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Everything you need to know about Priority Pass

Everything you need to know about Priority Pass

Airports can be chaotic at times. Long check in lines, long wait hours, constant noises of trolley bags being dragged, and everybody looking at everybody! Yes that is not what not your time deserves, especially after a long tiring flight, or before boarding a flight to someplace important to be only exhausted by being at the airport.

To topple everything if you are a frequent flyer then you got to change something about it. The change involves resorting to the airport lounges during these long flights. To help you with that,. There is Priority Pass memberships which can give you access to lounges at all major airports.

In this blog we are going to talk about Priority Pass, so you don’t have to fret every time you fly.

What is Priority Pass?

Priority Pass is a membership that provides access to network of airport lounges and restaurants all across the world. It doesn’t matters which airline you are flying with or what class of seat do you have if you are a member of Priority Pass.

Priority Pass has been running for over past 30 years. In its span of operations it has created a very strong network of airport lounges and restaurants. It grown over  all the geographies of the world, and the current numbers of its network are as listed below.

It has more than 150 locations in Canada and North America.

It has more than 150 locations in South America.

It has more than 370 locations in Europe.

It has more than 90 locations in Africa.

It has more than 70 locations in Middle East.

It has more than 440 locations in Asia Pacific.

Across more than 148 countries where Priority Pass exists it offers great food and beverage access, even the WiFi support, and at some lounges it also offers meeting rooms for businessmen and spa treatments for those who seek. The major difference between Priority Pass and other lounge access program is that in Priority Pass you can fly any airline or any class.

How to get Priority Pass Membership?

There are two ways of obtaining Priority Pass Membership. One is by purchasing the membership of the network, which can be directly done through the app of Priority Pass and the other is through a benefit of Priority Pass membership that you get through various luxury travel credit cards. Let us now explain you both the routes separately.

Purchase of Priority Pass Membership – This can be done through directly from the website of Priority Pass or through the mobile application of Priority Pass which is available on both Google Play Store and Apple Store. The membership is divided into three tiers, named, Standard, Standard Plus, and Prestige. Let us now explain you the cost associated with each category.

Cost of standard Membership is 99 Dollars per year. Plus for every visit you got to pay 35 Dollars, and you also need to pay additional 35 Dollars for every non member guest with you.

Cost of Standard Plus membership is 329 Dollars per year. It includes 10 visits, and after that every member needs to pay 35 Dollars for every visit.

Cost of Prestige Membership is 469 Dollars per year. It includes all visits, but the guest visitors still need to pay 35 dollars for every visit.

Priority Pass Memberships through Credit Cards – This type of membership is offered by selected credit cards, and you get the Priority Pass membership for free. This membership is also called as Priority Pass Select. All of such membership will least include 10 free visits, while some of the credit card companies might allow you unlimited visits too. Some will allow two guests to tag with you for free, for some instances, while with others you might have to pay for every additional guest. For details what benefits you are going to be entitled with, you need to check with credit card companies.

Also note that before accessing Priority Pass lounges as your credit card benefit you also got to activate the membership with Priority Pass. You need to apply for it and it should be done prior to your travel, as the application and activation process might take a week or so.

What does Priority Pass offers?

Priority Pass is a membership to the independently run network of airport lounges. You will get comfortable seating, waiting areas, food and beverages, and where it is available, even sleeping areas and place to shower.

Lounges – Priority Pass has access to more than 600 airport lounges worldwide. They do not belong to Priority Pass but are collaborated with them. The facilities in these lounges can vary from airport to airport. Some might include a place for a quick coffee, while others might all fully stocked bars and a kitchen to serve you food. The details about what facilities you can avail at different airports is easily accessible to members on the website or mobile application of the Priority Pass.

Restaurants and Minute Suites – While not all airports will provide you access to Lounges, but Priority Pass can give you vouchers and discounts at selected restaurants in the airport. You need to check the website and app for that. In some airports it could also get you a good deal for spa treatments, and even stay in one of their minute suites for resting or a quick shower.

How to access Priority Pass Lounges?

Once you get the membership you also get a membership card, that you need to show to the agent at the lounge before entering. You can also do this process by showing them the digital copy of your membership card, that could be stored on your mobile application.

You also got to note that there could be some rules while checking in these lounges, as after all they are not operated by Priority Pass but by independent business people. They might have time restrictions for Priority Pass members, like denial to entry in peak hours, or the stay can only be stretched to maximum of couple of hours, or denial to entry is Lounge is fully occupied, things like that. You got to check these terms of the lounge before visiting.

How to make most of Priority Pass Membership?

While booking your flights check for the airports that have priority pass lounges, check the flight times and see if they lie around the time as permitted by the lounge. Check if the facilities you are looking for are available in that lounge or not. Check if the lounge permits bringing along guests’ if you are not travelling alone.

You can also choose to arrive early at the airport in order to avail these benefits, but be sure to check the terms of lounge you are visiting on how long before the flight they can accommodate you.

Instead of dining in the flight which might cost you much more, dine beforehand at the restaurants that are collaborated with Priority Pass membership, and you will get discounts and deals you can cherish.

Is Priority Pass worth it?

If you are getting Priority Pass as an additional benefit from your credit card, then should always activate the Priority Pass membership as there is no harm in getting some privileged treatment at airports at no additional cost. You should definitely go for it, and you will see that you made a good choice every time you are going to fly and rest in these luxury lounges.

However if you are planning to purchase a Priority Pass membership then you should do that in case if you are a frequent flyer, yes if airports are your second home then trust us you do need access to airport lounges. Though we understand that after paying if you are not allowed access in lounges due to full capacity or some other reason, it could be frustrating. But overall it’s a good choice for frequent flyers.

But if you are a occasional traveler then we will suggest that you take one day pass for these airport lounges, as you will never be able to make full use of the Priority Pass membership.

Comfort in travel is also a priority!


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