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Best places to visit in Germany

Best places to visit in Germany

This is the country that will never let you down. From Oktoberfest to Awesome Autumn outdoors, from historical palaces to modern spaces, from timbered towns to stone bridges, everything in Germany might look like a fairy tale, but is truly earned. From Roman times to troubled World War, and Western Occupation, Germany has emerged every time to be the face of New World. If you would ask what is the address of diversity in Europe, we’d say its Germany. Your holidays doesn’t deserve anything less than Germany. To make the most out of your days, we have made it easier for you, with best places to visit in Germany.


Berlin – Capital of Germany, and living memoir of World War 2. We all have heard of Berlin Wall, but trust its remains are worth the sight to this date. Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag are must see. We also recommend a walk through Grunewald forest, or a plunge in to Wannsee orSchlachtensee. This cosmopolitan giant is studded with arts, museums, architecture and a great nightlife.


Munich – This is where your beloved Oktoberfest brews every year. There are Opera Houses, theatres, royal palaces, historic churches and architecture from Golden age to Glistening times. Must we mention that your nights will be a great place thanks to hangout venues. The central square Marienplatz, Mariensaule, Marian Column with Virgin Mary on top are great sights. Plus you will enjoy touring the number of breweries in here. History buffs can sneak peak back in time to see the horrors of holocaust in ruins.


Dresden – Was once a Jewel Box due to its architecture that went through World War 2 and now is back with few losses. The Frauenkirche cathedral, and Semper Opera are worth the sights. Green spaces like gardens, forests, and parks make it more appealing than ever. The trademark European baroque architecture can be easily seen in here like in Zwinger Palace. GemäldegalerieAlte Meister and GrünesGewölbe museums will sure feed your intellect. The beauty of this city is embellished  byElbe River, and you will know why.


Cologne – Banks of River Rhine are blessed with this city. Everything from nightlife to European arts, and great culture can be found here. Cologne Cathedral a masterpiece of Gothic architecture, Twelve Romanesque Churches, Museum of Applied Art, Museum Ludwig, Chocolate Museum, and need we say more. Then there is Hohenzollern Bridge, famous for its love padlocks. If ever you have luxury of choosing time to visit this city do it while Cologne Festival.


Neuschwanstein – Most photo graphed place in Germany. This fairy tale castle is a living testimony that bold and beautiful exists. It was built as a retreat for King Ludwig of Bavaria, and now serves as a hot spot for travellers. This one is accompanied with small town Fussen you can drop by to and enjoy the quaint cafes and bars. The bright buildings of old town will surely awe you.


Heidelberg – It is a true delight for old world lovers, with cobblestone streets, baroque city centre, and awe inspiring landscapes are all you will ever want to see. The beer steins, cuckoo clocks and German sausages will make you stroll through markets every day. AlteBrücke, Philosophenweg (Philosophers’ Way), Heidelberg castle will be the highlights of your day. Much alike other European cities, this one too has art galleries, museums, restaurants, and cafes that make the days.


Regensburg – Located on the banks of Danube river, this city of churches has a long history. The old town, 12th-century SteinerneBrucke or Stone Bridge, Cathedral of St. Peter, Hinter der Grieb with reflection of middle ages, and ancient alleys will be highlights of your day. This city has most of number of pubs and bars per area of entire Germany.


Stuttgart – This city is home to two of the world’s most favourite car brands Mercedes and Porsche, modern architecture, and one of the biggest beer festivals. Schlossplatz andNeuesSchloss (New Palace) at the heart of the city will delight you. The city has the world’s first TV tower, and an UNESCO world heritage site, architect Le Corbusier. You must visit this city especially when the clock strikes Stuttgart Beer Festival.


Lubeck – This seaport city is 1000 years old and the medieval architecture in here is quite popular amongst tourists. The town hall in old town is another perfect example of Renaissance and Gothic Styles. Marinekirche is another spot you’d not want to miss. The alleys of old town will surely take you back in time, and you will never want to leave them.


Leipzig – This is where three rivers meet, and the setback has to be awesome. New Leipzig school is popular amongst art enthusiasts, Gewandhaus Orchestra keeps the drum rolling in the city, Auerbachs Keller a restaurant as old as you would call a place classic, are places not to be missed. Also must we mention this city is not as quaint as it looks, revolution of bringing berlin wall was started from this very place.

Germans Make nice cars, and drink good beer, but not together!


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