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Best Destinations for Pizza Lovers

Best destinations for Pizza Lovers

Travel and Food have a very old relationship. One who loves to travel, is more likely to love food too. So here comes the most popular of the breads family, Pizza. There would hardly anyone on the face of this planet who had not savored pizza in their entire life. Such is a craze of Pizza and its popularity. If you are a pizza lover and also love to travel, then why not head to a place full of appetizing pizzas. The reason why we have created this list, of destinations where you will get the best if Pizza’s, and yes instead of a slice you can have the entire one.

Las Vegas, United States

Las Vegas, USA – This place has always been an attraction for tourists with deep pockets, and now it is turning into a destination for celebrity chefs. Yes they have arrived here too with the best of Pizzerias. Some of the fine places in here to pizza are, ‘Pizza Rock’, and ‘Broadway Pizzeria’. This is the perfect place where you can party and finish the day with a god scrumptious pizza.

Naples, Italy

Naples, Italy – It is the place where Pizza was born. So we can also term it like a Pilgrimage of Pizza. In here you will find 100’s of years old pizza joints, that have been serving thin crusted pizza with a taste of sweet local tomatoes and Mozzarella. Some places where you can hang out to eat this heavenly dish are 50 Kalo and Pizzaria La Notizia.

Milan, Italy

Milan Italy – It is where most of the world’s fashion originate. Milan has always been a tourist power house, because of which it has greater density of food joints serving pizzas. With Italian way of cooking, once you eat a pizza in Milan you will never be able to forget it. Some of the good places to savor pizza in Milan are L’Antro Della Sibilla and Solo Pizza.

Edmonton, Canada

Edmonton, Canada – It is an emerging star when it comes to being home to worlds best Pizzerias. Sme of the best joints to savor Pizza here are Tony’s Pizza Palace, Packrat Louie, and Rose Bowl. Another great place is Canadian Pizza chain, Famosa. Apart from Pizza, this city also has a vibrant culture, and a good night life, which makes it a perfect Pizza destination.

Palermo, Italy

Palermo, Italy – Pizzas over here also come with square or rectangular shape. Ever fancied Pizzas in all shapes and sizes, it is here where your fancies will meet reality. This city is also famous for its beaches, so its double the reason on why you should visit here. Some of the best places to savor pizza over here are ‘Frida’ and ‘Perciasacchi’. This Italian beauty won’t disappoint you.

Chicago, United States

Chicago, USA – It is where you will find the Deep Dish Pizza. There are plethora of food joints in Chicago that offer thin crust pizza, though many locals also prefer the stuffed or pan pizza. One of the historic Pizzerias of Chicago is Pizzeria Uno which have been serving pizzas since 1943. IT is also said about this place, that they still use the same stove as from the beginning.

Orlando, Florida

Orlando, Florida – This place has a predominant Italian style of Pizza cooking, so you get to have the authentic taste of the dish from a place where it was born. Some of the best places to savor pizza over here are Via Napoli and Prato, who cook in the Naples style. Most of the Pizzerias over here use the wood fire oven which eventually gives a smoky taste to the dish.

New York City, United States

New York City, USA – This place literally has thousands of Pizzerias, and on any ideal summer day you might hear the New Yorkers debating about their favorite Pizzeria. The shape of New York pizza has been triangle, crispy cheesy slice. Some of the best places to savor Pizza in New York City are ‘Brothers’, ‘Denino’, ‘Di Fara’ and ‘Lombardi’s’.

Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy – The city of love is a great destination to fulfill your love for Pizza. Here artisanal bakers are coming up with best quality ingredients, and interesting dough making techniques. They have raised the bars for craft pizza, which can bring delight to you along with a glass of wine. Some of the best places to savor pizza over here are ‘Rossopomodoro’ and ‘Gino’s Pizzeria’.

Los Angeles, United States

Los Angeles, USA – It is not just popular for Hollywood, and being the destination for best flicks in the world. Los Angeles is also home to wood fired pizzas that come with an authentic promise of Italian taste. Some of the best places in LA to savor a good cooked pizzas are Pizzeria Mozza and Gjelina. It is in Los Angeles that you will find some hand crafted ethos for making Pizza.

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