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Things to do before travelling

Things to do before travelling

A good trip requires good planning. If you are on a quest for world, you must be armed. Well, we don’t want you to start a fight, but see that winning smile on your face for sure. Excitement of travel or going to a new place can sprout many fantasies in your mind that could shadow the real tasks that need to be done. It’s okay if you have done few bookings and got that ticket, but will it ensure success of your trip. Well unfortunately, No! We don’t mean to scare you, but show you the odds. So here we are with list of things you must and must do before travelling.

Making copies of your Travel Document might sound the silliest thing on internet tagged as a to-do, but we bet it’s very important. Imagine you losing your passport, which we would not want, but has happened. Now your copies will save you from a disastrous trip. Include Tickets, bookings, etc.

Informing your bank is another underestimation that people make with assumptions that world is more global, more high tech, and more open. This will enable you to use your cards in foreign lands, and save you from inconvenience. Not following this step could also get your card get blocked.

Check up with your doctor about the travel plans. You might need any particular medication or vaccines before you enter your destination country. Also if you have regular prescriptions, your doctor should verify it in written to enable you to carry medicines to foreign lands. See how imp.

Before leaving make sure that you have alerted your home security service provider. In case you have alarm systems, notifying the company will make them more alert. You can also choose to notify the local police department that you are gone. They will keep a watchful eye on your house.

Things to do before travelling - Home Security

Trust me you won’t get rid of bills till you are in the deathbed. They are important and vital to running your life. You won’t want to miss them while you are gone. So advance pay your utilities bill, credit card bills, or any Loan instalment, so you don’t have to face any embarrassment when back.

Don’t let perishable items go to waste. You can give them to someone or use while you are still there. Another important thing is to bring in all the outdoor gear you have indoor. You can also ask your friendly neighbour to collect mails while you are gone. It will ensure imp mails get noticed.

Know beforehand what you can and what you cannot bring inside the country you are visiting. This is very important especially is you are visiting friends, family, and not on a holiday, as you will probably bring gifts. These banned items could be from seeds to anything that hurts local sentiments.

Keep a tab on weather of the destination you are travelling to. Just knowing the season is not what we mean. This might help you avoid any hurricane, or a storm, or tsunami. These happen in world we live in, though not that frequently, but be careful. Least you will have umbrella on rainy day.

Know the local customs and etiquettes beforehand. You will definitely not want to do something that is considered offensive in a distant land. Following this step you can save embarrassment and a little fight too. Like sticking the chopstick in to the bowl of rice is considered rude and death.

You might want to completely kill the boredom during your trip. To start off, research for festivals and events at your destination or in its vicinity, and you will find another way to entertain yourself. Also don’t just see this as a recreational activity, it will enable you to immerse in their culture.

Get a travel guide book for your destination. We know there is internet for most of the things, but we also have to agree that info on internet is more generic. However if you want some exquisite and exclusive tips and Intel, guide book is the answer. They also tell you the best kept secrets.

Most of the large cities around the world or least metropolitans have a public transit system. If you are headed to one with it, learn beforehand how to make best of it. You must know how to purchase the tickets, what important stations are there, regions of city covered, tourist card if any etc.

Things to do before travelling - Buy a Data Plan

If you are an avid internet user, please don’t rely on Wifi’s at place you don’t know about. Choose a data plan beforehand. If its estimates are costly, research on what local sim card you can purchase when you reach the destination. Pick the best one available, and also see where to buy them.

You must have planned your entire itinerary, on what cities you will visit, and what sightseeing you will do, what places of interest you will check in. If that is the case, take a step ahead and also buy tickets for these places of interest. You will save the trouble of standing in long queues. Trust me.

We all make arrangements for that international driver’s license or advance booking of cab that will show you around the destination, but we oversee the airport transfers. This is important people if you value every single penny. Research beforehand about your options and choose best of em.

Always keep a habit to carry maps of cities you are travelling to. This will make you more aware to places you are been taken to or you are travelling to. If you think hard copies of map will require space, then download from the google maps of the city, and don’t rely on mobile data.

If you are a slow learner, or think it might not just be necessary to learn the basics of language of destination you are travelling to. Do yourself a favour and download the particular language from Google Translator. It will always remain with you, and will surely help in unexpected times.

Do or Do Not! There is no try.


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