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Perks of staying in a hostel while Travelling

Perks of Staying in a hostel while Travelling

I am glad to be one of those people that would travel the world if they get one million dollars. But seriously it doesn’t change the status quo much, as I’d also travel without that much of money, because Budget travel, backpacking, and hostels do exist. Yes hostels are predominantly for students, backpackers, and budget travelers. But as supposed to being a cringe place to spend your beautiful days, Hostels have evolved into much more exciting experiences. Trust me, you won’t believe till you stay in one. That’s not just an assumption, but an opinion. See yourself, the few perks of staying in hostels.

Hostels save you lots of money. Often more than 50% of what it would cost in hotels. This saved money is priceless during travels which you can spend in other activities or experiences. When in Europe hostel scene is even better and more competitive when it comes to pricing.

Usually it is better than your expectations. If worried about shared bathrooms, let me break the not a news that at few extra dollars or euros you can have private rooms with bathrooms too.

Hostelling is a socialite life. Can’t explain it better! You will meet so many more like minded travellers, and most of them will be young and outgoing and barely you will find the beds occupied before midnights. That is the scene we are talking about. Yeah!

Solo Travellers have not to be alone after all. Hostels are great place to match up with a buddy to travel the destination in a good company. Trust me, Hostel will be the last place on earth to feel the loneliness vibes. If you don’t find a company here, something is wrong with you.

Perks of Staying in a hostel while Travelling - Solo Travel

Most of the times, these hostels are occupied with avid travellers like Johnnie Walkers who have travelling serially for years. Imagine the stories to told, and information to be gathered, cultures to be learned (least their native). In its true sense, hostels are villages for travellers.

All that local intel you have wanted since the travel plan got incepted, you are going to get all of it in hostels by mates or hostel staff. Trust me, either way you are going to get it.

Hostels are cool, and free Wifi is a testament to that. There could be bunch of hostels that might charge, but majority of them wont and on top of that will give you access to desktops too.

If Airbnb can be, then why not Hostels. Yes they too are in the game. Many of Hostels will also provide you free breakfast, and mass scale operators will have buffets. The only question remains, if you are up the game.

We all get those bad stomach days while travelling, or least craving for a self-cooked meal. This whim usually gets ignored while staying in hotels, but no more in hostels. They have full furnished shared kitchens, all you got to do is bring in your stuff and cook an appeasing meal.

A trip is incomplete if you don’t have stories to tell once you are back, and hostels are full stock libraries of such stories to be told. You got to pick one, and be part of it.

Hostels are great place for bonding. Reason one, Moods are always set up by activities around. Reason Two, You get lots of option like this one or that one. Reason Three, There are lots of shared spaces to open up. These reasons will continue, because hostels are unstoppable.

When it comes to location, Hostels have an upper edge to hotels in general. Hostels will always be centrally located, or in a well-connected place, or in cool neighbourhoods, or in close proximity to sightseeing spots when in tourist clouded destinations. So you don’t have to worry.

I won’t say that you won’t feel homesick in hostels. You know why, because it’s such a shame. Yes you will never ever feel homesick. On the contrary you have time of your life. You will have a blast.

Perks of Staying in a hostel while Travelling - Laundry

Need I mention again, Hostels have upper hands to hotels when it comes to laundry, access to guided tours, walking tours, and all things touristy. They have all resources easy in reach.

Are you easily bored then it’s time to test your limits. Try a activity loaded hostel on your next trip, and you will be thrown with games, quizzes, movie nights, and free tours to deal with. Trust me, Hostels are fun, only if you take it seriously.

Few hostels also have in built bars, and cafes. What could be better to hop from bed into a café, and be at bar till you hop back in to bed. Well, all perfection needs is your active participation, while the hostels are already in.

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