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How to choose your travel destination

There is something we all need to admit, that we all love travelling. The mere idea of going to a new place and doing...

Best travel movies from Bollywood

Bollywood is known for making movies that give us goals all the time. Be it about romantic relationships, be it about college life, be...

Bollywood’s most favorite locations in Switzerland

Bollywood’s actresses draped in a Sari and dancing on melodious tunes with backdrop of Swiss alps has always mesmerized the audience. Bollywood has had...

Tips for sleeping in your car while travelling

Planning a road trip, but strict with the budget and are planning to make your car your adobe, then you have come to the...

Top Film Festivals around the World

Do you breathe movies? Are your nights incomplete without a flick? Do you dream meeting your favorite film stars? If the answer is yes,...
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