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Packing List for Cruise Trip

Packing list for cruise trips

Headed for a cruise, but clouded with thoughts on what to pack. This can be a headache, trust me. Even veteran cruise travellers make mistakes while packing only to regret later. First you need to understand what you have undertaken. It’s a cruise people! You will be in middle of sea though in your comfortable cabins or entertaining top decks, with few stopovers. Unless you would not mind spending two to three or larger times more money for an item you could have brought, rather than purchasing on ship or port, you need to check our list. We bet it will come in handy.

Water Bottles – This is the most basic item that you should have. The bottle should be reusable, and must enable you to carry water everywhere you go on ship. It will also save you the cost of buying packaged water every time you feel thirsty.

Clips – These are another useful bunch of accessories that will help you hold on to your belongings. It can plastic clips to tie your towel to a seat, or a magnetic clip to keep a broad view of daily activity plan clung to the walls of your stateroom.

Clock and Watch – Staterooms don’t have clocks, and you cannot just afford to miss any event just because you couldn’t catch up with a clock. It will also be your alarm clock, and wristwatch will keep you synched with time anywhere on the ship.

Cloth stain remover – Keep a little bottle of it with you. Use whenever you make a mess of your clothes. You just cannot wait the stain to settle over next couple of days before the piece of cloth reaches laundry. This must have if you are travelling with kids.

Power Adaptor – For this don’t make assumptions. If you are weary about it, call the cruise support and better ask them what style of port they have US, UK, or EU. Then shop for appropriate power adaptor that will adapt to charging point.

Sunscreen – This is one thing you simply can’t miss in your bag that too bunch of it. Though you can buy this on board, but that will cost you double the price. Also check shampoo, shower gels, etc. These are provided in cabin, but quality might not suit you.

Packing list for cruise trips

Underwater Camera – This is great must have if you plan on exploring the beaches on port, especially if they have coral reefs. This gives great photo opportunities. If you plan to have long term camera, buy a GoPro, or you can always disposable ones too.

Floatation Straps – This one will keep your cell phones, keys, or any other accessory safe. Cruises mean lots of water, be it on board, or on ports where you want to enjoy a beach. This will help in you keeping these objects afloat and from sinking.

Sun hat – People this one is so essential and yet so stylish. On board activities on deck will involve lots of exposure to sun, this is  where this hat will protect you from sun burns on faces and neck, but will also add to your style quotient. Must have item.

Sarong – We cannot assert more than we already have in previous blogs, that sarong is must have especially for ladies. This can be your blanket, or a shawl for evenings, drape dress, or beach wear, also can be used as scarfs. A good sarong never disappoints.

Mesh Water shoes – These are very handy when visiting a beach on stopover. They will be your perfect companion when walking on beach, or when diving into the sea waters. It will make way out for any sand or sea water that gets into the shoe. Durable and strong too.

Activated Charcoal capsules – One thing you must not compromise with in your travels is your health. These capsules ensure the same. Activated carbon is great at absorbing toxins, and thus helping your body to take normal shape. Must have item.

Health Kit – Always keep necessary medicines that you can’t live without in ample of stock in your carry on, to be safe even if your luggage gets lost. Also get vaccination done with proof of certificates needed to board cruise, beforehand.

Driving License – Well we know you won’t get to drive the James Bond Cars on sea while on cruise, but this can come in handy when you are at stopover ports and willing to rent a car for little tour of the port. It’s better to pre plan for such needs.

Credit Debit cards – Your duty is not just to carry them, but also inform your local bank branch that you are travelling and would be using the cards from mentioned destinations. This will save you from cards getting blocked at hours when needed most.

Packing list for cruise trips - Books

Journal or Books – Either write or read, the choice is up to you. A laid back posture with facing sea, with a glass of beverage beside you will be perfect place to read or write. Research well and find couple of books to carry, or write your own experiences.

Business Cards – This might not be the best thing to carry. But if you are a social guy, trust me handing over business cards to new friends and fellow passengers is great idea to do some networking and means to stay in touch after cruise is over.

Bottle of Wine – Most cruises will allow you to carry one bottle of wine with you. Though we know that’s not enough. But then saving something is better saving nothing. You will at be better off for one day, for rest of them you always have on board bars.

Clothes – Well that is just obvious, and you must carry them instead of walking in a swimsuit. Carry enough beach wear, casual clothes, night wears, swimsuit, and special dresses for dining nights or for particular theme concerts. Plus always carry extra pair of undies.

Pack like a rock star!


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