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10 Best places to visit in Czech Republic

Best places to visit in Czech Republic

If you wish to see Europe at its best, I think this is the place. Having influenced by many nations that ruled, its architecture is worth the sights along with culture. The country has close to dozen of UNESCO world heritage sites, and we can’t say more what a genuine experience you’ll have. The beauty of old world remains intact to this day, thanks it was untouched during World Wars. So here we are, to guide you with best places to visit in Czech Republic.

1 – Prague

Prague has a millennium old history and, has been capital seat of Romans and Bohemia. The Czech capital is a true reward for travellers. It has both Gothic and Renaissance influence making it eye candy for architectural lovers. The city is now brimming with modern bars and restaurants offering the local gastronomic experience that will feed your soul. For art lovers, you can hop on to check the 14th century art collection at the popular Veletrzni Palace. Your itinerary for Parue must be for least 3 to 4 days that should also include a day for the magnificent museums of the city. The feeling of walking out your hotel room to a cobbled street is unparallel.

You will find a walk over the 14th century Charles bridge, will be simply blissful. Franz Kafka’s home, cemetery and museum are other places to be at. Top attractions include Naplavka, Prague Castle, the DOX gallery, Letna Park, the banks of Vltava River, Old Town, St. Vitus Cathedral, and MaláStrana. The spires and domes of the old town will give you a classical high.

The good news is that City of Prague has a metro line which can ease your public transportation needs. One of the things not to be missed in Prague is the wine tasting. If you are a fan of Vienna, London and Paris, you are going to love it here.

2 – Cesky Krumlov

This medieval village is popular for its Bohemian castle, and history dating centuries back. It is located on the Vltava river, and it gets more picturesque backdrop than any other place in Czech Republic. A trip to this town is incomplete without a visit to the Cesky Krumlov castle. Then there are cobblestoned streets that lead to boutique shops with goodies and Czech glass. Outdoor lovers will enjoy the canoe ride, and young folks will drool over freshly brewed beer with some Czech delicacies. In Czech Republic Cesky Krumlov is known to be an ideal summer destination.

Apart from the rustic natural beauty this village has, this place is also becoming a melting pot of international travelers that come here to visit exhibitions, events, and conferences that run throughout the year. One of the architectural marvels that you can enjoy here is the Cloak Bridge, which is a three storied arched bridge that connects the Cesky Krumlov Castle to the gardens.

The main square of the village is named as Namesti Svornosti, and here you will find a fountain and the Prague Column. The village of Cesky Krumlov is pedestrian friendly. The village is couple of hours drive from Prague and can be wrapped in a days time.

3 – Brno

Brno is the second biggest Czech city. Brno is full of architectural marvels, cafes, and quaint surroundings. This place is a lovely affair for travellers. Brno is also home to country’s largest university, and offers a vibrant, youthful and good company. Top attractions of Brno include the old town hall and cathedral, and one of architectural masterpieces cum UNESCO world heritage site Villa Tugendhat. The city is also home to 13th century Spilberk castle which is known for its spooky dungeons. While visiting this city you must head to the Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul, which is a 18th century gothic cathedral.

The city is also known for its open spaces, and gardens, including the Park Lužánky, which should be on your itinerary, especially during the day time with sun at peak. The Parnassus Fountain which is located near the Cabbage market is also worth exploring, which symbolizes the Greek and Babylonian empires.

The city of Brno is only 3 hours of train journey from Prague, and can wrapped up in a day or top two. When visiting here you must relish the wines from South Moravia. In winters this place hosts Christmas markets as good as Germans.

4 – Kutna Hora

This Bohemian silver mining town has been favourite of many royals as residence. It is an UNESCO World heritage site. The town of Kutna Hora might be very small but in medieval times almost one third of silver produced in Europe came from this place. Kutna Hora is within a Day trip from Prague which makes it highly accessible and a must visit spot. Some of the top attractions in here are Macabre Sedlec Ossuary or the Bone Church. It is named so because it has baroque designs made out of human bones, pretty chilling right. You will also be surprised to know that this church of bone is visited by 300,000 visitors per year, that is a lot.

Some of the other must visits include Church of St. Barbara, and the Italian Court, which was a former palace that housed the royal mint. The Italian court also has been the residence of bohemian kings, and in present times houses a minting museum. While visiting here the fabulous Czech restaurants will sum up your nights with great gastronomic experience.

While visiting Kutna Hora, the must do is the touring of the underground mines. But you got to take a note that these mines are closed for public access during the winter months.

5 – Ostrava

The city of Ostrava is popular for Mining and Music. If you love the buzzing nights, you should visit this one, and hit the clubs, pubs, and mark attendance for festival Colors of Ostrava. If the City of Ostrava can be summed up in words, then they would be Iron, Chemicals, Steel and Coal Mining. Ostrave is also the third largest city of Czech Republic, and was once the Steel heart of Czechoslovakia. Some of the top attractions in Ostrava include, Ostrava Zoo, Lower Vítkovice, Mining Museum Landek Park, and Bolt Tower. The mining museum is a great history sneak peek into the lives of miners and their tough situations.

Dolni Vitkovice which was once an industrial complex, but got shut because of the depleting resources of the city was reopened again. This time not for businesses, but for travellers and tourists. It turned out to be a magnet for travellers seeking historical explorations in the world of industrial ages.

To tour the city of Ostrava which is a large city, you will need at least 2 or 3 days. But if you are tight on schedule, then you can wrap it up in a day, by visiting some of the most important sites. The best time to visit Ostrava is during Spring and Summer.

6 – Olomouc

Olomouc was originally a Roman Fort, and then became the residence for Moravian governor. The city of Olomouc has a huge historical importance, and a charm of old world. Some of the top attractions of Olomouc include Olomouc Castle, Saint Wencelas Cathedral, along with few other religious buildings with distinct architectural styles. The city is also home to baroque fountains, Art museum, and a spectacular astronomical clock. The Trinity Column of Olomouc is a must see which is also a UNESCO World heritage site. For some of the best views of the city of Olmouc you can hop on to the tower of Gothic Renaissance styled Town Hall.

The city of Olmouc is also known for its open spaces, parks, gardens, and greenhouse establishments. The flora Olomouc is an annual festival which is held in Olomouc, and is a must see if you are around the city. The Archbishop’s Palace is another must see which has also been a site of residence of the bishops of Olomouc since 17th century.

One of the unique sites here is the museum of Historical Coaches which has one of the largest collections of Carriages and Laterns in Europe. If you like contemporary art then you must visit the Museum of Modern Art which showcases some of the best works of the region.

7 – Liberec

The city of Liberec is a blend of arts and architecture. The buildings and monuments in this town have baroque influence. The city is located very close to the German Polish border and has a heavy influence of German culture in Bohemian land. The Town hall of the city is another masterpiece you will love. It also is a base to hike and ski at Jizera Mountains. Some of the Top attractions in here include Ještěd Tower, Liberec Town Hall (as told earlier), Frydstejn Castle, and Mseno Reservoir. The Jested Tower which sits on the Jested Mountain was once used for broadcasting TV signals, is very popular amidst the masses.

The city is also home to a popular football club, and a popular ice hockey club. In short sports is also one of the things for which the city is known. This place is perfect for a day trip you’d be happy you took. If you are visiting Prague, then you can reach this city through road or by bus, in a matter of few hours. To tour this city you will need minimum one day.

The best time to visit Liberec is from June to September, during the summer season when temperatures are moderate. Some of the brave folks also come here during winters but mostly because of the skiing opportunities in nearby regions.

8 – Pilsen

This little city of Pilsen has it all, right from Town Square to underground tunnels to Techmania Science Centre to Zoo and to the puppet museum. It is the perfect small museum city that will keep you amazed on how much it has to offer. Another surprise is the Pilsner, no its not a landmark nor an adjoining mountain, but a local lager beer, probably one of the earliest. If you are a true beer fan then you must visit this city and its Pilsner Urquell Brewery. You will be amazed to know but this brewery receives more than half a million visitors every year. This brewery is one of the top 10 visited sites in Cech Republic.

History lovers must need to stop to admire the Gothic-styled Bartholomew’s Cathedral, which is also known to have the highest church tower in the entire Czech Republic. History lovers will also like the Museum of West Bohemia which is staged inside a neo Renaissance style building, and houses a rare collection of some of the earliest firearms of europeans.

The city of Pilsen is only an hours drive from Prague, and numerous buses connect Prague and this beautiful city. The best time to visit Pilsen is during Summers. The city of Pilsen is a good and calm place to spend a couple of days.

9 – Telc

The city of Telc has a history dating back to the 14th century. In the 16th century all the houses of this city that were built of wood were burnt down and it was then the city was reborn with a new story to tell to the world. Its historic town centre is pretty popular among travellers for its Renaissance architecture. When you will visit it you will know why, after seeing the lines of building in similar design and color you are bound to fall in love with it. To add to the testimony of its beauty, Telc is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Another sight worthy place in the city of Telc is the Gothic palace.

You will also like church of the Holy Ghost and local Jesuit Church, even if you aren’t religious. It also has two ponds that are perfect for a sunny day walk. If you have kids along with you then a visit to Technical museum is advised where you will find collection of vintage cars , motorbikes, telephones and other technical artifacts.

Having visited this city you must eat in outlets on Main Square called Zacharias of Hradec. You can access this city through bus or by train. The small city of Telc is a perfect one day trip from Prague.

10 – Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary is also known as Carlsbad is a pretty picturesque spa town. The town is popular for its natural springs that are believed to have healing powers. These springs are now spa regions, with lots of wellness resorts popped up. Karlovy Vary has became a rejuvenating hub for the people of Czech Republic and international travelers. If you are having a bad belly day in here, a sip of Becherovka will make it just fine. A visit to this place is incomplete if you haven’t sipped waters from all natural spring. This place also hosts an International Film Festival during summers, if you plan to visit somewhere near to it.

The colonnades of Karlovy Vary are also very popular. These are wooden structures designed in Swiss style, with white pillars adorned with lace motifs. You will find plenty of them in Karlovy Vary. You can also visit the Diana Funicular and climb up to the Diana Watch Tower for spectacular views of the entire settlement of this town.

Travellers also enjoy the walk along the Tepla River on the Stara Loukaroad which passes along with it. A trip to Karlovy Vary can be wrapped in a day but we recommend dedicating a couple of days time for this scenic town.

A place you got to check off your travel list!


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