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Tips for an all girls trip

Tips for an all girls trip

Travelling is one of the activities that we all want to do with our friends. Yes taking a trip with family can at times get boring. We all want to have fun, make crazy poses for cameras, and do things we have always wanted to. Girls are no exception. Only that they would for sure do some shopping no matter where they are!

So if you are heading for an all girls trip then we have some tips for you, to make this all girls trip a memorable one for your entire lifetime.

1 – Always remember and make a note of why you are even going on this trip. It could be to celebrate something, or to just hit the beaches, or to take some time off. Not just that, you also need to ensure that all of your girl gang are on the same page, to enjoy to the fullest.

2 – Make sure that all the girls heading out are the right pick, or in simple words say they get along well with each other. Of course someone in your gang is going to sassy, someone is going to be rude, someone is going to annoying, and like that. But you got to ensure that each one of them has an understanding with all the other girls, to avoid any disruptions or fights during the trip.

3 – We all keep making new friends, yes that is the truth of life. But you have to ensure that this girl gang heading out doesn’t has a new entrant. This will be best for the new entrant who will have to catch up with the customs of the gang without even knowing them fully. Plus you would not want someone in the trip to be feeling bored and out casted.

4 – Making all the plans by a single member is sheer cruelty. Yes divide the responsibilities amongst your gang. Someone should be responsible for book keeping, someone for negotiations, someone for clicking awesome pictures, and like that.

5 – Keep a universal dress code for the trip and the all the itinerary. Yes girls like to over dress, in order to be the centre of attraction, but you got to avoid that so other girls do not feel bad for their lazy casual outfits. Make sure every one is on the same page.

6 – Budget planning is necessary for all trips. So plan a budget and avoid the situation where anyone has to pay above than the rest, or pay below than the rest. Budget should be made in such a way that every one feels equal and comfortable spending the amount.

7 – You will have all the time in the world to go shopping, and do spa treatments, but while on the trip try to make use of time when everyone is together. Yes, if everyone is together then going shopping is also not a bad idea. The point is to have fun together.

8 – Creating a WhatsApp group is always a good idea. It is where you can keep in constant touch with your gang even if you are staying in separate rooms in the hotel. You can share here the pictures of the dresses you are going to wear, or you can ask your girls to have a walk in night if you are feeling bored.

9 – Most of the things that we do in life are to keep ourselves happy. On a girls trip always remember to do a couple of things that could make your other girls happy. It could be as simple as ordering their favorite ice cream flavor.

10 – Always follow the consensus. Yes we all make our own choices, but when we are in a group of people then we also got to value their opinion. The simplest way of deciding small things could be done by a vote. Whichever option has the majority, go with it, and don’t moan about it.

11 – Most of the time we do our packing for trips like if we are not going to need anybody else! But a good trip is also requires a light packing list. Yes coordinate with your girls, and you might save some space in your luggage. Like not everyone needs to carry a camera and a laptop, just stick to essentials and share.

12 – Best way to have fun while you are travelling is by being spontaneous. Yes make quick decisions, be quirky, and be out of the box. For example if you are visiting a city for a day with full planned itinerary, but by arriving there you find there much better and more fun places than them. Then make a move make a decision, take a vote and just go for it.

13 – Before you go on an all girls trip, one of the most important thing you got to decide is your stand about hitting on boys. Yes be clear with that, if you are going to indulge in such things. Better would be to just enjoy your gang, and leave that to a possibility.

14 – Every trip ever made in this world has not been perfect. Yes there are going to be screw ups, there are going to be disappointments, there are going to be mistakes. Since the trip is planned by everyone, so someone has to be the bad guy. Do not let that happen. Do not play the blame game, and ruin the trip. Keep an open mind and be open to screw ups.

15 – If you are going to some popular tourist destination, then we recommend that you hire a private car, instead of depending on taxis. They are easily available in such places. It will give you flexibility, privacy, sense of safety and a room to even have more fun.

16 – Last but not the least, make your Instagram ready for some great pictures. We assume that you have given ample amount of attention on clicking awesome pictures of your girl gang. So posting them on social media, tagging all your friends and using a hashtag that you all have decided is a must do. Make the world know how much fun you had while going on this trip.

Go Girls!


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