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Travel tips for Honeymoon Couples

Travel tips for Honeymoon Couples

Congratulations for embarking the longest journey of your life. The better if its starts with a refreshing trip. There could be nothing better than escaping the day to day troubles of life, with your life partner for the first ever celebration of your newly made relationship. As it is once in a lifetime vacation, it has to be perfect for tales to tell. Our tips will help you in doing so.

Timing should be perfect – Choosing the time of honeymoon is very crucial. It is supposed to be within few months of your marriage, but still ensure that you follow some norms. First norm would be that never let it clash with school holidays. I bet you will regret being surrounded by noisy kids that might also throw a softball at your spouse. Kids are kids, but you can always do something about it.

If your honeymoon is clashing with some long weekend, then too avoid it. You will probably find a lot of rush, especially in popular destinations. The best season to go for honeymoon is during rains, as it gets very romantic, or you can also choose some dates during winter. Remember unless you are going to time it right, things will not fall together at its place.

Plan it together – If you are the man the greater responsibility of planning the trip will be on your shoulders, but remember that this trip is for honeymoon couples that is both of you. Hence the planning of the trip should also be done by both of you. Each person should have a say in every decision you are going to take about the trip.

The destination should have a consensus, the budget of the trip should have a consensus, the hotel bookings should have a consensus. Even the spots that you are going to visit must be mutually decided. This will pave a path for better understanding between you both. Unless this is not going to happen, the trip will not be a wholesome experience.

Kid destinations are a big no – Beware of kids, and don’t plan your honeymoon in a destination for kids. Your spouse might like kids, and you might be planning to have one, but remember it is your honeymoon and it is to enjoyed together, not with some bunch of random kids that are annoying. It is a worst idea to go Disney Land on your Honeymoon. You might be a kid at heart, but we bet you wouldn’t want taking your spouse in arms in front of awed kids.

It is also highly recommended to keep kid friendly tourist spot away from your itinerary. Yes not even that much of exposure to kids is allowed. It hardly takes a one bad moment to destroy the mood of the day. We know that it is hard to keep all the kids away from, the places you are going to visit, but if you are careful you can avoid awkward situations.

Leave behind the Religion – Another worst idea will be to plan your Honeymoon that is overly visited by Religious travelers. There are many such places around the world. They are also worth a visit, but not during your honeymoon. The people that visit such places are not going to approve your romance in such destinations. It is better to stay away from such places.

You can save a religious trip for coming years down the line, as you have entire lifetime to travel with your spouse. We also agree that it’s a good idea to be blessed, but you can’t offer your honeymoon to Gods. If you are very religious kind of couple then you can add a temple or a church in your itinerary, and dedicate it a couple of hours, that will do the job.

Destination type and travel type – The type of destination will also be crucial to quality of days spent. You can opt to go on a cruise for a laid back trip, very likely to a romantic getaway for reasons well known, someplace peaceful to find each other, or a road trip for cozy times. The idea should always remain the same, to make this trip a memorable one.

You also got to remember that there is no such thing called as an ideal honeymoon vacation. It all depends on the likeness and preferences of the couples involved in it. If you are too young, too energetic, and too adventurous, then you can hop in a car and be headed to some of the most exotic locations on a road trip. Same way, if you are seeking luxury with serenity then head on to a cruise.

Destinations matters a lot – If you are going on a honeymoon, the first thing you plan is choosing a destination. It is not some obvious logic, but the whole idea of honeymoon depends on location and destination. If the destination is going to be perfect for couples, then it is highly likely that you are going to spend some great quality time together.

One of the best destinations for Honeymoon could be a beach (Provided it’s less crowded), or a hill station during snowfall, some European cobble stoned city with rich culture and heritage (Paris would be just about ideal place). Before picking up a destination you also got to check what kind of travelers visit the place. Make it a priority that the destination is frequented by couples.

Set aside a budget for unforeseen expenses – Every trip begins with picking a destination and setting a budget in mind. When the trip finally gets your mental and physical nod, the real budgeting begins. We all set limitations on how much we are going to spend. But honeymoon trips are one of those vacations where we do not tend to limit ourselves just because of the money.

Always expect unforeseen expenses during your honeymoon, which can occur because of impulsive shopping, or an urge to indulge in some experiences which were not earlier added in the itinerary, or an extension of the holiday with a day or two. For any such cases or any other situation always keep a buffer of extra budget with you for the honeymoon trip.

Time spent together is time spent well – Remember it is a Honeymoon, and the point is to spend maximum quality time with your spouses. Honeymoon is not just a trip but also an opportunity to strengthen the bond in between. Honeymoon vacation also serves as a foundation to your journey of lifetime. Hence you can’t afford to reach your destination and spend half of the day for booking.

You have to be more careful of every minute that you are going to spend during your honeymoon. It is better to do all sorts of booking beforehand, be it hotels, be it airport transfers, or be it rental cars. The best is to choose a holiday package that too honeymoon special. It will relieve you from the stress of planning and dedicate time to things that matter most. Plus nowadays there are so many travel companies, the boutique ones that offer specialized tours for honeymoon couples.

Accommodation should be chosen well – Honeymoons are not just dependent on destinations, but its wholesome experience which is perfected by finer details. The best type of accommodation for honeymoon couples would be resort. It will give you ample amount of space, and serenity which is essential in honeymoon vacations. If it is a beach resort with private pool or beach, then even better.

It’s always a good idea to book a Honeymoon suite, till you have a clear picture of what all extra you will get than booking a normal room. In large hotels normally it is a deal worth it, but in smaller ones the services usually fail to live up to the expenses occurred. You just need to evaluate your budget and see all the facilities you will get by booking the honeymoon suite in that extra money paid.

Travel tips for Honeymoon Couples - Spend time together
Honeymoon trips are all about perks – Don’t be shy of telling people that you are on a Honeymoon. This goes especially with your hotel, or the restaurant you are dining in, or the event that you are attending. People love couples on honeymoon, especially those who are dependent on the travel and tourism sector. They will always extend a hand to make your trip extra special.

Telling your hotel that you are on a honeymoon can get you a free Champaign, or probably the hotel manager can also give you a free upgrade. If you are staying in an up end hotel they might also arrange a musical night in your name, or arrange a complimentary dinner. The point being that honeymoon couples are treated well people tend to do things that it more special.

No work only play – Honeymoon trips can last from few days to few weeks. It all depends on how much special you want to make it, how much clouded is your itinerary, and what kind of luxury in time you have. While being away on the trip your business or your job might suffer because of your inability to dedicate time during your trip. But keep it that way, no one should be able to come in between you and your honeymoon vacation. You can always crack a new deal or impress your manager in coming days, but honeymoon is for once.

Make sure that you do not attend your business calls or official calls during the trip. The call might only last for couple of minutes, but it is going to distract you for a lot of time which you cannot afford while on honeymoon trip. The same goes with emails, and even your social media accounts unless you are logging in to post some great pictures.

Fine dining is essential – Make your trip be studded with private dinner tables booking in the same hotel, or some fancy restaurants around. Fine dining is an essential part of your honeymoon experience. You have to make some memories while indulging in some great food. While picking up a restaurant, do not go by the popularity or the specialty of the food, but by the ambiance they provide. If you are a foodie then this might come hard on you, but honeymoons do not happen every day.

The quality time spent together with lots of conversation, and fun filled casual moments, will be the ones that you are going to remember. While booking the restaurant, check if they have rooftop table facility, or open air restaurant seating area. Such settings will add an extra charm to your fine dining experience. Trust me this won’t make you a rom-fanatic.

Privacy is essential in Honeymoon vacations – Try to plan your honeymoon in subtle destinations. There are places that are too loud, and can ruin your sound vacation. Honeymoon is a private affair, so try keeping yourselves in some serenity, not in between some bunch of hipsters. The more private you will keep your honeymoon, the better the experience is going to be.

We have already discussed this, but we will stress on this again. Try booking honeymoon packages, but only after checking that it is not a group honeymoon tour package, which means that there will be other honeymoon couples along with you. This goes especially if you are newly married. It is going to cost you a bit more, but the time spent together amidst only you two will make it worth.

Warm locals will enhance your honeymoon experience – There are many destinations in the world that are great to explore but have unfriendly locals. Please avoid such places. Your honeymoon is meant to be bred with love and not hostility. You can very easily get to know this by reading reviews of travelers, or by searching it online, or by asking to people with first hand experience.

Unfriendly locals are the ones that not only make your experience uneasy but at times they can also convert into a bully. Such kind of experience is totally going to ruin your vacations. Destinations that very popular and overly visited by tourists will never have such locals as their majority of economy depends on travel and tourism. But in offbeat places you got to be cautious.

Off season travel – We have already asserted on it, that timing is vital in honeymoon vacations. But we will again say that before fixing a destination for Honeymoon, please check if you are not visiting it in its peak tourist season. This is for two main reasons. One is your privacy will be at stake. Travelling in mid of overwhelming crowd is never easy, and it can be hard for even some of the most seasoned travelers. Its very distracting to vacate in crowded places for new couples.

The second main reason is that you will get to save some big bucks too. We know that no couple will keep a priority of saving money during their honeymoon vacation, especially when the difference is not too much. But just think by saving this money you can put the same money to experience even a better holiday spot or book some additional experiences like concerts.

Attending events is a great idea – Surprising your spouse with tickets to opera, play, comic show, jazz night, could be a great idea. After all honeymoon is not just about being romantic, it also needs some fun moments. These kind of shows can add a twist to your trips. THis can also act as an escape from the trip into a day to day life experiences.

But before booking such shows please keep in mind to avoid EDM concerts, or Rock concerts. After all you are a married couple and not some teenager. The whole idea behind it is to go slow, go light and feel every moment, which is not possible with EDM or rock. If you want it to make it memorable then a karaoke night can be a magical experience.

Off beat experiences – Walking into a cooking class or a culinary class can be a great idea for couples on vacation. It will for sure add fun to your vacation, when you will get your hands dirty in some badass local cuisines. Trust me, the more bad you are at cooking, more fun it will be. For people who are foodies, or if they enjoy cooking then it will be a sheer joy and some experience to remember.

Off beat experiences are not just limited to cooking classes, it could also be a pottery class where you have to create a kettle, or some pot. It could also be a wine tasting tour, which will refresh you with the amazing tastes of different wines. It could also also be a chocolate tasting tour if there is some sort of chocolate factory in your destination. It purely depends on what your destination has to offer.

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