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Top things to do in Bengaluru

Top things to do in Bengaluru

Popularly known as the silicon valley of India, it is also called as the Garden City. In the light flashing speed of life in this city, there also is distinguishable culture, charm of old world, world class museums, and place to lay back. Bangalore is also often referred to Pub Capital of India, and there is nothing to wonder how good the night life is in here. The capital city of Karnataka, also offers great gastronomic experience with simple but yet delicious south Indian cuisines. This city boasts of having best minds of the country that also are welcoming to travellers. The city is blessed with pleasant climate, with pretty showers happening now and then. From Victorian Era Architecture to quaint cafes to craft beer joints, this city holds the poles apart. Here are top things to do.

Bangalore Palace – Built in Tudor style of architecture, design inspired from Windsor castle, it is one of most iconic spot of the city. It has Gothic styled stained windows, Victorian style furniture, fortified towers, and paintings of Raja Ravi Verma. It also hosts music concerts, and exhibitions.

Tipu Sultan Summer Palace – Also known as Rash e Jannat (Envy of Heavens), this one is perfect example of Indo Islamic Architecture. Edifice of palace is built of teak wood, with ornamental frescoes, and is adorned with pillars and arches. The palace also has a Ganpathi temple within.

ISKON Temple – It is one of largest ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness) temples. It has four Gopurams (towers), beautiful idols of Sri RadhaKrishna, and is decorated with paintings on life Lord Krishna. It also has a Vedic theatre, Vedic Museum, and refreshing garden.

Lalbagh Botanical Garden – Originally built as a Mughal styled garden, it now is home to more than 1900 species of plants. It also is photographers delight with such rich flora. Must see in here are majestic glasshouse and Lal bagh rock. It also hosts biannual flower festivals exhibiting its colours.

National Gallery of Modern Art – Only the third of its kind in India, it’s must visit for art lovers. Housed in a colonial mansion it is home to more than 14000 pieces of art including that of Amrita Shergil, Raja Ravi Verma, and Rabindranath Tagore. It also has an auditorium, café, and library.

Government Museum – It is more of an archaeological and geological museum, and one of oldest in India. Housed in a colonial building, it houses Neolithic pottery, jewellery, coins and paintings, artefacts from Halebid andHampi. Within complex also is Venkatappa Art Gallery, another must see.

Visvesvaraya Museum – This science interactive museum covers everything from mechanical devices to electronics to old-world locomotives, outer space to human body. It houses Wright Brothers’ Kitty Hawk and flying Stimulator. It also has a food court, planetarium and 3D theatre.

Cubbon Park – It is the lung of city, with vast green space, well cut walkways, flowering and ornamental trees, aquarium and a play area for kids. This spot is perfect for a laid back day. Locals come here to immerse in walking, jogging or cycling. It dates back from the British colonial times.

Ulsoor Lake – Blessed with lush greenery, and many islands, this is perfect getaway for an evening cruise. It offers many walking trails, and boating facilities. During Ganesh Utsav this place attracts lots of attention. It also has city’s largest Sikh Gurudwara besides it, which also is a must see.

Karnataka ChitrakalaParishath – This spot is for visual arts lovers. It has 5 galleries and 13 museums, exhibiting Indian and international modern, contemporary, traditional, folk and tribal art. It also houses Mysore style and folk paintings. It also offers a short course on painting, you can take.

Bannerghatta National Park – It houses more than 101 different species is your window to wildlife in the city. It is home to ten forest reserves, a butterfly park, zoo, Snake Park, aquarium, a children’s park, a museum, Crocodile n elephant sanctuary and safari park. It is a must visit for families.

Nandi Hills – Located on an offbeat path off the Bangalore Airport, it is one of the top spots where city folks escape for weekends for breath taking views, and to immerse in nature’s beauty. On top of this 5000 feet hill there is a Yoga Nandeeshwara temple with statue of Nandi which too is must see.

Wonderla – This is for family fun. It is one of country’s best amusement parks. It features more than 60 rides, both land and water ones. Other attractions in here include musical fountains, laser shows and a virtual reality show. Rain disco is another highlight which is a blend of showers and laser lights.

KR Market – Situated in heart of Bangalore this where you will get to see the hustle of city. Here you will get to buy wares including copper goods, spices, fruits, fresh produces, and utensils. The flower market in the middle of it is the highlight of this market. Guided tour of market is recommended.

AttaraKacheri – This red sand stone building is the perfect reminder of the good old times city has seen. It is built in Indo Saracenic and Dravidianstyle of architecture.Another spot similar to this to see is Vidhan Sabha.Public is not allowed inside, but this place all the worth for photo buggers.

So much of who we are is where we have been!


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