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What you can and can’t steal from your Hotel Room

What you can and can't steal from your Hotel Room

For most of us, especially the Millennials living in hotels are their fairy days, not exactly because we are too old for Disney, but we also neither have time nor outlook for that. With those walls with hanging arts, or a mahogany made coffee table at corner, a towel that feels like cruelty free fur, or maybe mini bar that has all fancy drinks from James Bond Movie. But wait, it doesn’t mean it’s yours to take back home, though some might be. But eventually you don’t want to be that runaway bride with people looking for you. So here we are with list of what to take and what not to.


Those little bottles exactly aren’t very magical but can enchant the strongest of people. After all they are so cute, easy to carry, and not seen in everyday life. The good news is that you can slip them in your bag, and hotels won’t mind it. You can have your moment of joy.


Time to game up. These are little larger bottles and contain that spa standard liquid which keep your hair fluffy all day. Chances are you use a better version of it back home. But it is simply alluring to have a little free stock. Good news is, go ahead, and slip it in.


Oh yes, you can slip away with the slippers. Also if you want you can walk wearing them while you checkout. They are use and throw, and hotels won’t mind a dime. In fact they are there to insert a clean layer between you and dirtiest part of hotels the carpet.


High end hotels will have them, as they expect their customers not to carry one while travelling. They are branded and hotels won’t mind a free promotion. If the weather has gone bad and you are also checking out, you might also ask upfront to carry a piece of umbrella. Yes!


It stands true to its meaning. Yes that is complimentary and for you to take it away. This could include a bottle of Champagne you received but didn’t get the time to finish, or it might be dry cleaning bag, or a gift hotel staff gave you on your birthday during your stay. All yours!


Hotels will have that thick and great quality paper pads and pens with visible and distinguished branding. Trust me, these items are there for you to take away. But not slide in a drawer but use as much as you can. It will promote their hotel. This too, all yours!

What you can and can't steal from your Hotel Room

Bedsheets and Towels

Yes they all are angelic white, looking like they have descended from heaven. But trust me, after they have gone through hell (That is while you use it), they are meant to go back to laundry room and descend again from, heaven. You can’t disrupt this process!


We are often not used to be surrounded with lots of pillows. High end hotels will have ones for sleeping, ones for couch, ones for lap, or ones as footrest. If you don’t know what they are for, don’t assume they are extras to take away. It usually happens, but shouldn’t.


If you don’t have a wide screen LED at your home, it doesn’t mean you will unmount the one in your hotel room and smuggle it out some way. Trust me, there could be serious consequences, and there nothing as such fun about it. So it’s a big no.

Hair Dryers

These are probably one of the most portable and of high use items that can allure the customers. No matter how big the hotel is, how much you are paying them for a night, stealing a hair dryer will always drill a little hole in their balance sheet. So it’s a big No!


Yes they make us feel kingly. But the question is, do we have to be a petty thief and take this back home. Well most of us think, it’s okay to do so and they get away with it too living a clean life. But again this is a No. This item is reused and you can’t bring it back home.

Hangers, Bottles, Mugs

People, you are not in a hotel to celebrate Christmas. Yes these are not gifts meant for you, they are there to be used, and kept back in their place. Rather than facing an embarrassing situation of being caught, it’s better that you refrain from such takeaways.

The final advise is, if so ever you take away things from hotels that you are not supposed to. You might have an invoice knocking at your door few days later, or it might also be Police. If nobody shows up, probably hotels must have simply blacklisted you from their database!

Don’t be afraid to steal, just steal the right stuff!


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