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Top things to do in Shanghai

Top things to do in Shanghai

Being China’s largest city, it is its showpiece in global landscape. With quirky museums, modern art galleries, some of world’s best dumplings, bustling nightlife, serene temples of Buddha, river side charm, and striking skyline, Shanghai is truly local at heart and globally awakened by mind. The city boasts to have great accessibility symbolized with World’s longest metro. With art deco buildings and world’s second tallest tower, Shanghai is delight to be lost in. With one of the largest shoppers by volume, Shanghai offers wide range of designer, boutique stores to fill in bags of joy. From acrobatics to Chinese opera entertainment here is at peaks. Here are top things to do.

The Bund – It is a waterfront boulevard located on the banks of Huangpuriver. The left side bank consists of distinct European buildings, while the right side bank consists of skyscrapers. While strolling you’ll find locals practicing tai chi and fly kites. This place is an unbeatable photo op.

Longhua Temple – Built in 10th centurythis seven storeyed temple is one of oldest and largest religious site of city. Halls to explore in here areMaitreya Hall, Heavenly King Hall, Grand Hall of the Great Sage, and 14,000 pound bell. The gardens around it are nowLonghua Martyr’s Cemetery.

Jade Buddha Temple – It is popular for two Shakyamuni statues of Lord Buddha in White Jade, of which one is sitting and other reclining. Its grand hall also has three golden Buddha’s. ItsHeavenly King Hall has4 kings surrounding Buddha’s. It also has a veg restaurant serving noodles and tofu.

Yu Garden – Built by Ming Dynasty, it has ponds, rock gardens, bamboo groves, miniature mountain ranges, decorated theatrical stage, little pavilions, and decorative stones. It is also known by the name of Garden of Happiness. Must visit in here is museum of Society of Small Swords rebellion.

French Concession – It was home to French Govt. during their colonial days in Shanghai. It is popular for its cobble stoned and tree lined streets, and unique architecture. It looks mostly the same as it did century ago. It is peaceful area now, with cafés, boutiques, and restaurants lined up all along.

Tianzifang – Formerly a French Concession, this housing neighbourhood is now narrow maze of shopping streets consisting of restaurants, cafes, craft shops, quaint art galleries, street food vendors, and music joints. It has a great nightlife scene. It is also known as SOHO of Shanghai.

Shanghai Disney – It is second Disneyland in China other than Hong Kong. It has two themed hotels, Toy Story Hotel and Shanghai Disneyland Hotel. Amidst others, Tron Roller coaster and Pirates of Caribbean ride is pretty popular. Wishing Star Park and Gardens of Imagination are must see.

People’s Square – It is built on what was once a grand race course. The subway below People’s square is busiest metro station in Shanghai. You’ll find people strolling, practicing Tai Chi, gossiping. In evenings you can also find ballroom dancers. It has many other attractions well within vicinity.

Nanjing Road – This pedestrian friendly street is the shopping paradise of Shanghai. From high end designer stores to malls to departmental stores to smaller shops to even street side vendors, you will get them all. Flooded with neon lights, it also has cinemas, restaurants, street performers to watch.

Oriental Pearl Tower – Located in Pudong Park, this TV and Radio tower is one of most iconic spots in Shanghai. It houses Space Module (Observation deck), revolving restaurant, a shopping mall, Space Hotel with bookings open, a VR Roller Coaster, and Shanghai Municipal History Museum.

Xintiandi – This car free, shopping and dining area is popular for its preservation of old Shikumen (stone gate houses) housing that have been converted into shops and restaurants. In Shanghai such old architecture is pleasant to see. While here you can also visit Shikumen Open House Museum.

Fuxing Park – It is one of the largest open green spaces in Shanghai. It is popular amidst elderly of city. While here you’ll find musicians seeking inspiration, calligraphers striking with brushes, children playing under Wutong trees, adults playing mahjong or chess, or elderly breathing fresh air.

Shanghai Museum – With its distinct architecture, and whooping collection of over 1 Million artefacts, it is a must see spot. It exhibits Ancient Bronze, Calligraphy, Paintings, Ancient Ceramics, Ming and Qing dynasty Furniture, Ancient Sculptures, Coins from diff eras, Seals, and Ancient Jade.

Jin Mao Tower – Its Chinese name translates to Golden Prosperity Building. With whooping 93 stories and an observation deck that offers 360 degree views, this is a delight to visit. The must see views of top floors to bottom from centre of tower looks like straight from a science fiction movie.

Zhujiajiao – This place is the Venice of Shanghai. There are number of waterways, canals, bridges that make this water village charming. A gondola ride in here is must. The hole in the wall shops selling souvenirs are also a unique attraction in here. We suggest visiting this place during weekdays.

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