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Best places to visit in Greece

Best places to visit in Greece

Land of gods before world got know about Jesus Christ. Well, being adobe of Zeus, Poseidon, Apollo, and many more, the place is obviously a heaven for travellers, till this date. With whitewashed villages, historical sites, endless beaches, tantalizing cuisines, warm atmosphere, bustling nightlife, celebrating culture, and islands you will fail to count. The best part being Greece is surprisingly affordable in comparison to its other European counterparts. So here we are to help you visit the best places in Greece, and ensure you don’t miss the best ones.


Athens – The birthplace of democracy will only make you speak on how beautiful it is. It boasts of whole lot of distinctive Greek Culture and sites like Parthenon and the Temple of Zeus. The shadows of Acropolis keep the city in splendid shade. The cobbled streets, handicraft shops and restaurants make it fine place to drop by. Airbnb is whole matured at Athens. The Goulandris Museum is stuffed with works of Picasso, Matisse, and Chagall. Serious travellers will love the National Archaeological Museum. Then you have temple of Erechtheum, Hephaestus, and Parthenon. You will love it here.


Santorini – It’s a shame if you miss Santorini while on a holiday to Greece. One of the favourite child’s of Instagram. This is the city from dreams, or fairy tales, almost whitewashed giving a unique appeal. The little houses, narrow pathways, sober domes, aqua blue waters, serene sunsets, refreshing sunrise, and what else do you want. Well if its food, then try here one of the finest open air restaurants. Serious travellers will love historic monasteries, churches, cathedrals, monuments.


Mykonos – It is another whitewashed town of Greece that will stun you and be a fair affair. The blue skies, sandy beaches, white buildings, aqua blue waters, lively nightlife, para sailing, horse riding, surfing and loving your life always, make this island no less than a wonder. The windmills of this town are worth the sights. You will not want to miss the crabmeats cuisines in here. The Matoyianni Street, Aegean Maritime Museum, Rarity Gallery, will be other highlights of your days.


Delphi – History buffs will love this once a religious centre. It might be in ruins, but the glory stands to this date having borne the lashes of ages. The complex includes Temple of Apollo, Athena Priene, theatre and an ancient stadium. We bet that history fanatics will still hear the echoes of Oracle’s words. It might not have much to explore, but is an important stop and day drive from Athens.


Crete – This place is distinctly varied, with coastlines, mountains, and lush greenery. Must we mention, Crete is the largest island in Greece. You will not want to miss the Elafonissi Beach, Balos Lagoon, Heraklion Archaeological Museum, Samaria Gorge National Park, Monastery of Arkadi, and Palace of Knossos. With that much around, you will have to catch up with time. Might not be the best places around the world, but in Greece it’s a must stop.


Corfu – Lots of culture, rugged mountains, awe inspiring beaches that will make you fall over and over that pile of sands. You would not want to miss the Gorge at Agni Bay, Cape Drastis, Vlacherna Monastery, old fort of Corfu, and the bustling nightlife in here. The place is studded with Byzantine churches, remains of Greek temples and venetian fortress. There one thing peculiar you’ll love is bathe in mineral mud of Canal D Amour.


Patmos – Built around a monastery dedicated to St. John the Theologian who is believed to have written book on revelation of the island. It also hosts an International Film Festival, Music Festival and turns into a great place to visit. The Lambi and Psili Ammos beaches are highlights of this island. Over recent times this place also has gained traction thru water sports that will add fun to your itinerary. You will also not want to miss the islands of Arkoi and Marathi.


Hydra – It will take you back in time, and never you’ll feel Greece looks bad when old. The architecture and historic villas are everything you’d expect a classical town to be. It’s a car free zone, but you will find some honking donkeys. The rooftops, and the flowered courtyards will make you feel stay in this place till your last breath. Contemporary arts gets displayed in here year after year, and it also gets better day by day. The best part being it is short trip from Athens.


Nisyros – Located on a volcano, this place has attracted artists over the years. Here too you will find trademarked whitewashed Greek houses, delightful not shady alleys, thermal spring, Venetian castle, and art exhibition. You can also indulge in experiences such as painting, ceramic-making and cyanotype to traditional Nisyranembroidery that will contemplate your trip with little learning. History buffs are going to like the Aegean’s defensive fortifications in here.


Parga – The views from Parga castle are worth visit this place. This picturesque place has little boutique hotels, lots of seafood, beaches covered with towels around waists that will woo you away. Temple of necromancy is another place you won’t want to miss. Surprisingly in spring this place becomes a destination for Boating and even rafting. This might not too much, but the little joy in peace you will get here is matchless.

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