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Everything you need to know about Great Wall of China

If there is one monument in China that everyone across the world would like to visit, then that has to be Great Wall of...

Tips for saving money to travel

A dream vacation in a distant destination is a far-fetched reality for most us. The biggest hurdle we face is the lack of funds...

World’s oldest Hotels

Travelling has been around since the very first humans existed, and so has been their need to lodge themselves. The earliest hospitality establishment dates...

Best Lighthouse hotels in world

Traditionally lighthouses have been the torchbearer of oceans showing path to ships and sea vessels on rough nights. This is what they were built...

Best Accommodation types for travellers

Accommodation can be single biggest expenditure of your trip, closely next to flights. But it is not just the place where you get a...

Free things to do while traveling

Best things in life are free! So True! Be it breath of fresh air or love of your family and friends, or a laid...
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