Home Tips Tips for sleeping in your car while travelling

Tips for sleeping in your car while travelling

Tips for sleeping in your car while travelling

Planning a road trip, but strict with the budget and are planning to make your car your adobe, then you have come to the right place. If you are on driving seat and looking to sleep in your car when the night falls, this the place where you should hop on first.. Decision of sleeping in your car can save you lots of bucks which other wise you would spend on hotels and motels. It also gives a great sense of freedom. Plus sleeping in a car, while on a road trip also is fun and adventurous.. It can keep you safer than you would be living in a tent. It also saves time, and the energy you would put while camping. It is also an experience that you should have as a traveler. So here we are with best tips on sleeping in your car while travelling, and trust us you are going to love the ride like this.

The Loo Break – Sleeping in your car doesn’t means that you wont be able to piss. Of course as you are not in a RV, you are going to need to stop at some Departmental stores or fast food spots. This can be done an hour before going to stop and sleep. You can also choose portable urinal bottles for it.

Space for sleep – Cars these days come with seats that can be moved, and could also be bent down. Thanks to the technologies used in cars, it makes a perfect ground for sleeping. All you need to do is adjust the furniture of your car a bit, and you are all set to go.

Place to Park – Technically you can park your car anywhere you wont get noticed. The tip is to find this any where in some what crowded place. This could be on a street, which has lot many parking areas. You can choose to drive into a shopping mall, where you can park the car and take the nap.

Save the food and the money – In the first place you decided to sleep in your car for budgeting and a little bit of fun experience. But if you really want to save money, carry a cooler with you, stocked with drinks, meals, and breakfasts. It will save you lots of money you would spend dining outside.

There is an app for everything – If you still aren’t convinced with the spots to park your car to sleep over, then download applications from the web and find the suitable camping site which will officially allow you to park your car so you can have a sleepover. They also have amenities like toilets.

Pack right – Going on a road trip and making your car your adobe, means you got to pack right. Start with stuffing in garbage bags, silver ware, instant noodles, ready to eat food, toilet paper, tooth paste, and most important sleeping bags. You never know what you are going to need.

Comfortable sleep – To have a comfortable sleep, one that is fit for your body, sleep with elevated head, if necessary you can use extra clothing to serve as a pillow. Keep the windows a bit open, enough for fresh air and not enough for creeping hands. Also carry a sleeping mask, it goes a long way.

Books, Movies and Music – You are going to need them. Assuming 5that you wont just be driving, and parking your car to sleep like a robot, you are going to have some time in between. To keep yourself away from the boredom carry your favorites. It will also help you to doze off without even trying.

Charge your Electronics – This is the most tricky part of sleeping in a car, as you wont get many avenues to charge your phone or laptop. So before taking off, charge them fully, and along with it carry power banks, or maybe a portable solar charger. These days, electronic devices are must need for any travel.

Cover the windows – If you are seeking some privacy which is normal for people, then cover your windows before sleeping. You can use your clothes to do so, or you could carry a dedicated piece of cloth to do so. This will also refrain unwanted attention from passer bys, and keep your safe.

Follow the rules – At many places it might not be legal to sleep n your car, keep this in mind before choosing the location. You can check the local laws, by simply searching it on the web. The last thing you would want is to be woken up by the police seeking explanation on why where you sleeping in your car.

Safety First – Sleeping alone in your car in a place which far away from your home might sound scary, so keep all safety measures in hand. This goes without saying that keep the doors locked, and never keep. the engine running. For women travelers, it is advisable that they carry a pepper spray with them.

Night Light – While sleeping your car, you are going to need a source of dim light. Keeping your car lights on is not the best idea for your car batteries. It is advisable that you carry a portable head lamp with you, along with spare batteries. This light can also be used to hop out of your car in night for loo breaks.

Comfortable Clothes – Before hitting the road trip, you know that you are going to sleep in your car. So pack a pair of comfortable clothes, made of cotton or silk, that are breathable. The best way is to travel wearing them, so you do not even need to change clothes before sleeping. Its crucial for sound sleep.

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  2. Sleeping in the car is a good way to save some bucks. But there are certain rules to be followed. Besides, a safe parking place where no vehicles ply during the night is a must. If some foolish, drunk is driving on that road, it could be dangerous.

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