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Top things to do in Ahmedabad

Top things to do in Ahmedabad

It is one of the most important cities of Western India. Ahmedabad or also called as Amdavad, is also a UNESCO Urban World heritage site. It has both the charm of old world in form of Mughal heritage, and is also a sprawling metropolitan. From lip smacking street food to niche museums to architectural marvels to centuries old mosques n temples, this city fulfils the promise of keeping you occupied. At times you will feel overwhelmed in the city of Ahmedabad. The old city which is on the eastern side of Sabarmati River, and the new city which is on the western side of River, both offer an unique experience and are best of their times. The city is also popular for its regional cuisines that are most vegetarian, but as good as it could get. Here are top things to do.

Sabarmati Ashram – It was the adobe of Mahatma Gandhi during the Freedom movement of India. In here you can find his belongings like books, eyeglasses, slippers and letters. Then there are kitchen, bedroom, charkha, writing desks and HridayKunj where he lived with his wife Kasturba.

Auto World Vintage Car Museum – It is one of the biggest and best Automobile museum in India. It houses more than 115 vintage cars from Rolls Royce, Mercedes, Cadillac, Packard, Lincoln, Maybach, and Lancia. It also offers the opportunity to drive them, sounds exciting, with a nominal extra fee.

Jama Masjid – Built in 15th century by Ahmed Shah, it was once the largest mosque in the sub continent. Built in yellow sands stone, it is also an architectural marvel with detailed carvings on the minaret, and perforated stonework. Best time to visit is evenings and walk around vast courtyards.

Calico Museum of Textiles – Housed in a beautiful Gujarati Haveli with fine architecture and ornate wood work, this one is a premier museum showcasing history of textiles in India with some dating 500 years old. There are rich woven fabrics from Mughal times, and handicrafts from regional parts.

Kankaria Lake – It is the biggest lake in city, and perfect spot for kids and family. There are toy trains, water rides, balloon rides, gardens to stroll in, a mirror maze where getting lost is also fun. There are many food stalls for quick bite and amusement parks for kids. It also has a Kankaria Zoo close to it.

Manek Chowk – This is the spot to visit in night when hunger strikes. It offers some of the best street food in the city, including desserts, ice creams, sandwiches, and even pavbhaji, malairabdis and pudla. This market area is also popular for plethora of jewellery shops and vegetable market.

Kite Museum – It is the second only of its kind museums in world. It is home to more than 125 varieties of kites including Japanese kites, mirror work kites, Radha-Krishna kites, block-style kites, and Garba kites. It is housed within Ahmedabad city museum, and is bound to take you back in time.

Ahmed Shah’s Mosque – Also known by the name of Shahi Jam-e-Masjid and JuniJuma Masjid, built in 15th century it is considered to be oldest mosque of the city. It is believed that this was the private mosque of the royals and noblemen. It is architectural delight with beautiful serene surroundings.

Hathisingh Jain Temple – Built in 19th century, dedicated to Dharmanath, the 15th Tirthankar of Jains, it is a two storeyed white marble architecture with beautifully carved walls. The paved courtyard of temple has 52 cubicles dedicated to different Tirthankar of Jains. It is a must visit.

Akshardham Temple – It is a 10 storeyed architectural masterpiece built of 6,000 tonnes of pink sandstones. It has 93 sculptured pillars without any use of iron rods in making. It also hosts Light, music and audio animatronic shows. The complex also houses herbal garden, a lake and a waterfall.

Sunset Drive-In Cinema – It has the largest screen in Asia and is one of its kind experience in the city. This drive in cinema can accommodate close to 665 cars at a time and restaurants in the complex offer a good variety of food. It hosts shows only in evening. It shows latest movies and is must visit.

Bhadra Fort – It was built in the 15th century at time of inception of the city. The fort houses beautiful mosques, royal palaces, gates and open spaces.It is the cultural centre of the city. Wirthin the complex is MaidanShahi now a marketplace, where royal processions & polo games took place.

JhultaMinara – This is one of the most touristy spots of the city. Built by master craftsmen, it is still a mystery to modern folks. It is also known as Shaking Minaret, because when one minaret is shaken, the other one also shows vibrations. The intricate carvings are also architectural marvel.

Science City – Set up by the Government of Gujarat in 1960, it was built to spread awareness about progression of Science. In here there are IMAX 3D Theatre, exhibition hall, amphitheatre, Hall of Space, Hall of Science, and many thrill rides that have captivated interest of previous visitors.

Law Garden – This is the spot where you will get to calm your shopping urge. In the markets of Law Garden you get to buy regional handicrafts, and colourful Gujarati outfits. It is best place to buy some souvenirs. However you need to have some bargaining skills, if you’re looking for good deals.

Little by little, one travels far!


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