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Travel tips for Introverts

Travel tips for Introverts

Travelling always isn’t about talking around with new people, or hitting the local club with bunch of new made friends. If it was so, travelling would have been an extrovert sports. But travelling is also about little quality time by all your own, escaping the daily chores, experiencing new cultures, and observing varied lifestyles. It is a very common misconception amidst people that introverts have social anxiety, and they are shy. No its not. Introverts tend to tire easily even in small conversation, and little time alone makes them gain back the energy. They too like interacting with people alike extroverts. To make travelling life of introverts little easy here are some tips.

Go Solo – Being introvert doesn’t means isolation, it is just that an introvert person is capable of being happy and find happiness on his own. An introvert person if travelling in group will always find a little difficult to keep pace with other people and their conversations too, both physically and mentally. The best trip of an introvert will be a solo one.

Carry on easily – Introvert travellers are most likely to travel solo. In such a case you should pay extra attention to what you are packing. Pack very light, and only the essentials. Travelling with two to three luggage pieces will only attract unwanted attention, and it will be hard for you to move from one place to another or one hotel to another.

Group Tours – We know that you are introvert and this might already be sounding alarming. As we know human interaction is vital to a good travel, and activities like Walking tours or city bus tour can put you in group of people with least conversation where guide does all the talking, while you get a human touch to it and your experience becomes pleasant.

Common Phrases – You are never obligated to talk to anyone on your trips. But still a nice human has ways of sending that message across. So it’s better to learn how to say, ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘please’, ‘thank you’, and ‘pardon me’ in that foreign language. It will keep your communication clear and off the bay of too much talk or too much people. We bet it is very useful.

Without directly saying a No – Travelling brings in lots of unexpected situations, and you got to be ready for them. One being there will always be people attracted to you to start a conversation. But you are not interested, so instead of being rude and shutting their face, get busy with your mobile phones, or put up headphones or sunglasses, or bury your face in a book.

Travel tips for Introverts - A Travel Journal

A Travel Journal – Grownups would find it as silly as scrapbook, but it’s an immersive activity especially quite helpful to introverts. Introverts usually generate hurricanes of thoughts and emotions by the day ends. A travel journal can work well to download it on paper. It will also serve as a memoir to remember and can also serve as a reference for future travels.

Offline – Introverts are little more immersive than extroverts, and they also tend to see the finer aspects and every detail along with what they observe. The best way to experience local culture or read a new book, or enjoy watching people in open spaces is to get offline and disconnect from Instagram, twitter and what not. It goes a long way, and is more rewarding than we think.

Hotels Please – Bread and Breakfasts, Couch sharing, and Airbnb’s can be pretty tempting, but it is only the hotels where an introvert can get some peace. Trust me, you will rather find annoying in a person trying to constantly ask you questions about your life you don’t want to answer. Hotels are also good because you will get to efficiently charge yourself up with a good night’s sleep.

Treat yourself with a retreat – The bestest thing about them is, they mostly are in exotic locations, on an island, or on a hill, or in between a jungle, and away from bustling of the city. Visit the one you want, a wellness retreat, yoga retreat, writing retreat, or a culinary retreat. It will keep you occupied, and give you ample time to mediate and be with yourself. Plus they are fun too.

Easy meal – Finding a local special spot for having dinner can most of times be overwhelming for introverts, because it includes discussion with lots of people, and ends up in a crammed place where seats are shared amidst lots of chit chatter. Instead order your dinner from room service, or better check the internet for these local joints and opt for home delivery, if your hotel allows so.

Travel tips for Introverts - Food delivered to doorstep

Quiet a destination – For an introvert visiting Las Vegas or Ibiza can be a bad idea. Staying up late nights, crawling from one club to another, sharing drinks, hitting the dance floor, and most awfully be surrounded by immensely loud music, is not an Introverts cup of drink. Instead visit Maldives, New Zealand, or any quiet place that gives you quality time with yourself.

Not the ever afters – You are an introvert, and you like staying with yourself, this doesn’t means that you would never ever get along with people or talk to them, even though you have planned like that for a trip. You could be getting bored or craving for that gossip, then get out of your skin and talk with people. Never bound yourself with thought that I don’t do this normally or I’ll look stupid.

So much of who we are is where we have been!


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