with shops, casinos, food stalls.

Venetian Casino

Venetian Casino – It is the second largest casino and also the second largest hotel in the world. The hotel is constructed by replicating the landscape and feel of Venice. Here you can see replicas of grand canal, rialto bridge, and alongside the canal there are more than 200 high end shopping outlets. The hotel also has Renaissance era paintings. It has 4 theaters, 4000 plus rooms and 6 clubs in total.

The Mirage Casino

The Mirage Casino – In Vegas it is one of the most popular places for gambling. The major highlight of this casino is the man made Volcano that erupts periodically after 8 PM, with glowing red fire, with musicals in the back drop. The complex also has a secret garden and Dolphin Habitat in 2 million gallon pool. The hotel check in point also has an 20,000 gallon aquarium behind it, which shouldn’t be missed.

MGM Grand

MGM Grand – It is the biggest hotel of United States with 6000 plus rooms. It is also a great spot for Non Serious gamblers who just want to have some fun on casino floor. You can play a slot machine or on a black jack table. It also hosted some of the largest events in Las Vegas like Boxing matches of Mike Tyson or the I Heart Radio Music festival. It’s also known for nightlife avenues like Hakkasan club.

Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace – The hotel complex is built to give the visitors a feel of Ancient Rome, with huge marble halls, frescoes depicting Roman times and a large concert hall named Colosseum, which has hosted shows of Elton John and Celine Dion. It is also home to 150 plus high end shops, Forum Shops that attract family visitors. It also houses a 75,000 square foot Omnia Nightclub, which is must visit.

The Mob Museum

Mob Museum – Housed in a 1933 Neo Classical Building which was formerly a US Courthouse this museum is dedicated to the Mob history that was on a high during the 20th Century. It showcases the history of drugs, money laundering, illegal gambling and the times biggest organized crime lords. It showcases Al Capone, John Gotti, and also FBI agents like J Edgar Hoover, and Eliot Ness.

Neon Museum

Neon Museum – Las Vegas Nights have always been known for its glittering and shining neon lights, and this museum is dedicated to the same. It houses Neon lights that have been pulled down right from early 20th century to the present times. Major highlight is the Neon Boneyard, where more than 200 neon light pieces are stacked to create alley ways. It also showcases history of designs of lights.

Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam – It is a classic piece of American Engineering from 20th Century. It is built during the Great Depression which also provided much needed work to the people. In fact a model town for all workers was also built here. Built on Colorado River, it was the largest dam in the world, when it was built. It also houses, Exhibit galleries about the history of the dam along with a  short film about the dam.

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