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Best Secret beaches around the world

Best Secret beaches around the world

When we think of travelling, there are only few things that come to our minds like Mountains, Markets, Monuments, beautiful landscapes, tasty dishes and our favourite beaches. There is no truth bigger than this, that all laid back holidays end up on beaches. It’s a great place to unwind, relax, and soak up with sunshine. The less crowded the beach is, more returns you receive of your days spent. But in world of eight billions this is rare on popular beaches. Don’t be disheartened, there are number of beaches that are peaceful, and more pristine. Here is list of top hidden beaches.

Shipwreck Cove Greece – It is also referred to as Smugglers Cove, and called Navagio beach. It is home to a famous ship wreck Panagiotis. The ship wreck happened in 1980 when the ship collided with rocks while being pursued by Greek navy who suspected it of carrying smuggled Cigarettes. While visiting here do bring a sun umbrella as there is no shade on the beach.

It is highly popular amidst photographers for its scenic beauty, a wrecked ship and steep cliffs surrounding the beach. Only accessed by boat, but it’s worth it. The boats you can can get from Porto Vromi. But you can also chose to take a boat from Zakynthos. While visiting here you can drive to the top of the cliff for breath taking views of the beach.

Lord Howe Island Australia – The beauty of this island is lush green natural landscape as backdrop to pristine waters. Made of a volcanic eruption, it has many beaches, but limit of 400 tourists at a time. You can hand feed kingfish, stroll thru island, or do scuba diving. It is here you can explore the world’s southern most coral reef. The white sand beaches of Lord Howe will make your day.

To the south east of the beach is Ball’s Pyramid, which is a sea stack and offers some of the world’s finest diving experiences. You can also choose to visit the Mount Gower situated nearby which offers a perfect day trek opportunity. Another secluded beach in Lord Howe is the North Bay which is a paradise to visit, but accessible only by foot or by water.

Phu Quoc Island Vietnam –White sands and clear blue waters make perfect your holidays. The white sand beaches of Phu Quoc have earned it a reputation of being called the white pearl. It is also dubbed as the next Phuket. Activities you can indulge in here are diving, kayaking, massages, and relish fresh seafood. The beaches are very calm with fewer crowds.

The beach is popular for its fish sauce, and is even home to a fish sauce factory. It houses some untouched fioshing villages that you can explore to find out the traditional means of fishing and enjoy some tasty seafood. Some of the popular sites that the beach houses are the Cay Dua Prison and a temple Cao Dai. The entire 150 kilometer coastline of Phu Quoc is pure beauty and must visit.

Salema Portugal – This one is near from Algarve Coast, but far from crowd. It is a proper fishing village which is situated in the Costa Vincentina Natural Park. You can sneak in here for sunbathing, fishing, hiking, and enjoying the locally made seafood. This small village is based between two steep cliffs and has traditional white stucco dwellings. The huge field of flowers here will sure enchant you.

Cobble stoned streets enclosing white washed cottages of fisher men is the beauty we are talking about. The bright painted boats of fisher men are just striking and perfect for your camera. The place has many restaurants that offer fresh sea food prepared in unique local style. The golden sand beaches of Salema are perfect to make your day and hold blue flag certification for its safety and purity.

Bethany Beach USA – Voted as one of the most favourite family beach by Travel & Leisure. It is sheer joy to walk down or bicycle your way on the coastline. This beach also has lots of kid activity and a miniature golf course too. Lot less crowded and way more peace. It is perfect for beach house gatherings and shopping tax free at the intimate shops around the region.

The combination of fluffy waves and and playful gulls are just perfect to give you an immersive beach experience. Walking by the broad walk to the bay is one of the favorite activities of travelers that come here. Must visit joints here are Matts Fish camp Bethany, that focuses on locally grown produce, and Sedona that is being in run for 25 years and specializes in sea food and even gluten free food.

Muriwai Beach New Zealand – Black sands, towering mountains, and beautiful waves crashing down to the shore make up the perfect landscape this place is about. Favourite of Aucklanders that is an hour drive away, and home to sea birds gannets that flock here. The coastline of Muriwai beach stretches up to 60 kilometers.

To see the Gannet breeding colonies you can also head towards the Otakamiro Point. The region also has barbecues, tennis court, picnic avenues, and even a small skate park. It is also recommended that you do not surf here alone especially beyond the permitted area as waves can can be pretty powerful. The place also offers horse riding activity which is fun on the beach.

Linden Beach Bulgaria – This hidden gem is walk away from the bustling Sinemorets, which leads to a silvery beach that is both peaceful and pristine, with no half naked intruders around. A place you can spend the most of your day in shadow of beautiful landscapes. It is a part of the Natural Park Strandzha and natural beauty is guaranteed.

The best part about the beach is the mouth of Veleka river meeting the sea. The real beauty is in watching the pristine clear waters of the river being divided from the sea water with high tides and turquoise waters. This beach is only accessible by foot as it lies in the heart of the national park. After crossing the entire beach there is a rocky terrain from where the views of the beach are even more beautiful.

Kynance Cove Britain – It is on eastern side of Cornwall, which has always been popular for its holiday destinations and Kynance Cove is no exception. Its beauty is heightened with cliffs around it. It also has a café run by national trust where you can have a sip with its beauty in eyes. The name is Kynanace Cove Cafe and is being run for over 20 years by Luke and Victoria Donovan.

Golden sands, blue waters and lots of islands around make it a perfect spot. In fact the Kynance Cove boasts of both turquoise and crystal clear waters, such is the beauty of this place. When here you can also choose to indulge in rock climbing adventures, and swimming in its waters is also never a bad idea. It is also perfect for sun bathing and sand castle making for kids.

Holbox Island Mexico – You have to take a ferry or a boat to get here, only to find that it has taken you back to golden days without pollutant vehicles and large multinational resorts. It is also home to Flamingos and Pelicans, making it picturesque spot for holiday. It is a perfect combination of great weather, laid back holiday and bohemian beauty.

The coastline of Holbox Island is whopping 26 miles long and is the best beach that is untouched in the north coast of Yucantan Peninsula. The best way to get to the Holbox Island is through the ferry ride from Chiquila. The best activities to indulge here are snorkeling, boat rides and relaxing in some yoga retreat. To top it all one must try the tacos and mojitos offered here for the holiday vibe.

Koh Lanta Thailand –This is between Phi Phi Island and Mainland. The sandy shacks will define your day’s luxury, and probably a martini will shake up your mood. The dining scene is perfected by local hands, but with all of this, it is not at all crowded, but peaceful. The entire 30 kilometer long coast line is perfect to spend a holiday and is mostly untouched by crowded tourists.

It has a diverse terrain with mangroves, waterfalls and forested hills. It offers a perfect avenue for snorkeling, into the pristine clear waters of its beaches. Not in abundance but the Koh Lanta also has coral reefs that are worth exploring. Enjoying sunsets is also one of the favorite activities of the travelers here. The most popular beach in Koh Lanta is Klong Nin Beach which is must visit.

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