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Best places to visit in Brazil

Best places to visit in Brazil

The largest country in Brazil, blessed with white sands, mega sized rainforests, monolithic metropolis, charming colonial towns, fairy tale waterfalls, and rocked up canyons. With diverse and all exclusive wildlife, it’s only in Brazil you can spot toucans, scarlet macaws, howler monkeys, capybara, pink dolphins, and sea turtles. Brazil beholds lots of adventure sports from whale-watching to surfing to snorkelling. This is the country that has given us the most joyous festival of the world. From samba club to Niemeyer’s architecture, Brazil is a traveller’s delight. Here we are with best places to visit while in Brazil.

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro – This city is known for natural beauty, golden beaches, and unbeatable spirit. It is the most visited city of South America, and situated on one of world’s largest harbour. Best experiences in here include, views from Sugarloaf Mountain, catching up with Cariocas on Ipanema, and dancing in the cradle of samba. Top attractions in here include beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana, Christ the Redeemer, Guanabara Bay, and Tijuca National Park. Quarter of Santa Teresa, neighbourhood of Leblon, and number of samba schools add further beauty to this place.

Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo – The largest city in Brazil and one of largest in world by population. This huge metropolis is known for its skyscrapers, gastronomy and culture. Top attraction in here is Vila Madalena that is made up of cafés, boutiques, galleries, with buzzing nightlife and bohemian at heart. Other top attractions include Ibirapuera Park studded with Oscar Niemeyer designed buildings, and art exhibitions at Museu de Arte de. Your evenings will be made by hanging out in botecos (local bars).


Salvador – It is a historic city with sunbathed beaches, all exclusive culture, and grounds to larger than life Brazilian carnivals. Also the colonial architecture, Bahian food, colourful culture adds tinge to this city. The old town Pelourinho a UNESCO world heritage site, cobblestoned streets, the churches, colourful buildings, and live music around will be the highlight of your day. MuseuNáutico da Bahia is worth visit museum, and top beaches are Porto de Barra, Flamengo and Stella Maris.


Brasília –It is one of the UNESCO world heritage site, and designed in the shape of an airplane. There are different districts belonging to govt., commercial, residential and cultural. One of the top attractions in here includesThree Powers Square that consist of Presidential Palace, Congress and Supreme Court. Other important buildings include Brasilia Cathedral and Cultural Complex of the Republic, and Itamaraty Palace.


Fortaleza – This picturesque metropolis is great place to start off with fun, walk along beaches, admire the marvellous architecture, andgo binge shopping. The urban beaches, Praia de Iracema and Meireles are perfected for gastronomical scene, while Praia do Futuro is popular for barracas, and the beach culture. Top attractions in here include Centro and Cocó Ecological Park for exquisite flora n fauna. You can also visit fishing villages on Ceará coast.


Manaus – It is a popular traveller’s hot spot, due to being gateway into Amazon rainforests. Placed in the heart of Amazon, it is still home to large buildings, inquisitivemuseums, old churches, green parks, and open squares. Top attraction in here is the opera house Teatro Amazonas who architecture if not music will change your likeness. This is the best to go on Amazonian cruise on rivers Rio Negro and Solimoes. Other must see are Rio Negro Palace and Meeting of the Waters.


Recife – It is also popular as ‘Venice of Brazil’ due to waterways, rivers, bridges, and islands. It has gained popularity due to historic old town, beaches and distinct culture. The old town in here still has those Dutch colonial buildings with eye candy architecture. The best beach in here to visit is Boa Viagem with all those attractive bars, nightclubs, and restaurants. It also is traveller’s favourite for it has white sands, clear water and coral reef.


Curitiba – Lovers of urban planning will feel like home in here. The city has tackled to a great extent with homelessness, pollution and poverty. Green spaces and good infrastructure will freshen you up for sure. You will love the open air food markets, not found everywhere. Top attractions in here include Oscar Niemeyer Museum, Wire Opera House, Tingui Park, and Botanical Garden of Curitiba. This must be your stop if you want to see Brazil at its best.

Foz do Iguacu

Foz do Iguacu – It is nature at its best, with serial waterfall on Iguazu River. They will take a little time for visit and whole lots of breaths. Surrounded by exotic forests and wildlife, the backdrop to this is perfected by nature. The best cascade of waterfall is the devil’s throat, where most of them gather. You will also love the rubber boat ride that is your window to be closer to it. The other top attractions of this place include ItaipuBinacional and Parque das Aves.


Olinda – Located in close proximity to Recife, this is another must visit. It is best preserved colonial cities of Brazil with picturesque green hills in backdrop. City boasts of colonial churches, colourful houses, and lots of yummy restaurants. The city also has huge number of art galleries, and artisan workshops. This city hosts its own carnival that differs from Rio De Janerio, and is worth dropping by. This city is best enjoyed with surrounding music and dance.

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