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Top things to do in Kolkata

Top Things to do in Kolkata

Also known as City of Joy, Kolkata has a significant place when it comes to arts, cultures, cinema, and literature. This city is also an absolute gastronomic delight, as one cannot just escape the all popular Roshugllas of Kolkata. The city also has historic importance, dating back to British Times when the city was crucial to the British Raj. Still while travelling the city, one can feel the colonial touch that hasn’t been lost yet. When it comes to the commercial front, Kolkata is no behind with being one of the financial hot spots of India. ON a whole, Kolkata has lot to offer, so here we are with some of the best things to do when you are in Kolkata.

Sundarbans – The royal Bengal Tiger is something you wont want to miss. It is also one of the world’s biggest mangrove forests, which holds the biggest population of Royal Bengal Tigers, colorful species of birds, and salt water crocodiles. This place is hugely blessed with flora and fauna, and all the wildlife enthusiast must at least once visit Sundarbans.

Victoria Memorial – It is built from the white Markana Marble, in the Indo Saracenic Revival Architectural Style. It was built in memory of Queen Victoria, to commemorate her 25 years of rule in India. The construction was spearheaded by Lord Curzon, the then viceroy of India. It is now a museum, and hosts many Mughal Era Paintings along with history of British Raj, and many more artifacts.

Howrah Bridge – The most iconic place of Kolkata is built on Hooghly river that connects Kolkata and Howrah. It is built without any use of nuts and bolts, and is one of the world’s longest cantilever bridge. Visiting Howrah Bridge can a little romantic especially in evenings, by the shore of Hooghly river. You can also chose to take a ferry ride to enjoy the scenic views of the bridge.

Mother Teresa’s House – Remembered as a Humanitarian and one of most beloved missionary, Mother Teresa, left a mark on this world with her service to the needy and poor. This is the place where Mother Teresa lived and worked. It now has the belongings of her, along with her tomb, which has been converted into a museum, to take a sneak peek into her life, and ideologies.

Marble Palace – It was built by a Bengali Merchant Raja Rajendra Mullick, whose family still resides there. It was built with 26 different variety of marble and is a 19th century neo classical architectural masterpiece. It boasts of having sculptures of Reuben, and paintings of Van Gogh and Rembrandt. The palace also has a private zoo with rare birds and animals.

Ride a Tram – Kolkata is only one of the few cities of India where Trams still are operational. Hopping on a Tram is a must do for a dainty ride you would never forget. The newer of the trams have TV and Radio as well, while the older ones have rustic historical charm. One can say Trams are the signature style of Kolkata city. Though it is now less used by locals but amongst tourists it is very popular.

Science City – It is one of the biggest and most diverse Science Museums of the world. The objective of Science City was to make learning of science, fun and interesting. It has many sections, like Optical Illusion, or the aquatic world, or the 3D theater. This place entertains people of all ages, be it old or children. If you are travelling Kolkata with family, then this place is must visit.

Eden Gardens – Built in the year of 1864 by General Auckland, it is spread over 50 acres, and has a seating capacity of over 60,000 people, which makes it the world’s second largest cricket stadiums. Though it is a cricket stadium, but historically it has also hosted few football matches. IT would be true to say that this place is pilgrimage of all crocket fans.

Park Street – This street begins from Chowringhee Road (Another popular place to visit) till Park Circus Crossing. It is popular for shopping avenues, 5 star hotels restaurants, pubs and nightclubs. IT is over here you will find jute items, famous Kolkata Sarees, terracotta products, tea and dokra among many others. It is a major hang out place of Kolkata since British times.

Kalighat Temple – Kolkata is popular for its Durga Pujo festival, and Kalighat Temple is one place not to be missed to see the spiritual side of Kolkata. This Hindu temple is built for Goddess Durga’s avatar, goddess Kali. The place can be overt crowded at most of the times, but the kind of faith that people have in Goddess Kali is one thing to witness in this place through their prayers.

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