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Mistakes by First time travelers

Mistakes by first time travellers

Traveling for first time, I can both feel your nerve and sense your excitement, as you are here. Apart from your itinerary and city plans you are completely unaware of what experience you are going to have. Can’t clearly remember mine first one, was long back, but every time I set out, it gives me chill. We are all best in our worlds, except if lately you had depressing thoughts, eh. But trip experiences can sometimes come hard, and show you a mirror of imperfections. Nothing serious, just the mistakes you make can upset you in breaks. But after all, to err is Human.

Here I have compiled few mistakes that often first travelers fall to. If you know them beforehand, chances are the snapshot of your trip will be Picture Perfect. Smile Please!

Far-far away in Double Loop – You are already far from your home when on trip, and then you make a mistake of booking a hotel far from the city and you are terribly missing a walk through Bazaars, or lively streets. Until you are mid aged, only interested in sightseeing, and a corporate vulture, you will miss the vibe of city. Set your priorities and check hotel on map.

Don’t be bounded – Travelling with a tour operator is like visiting a zoo, with only difference that here the speculator feel caged. Seriously, talk with your tour operator about how much free time will you get. See how flexible your tour is, and not jam packed with schedules. Never be wretched in missing any tour schedule, if you find it boring, use that time to explore. I don’t discourage tour packages, but find one that gives you space.The synonym to travel is freedom. So do enjoy it.

Scary strangers – Might happen that some native talked with you rudely, it doesn’t mean that you stay pissed for rest of your trip and kill your vulnerability to strangers. Be open, and don’t let one bad experience create prejudices. Experienced travelers are well aware there is hostility in this world, no matter how sweet are you. Please also remember, Looks can be deceptive, both for your good and bad.

Ignorance is also a tool – While on Trip if you happen to deal in huge sums, or pay cash to anybody with whom you are buying a service / product or returning a favor, do a little check with your conscious and sensibility, if you find anything suspicious, then just hold it, cancel it, ignore it, and simply move ahead. It will really help you from falling into scams.

Mistakes by first time travelers

Check it before you check in – Before booking a hotel, please be double sure to ask about the check-out, check-in time. I always assert on this, and it saves at least one day of hotel tariff if you are smart to use Luggage Room (Also check this, if it’s available). Always insist on seeing the exact room you will stay in, not the similar prototype room. Check for these in room, Air Conditioner, Toilet Flush, Intercom, Television with Cable and Geyser. Ask about Laundry, like change of linens every day and housekeeping too. Having followed these, Hotel staff will not have any arguments if they miss the services.

Travel Shopping – Don’t spend too much on travel shopping, especially if you are buying use and throw items, or items exclusively for the trip that probably will be used first and last time during the trip. Travel excitement might take over your senses, but remember this trip, or rather use that money to buy yourself a drink on an odd day during the trip.

How are you feeling now? – This one is especially if your first trip is long one. You can never bet on your health, no matter how healthy diet and habits you have. Anything in your body can go wrong and mess up your trip. Its always better to be safe and buy a Travel health Insurance.

Rush Hour – It’s your first trip and it’s your choice how do you wanna end up and lay foundation for future travel. Never be in a rush, try to enjoy the moment. Open yourself to all pleasant things. Point is to make yourself fall in love with travelling, if not for future then sake of the trip.

Mistakes by first time travelers - Research

Don’t fall for everything that comes first –This goes for hiring a cab, or booking a hotel, or buying local merchandise, or restros. You might have done your research and the deal you are getting first hand might suit you. But please keep your options open, and I said earlier don’t be in a rush. Some great deals and experiences might be waiting for you.

Are you in network? – Prior to your travel check the coverage limits of your cellphone network provider. You can’t be hanging around with your phone up in air. Check the internet plans. If found necessary, then research what local sim you are going to buy, with what plan, and what documents will required for issuing.

Don’t be shy – This is especially for eating food or having drinks. Don’t ever judge the restaurant by its looks or how well it’s maintained. Before having a seat, ask for menu. Go through the prices then decide if you have to place your bum here or not. This is how professionals do.

First Time is Best Time


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