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10 Best places to visit in France

Best places to visit in France

If you think Paris is ‘City Of Love’, you will sure become Fond of France. If you have always wondered about the heights of Eiffel Tower, you will find peace in depth of French people. If you have always admired Leonardo da Vinci, you will kill for a seat in French cafes. France is celebration of life with neoclassical architecture, diverse terrain, big cities, little villages, good wine, flattering cheese, countless galleries, distinct culture, and wonderful people.

If you haven’t been to France, trust me you are missing some great country side from your life. Your trip to France will be a face-off with Real Europe. Here we are to help you choose the best places to visit in France.


1 – Paris

I am sure Paris needs very little introduction, but we will not risk it. The city of Paris is also dubbed as City of Lights, City of Love and City of Fashion. Trust me when i say Paris lives up to the expectation of all three. While visiting Paris you would definitely not want to miss the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and Notre Dame Cathedral. Paris is also home to world’s finest museums like Louvre Museum and Musee d’Orsay. It’s an apex moment when you get to see the Mona Lisa, of course the genuine one. At the end of the day, there will be whole lot of treats waiting for you in the finest French museums. Anything else you want, I am sure Paris has it.

The city of Paris is also a gastronomic delight. While visiting Paris you must relish French Onion Soup, croque-monsieur which is a cheese and ham sandwich, and a combination of steak with french fries. The city of Paris has a very good metro connectivity, which you can use to travel within the city.

The best time to visit Paris is in between June to August and September to October. Paris has an international Airport which is well connected to all major cities of the world and all you got to do is book a ticket.


2 – Bordeaux

The city of Bordeaux stands on River Garonne. It is a port city built with fine 18th century architectural sites. The historic center of Bordeaux is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The city of Bordeaux has more than 350 historic sites, medieval churches, and classical old bridges. The Place de la Bourse is another place or rather plaza not to be missed. The wine country around is another reason you will have great evenings, and don’t worry there is good food too. If you want to indulge in some local experience then you must visit the Marché des Capucins which is the central covered market of Bordeaux for little shopping.

The village of Saint Emilion in the Bordeaux region is known to have been doing wine production since the Roman times, and the region is a must visit for for first hand wine making process tour. The wine enthusiasts must also visit the Cirty of Wine Museum that showcases the history of winemaking since 6000 BC.

A stay at Chateau De Montastruc will change your view about hospitality or better the venues. Your local gastronomy highlights should be bars à vin, and canelés. Once you visit the city of Bordeaux you will keep wanting more of it.


3 – Strasbourg

Strasbourg is famous for its Christmas market, and we all have seen the glittering pictures of those markets over the internet and Post Cards. The town of Strasbourg is located along the German Border and the best part is that Switzerland is also a couple of hours away. A sunny day at Parc de l’Orangerie is something you will never forget. This town is also the seat of European Parliament. The historic centre, Grande Île is a pure joy to visit in the city. The museums, shops, cafes, are all blended with Gothic Architecture that adds a whole lot of beauty to this city. Strasbourg also boasts of a 300 year old astrological clock that shows the right time.

The tudor style buildings of the city are another delight that will compel you to take a click or two. A visit to the Cathedral Square is also a must which is a true piece of Gothic architecture. If you are travelling with kids then a ride on Carousel is also a must. Travelling within the city can be done through the beautiful trams, and a small walk which can lead you to some of the hidden gems of this town.

Some of the delicacies that you must relish in Strasbourg are Crepes, and Pretzels. While in Strasbourg you must also relish the locally brewed Lager. The town of Strasbour is a must visit if you fancy visiting a small French town in its true beauty.


4 – Lyon

Lyon is the third largest French city, and has a strategic location of being located by two rivers, Saone and Rhone. The city of Lyon is quite diverse when it comes to neighborhoods. It has Presqu’île for restaurants and bars, Croix-Rousse for hidden passageways, Fourvière for Roman ruins, and Brotteaux for uptown settlement & open spaces. The silk weavers district is also one of the top attractions of the city which has existed since the silk trade of Lyon from 18th century. Saint Jean Cathedral is another must visit, which is a perfect example of medieval Gothic architecture. Younger folks will like Lyon as it surely is a party hotspot.

Cour des Loges in the old town is another beauty you won’t want to miss while visiting Lyon. The best time to visit Lyon is from mid spring to fall when the weather is warmer and travellers can indulge in outdoor activities. December is also a good time to visit, because of the festivities of Christmas. At this time you will find the lit Christmas markets.

While visiting Lyon you must relish, silkweavers cheese, Lyonnais styled salad, and the quenelles de brochet which is a pike fish in creamy sauce. Travelling within the city can be done through an extensive network of buses, trams and metro.


5 – Marseille

Marseille is one of the oldest and largest French city. This port city was founded more than 2500 years ago. The city of Marseille is located on the Mediterranean coast. The city of Marseille has Roman ruins, and buildings with distinct architecture. The city is home to two historic forts that will complement your sightseeing. While in Marseille a visit to Abbaye Saint Victor which is a catholic church dating back to 11th century is also must, where you will find pieces of history on display. If you want to explore and admire the beauty of old Marseille, then you got to visit the Le Panier which is known for its narrow winding streets, terraced homes and street art.

While visiting Marseille you simply cannot miss to have a meal or sip a drink in the waterfront cafes and bars. To best enjoy the waterfront cafes and shops you must visit the Vieux Port. The apex point of your trip will be a little boat excursion into the sea or partying on a yatch. The peak tourist season in Marseille is between May to August, while the best time with a lesser crowd is between September to November.

Some of the delicacies that you musty savor while being in Marseille are bouillabaisse which is a fish stew, and navettes which are citrus cookies that you will only find in Marseille. To travel within the city you can use metro lines and trams.

Mont Saint Michel

6 – Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint Michel is a place right out from a fairy tale. This is the place you all have seen in those beautiful wallpapers on Pinterest boards. No wonder that this beautiful place is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Mont Saint Michel is located on a little island rising upward from the sea. It is interesting to see that this small touristy site receives 3 Million visitors every year. It is lined by ramparts, and grown with spires. Some of the best sites inside the Mont Saint Michel is the Abbey of Mont Saint-Michel. If you want to buy souvenirs and try the botique shops of this site then take a walk along the main street which is Grande Rue.

Inside Mont Saint Michel you will also find a maritime museum and a history museum which are worth dropping by. Einstein couldn’t do it, but this place will take you back in time to the Middle Ages. You got to take note of that Mont Saint Michel is located in Normandy which receives rainfall almost throughout the year, so it is advisable to carry some rainwear along.

The best time to visit it is from March to September when the chances of rainfall are minimum. The best time of the day to visit Mont Saint Michel is during the early morning hours, but for that, you will need an overnight stay in the nearby region.


7 – Cannes

The city of Cannes is widely known for its film festival which happens in the month of May, but this place is also a gem for tourists though this one is more for luxury travel. In Cannes, you will find luxurious yachts, boutique shops, and the best of the Mediterranean coast making this place worth the visit. The Old Town of Cannes is also known as Le Suquet which is found delightful by all the travellers. While in Cannes you must also admire the painted walls of Cannes, which are a tribute to the popular films, and artists. The La Croisette promenade is the top attraction of Cannes where you will find the popular shops and establishments of the city.

The other highlights of your days in Cannes will also be those sunny moments in the city’s popular beaches. Cannes is known for having some of the most fancy restaurants in France that serve fantastic seafood. Some of the best delicacies that you can savor here are Lamb Shoulder tart, artichoke salad, Ravioli, and duck breast.

Within Cannes, the best mode of transportation is by foot and by bus. The best time to visit Cannes is between the months of March and May. Summers are the peak season for Cannes, and if you are a budget traveler then visit it during winters.


8 – Nice

The beautiful city of Nice is a gem of French Riviera. Nice is home to one of the most beautiful beaches of France, such as Villefranche sur Mer. The city is also known for its great gastronomic scene. You will also have to try ‘Succa’ a chickpea flour crepe while visiting Nice. Some of the delicacies that you must relish in Nice are salade niçoise which fresh ingredient salad, and pissaladières which is a small pizza. One thing nice about nice is that you will find plenty of restaurants in the city that serve delicious food. One of the top attractions to visit in Nice is the Place Massena which is the city’s main square and also a very photographic friendly place.

The city also has a Castle Hill from where every day on noon a firework is shot, a tradition which has been going since the 19th century with earlier usage of cannons instead of fireworks. The bustling city life of Nice will never dampen your spirits. Nice also offers some great outdoor activities like skating, kayaking, swimming, or spreading on a beach.

Nice has a little Italian influence, and this city poses a fusion of cultures, which is obvious in the pasta shops and architecture of its buildings. The best time to visit the city of Nice is from September to October and March to April.


9 – Annecy

The town of Annecy is also dubbed as the ‘Venice of the Alps’, thanks to the canals that add beauty to the city. The town is also famous for its lake which is the cleanest lake of France. A boat ride in this lake along with the swans is a perfect thing to add in your itinerary. Another must-visit is the Pont Des Amours which is called as the Lovers Bridge, and is a pretty popular photographic venue for couples. It also has a Château d’Annecy that watches over the town. The old town which is also known as the Vieille Ville is quite charming with its 16th and 17th century colorful buildings. 

The town is studded with quaint shops, bakeries, and restaurants that will make you fall in love with French food. During winter months, it also serves as a route and passing point to a few ski resorts. For traveling within the city walking is the best mode especially if you are staying in the center of the town.

The best times to visit Annecy is between the months of June and September when the weather is pleasant. Winters here can be too chilly but you can travel in winter in case if you are headed to a ski resort.


10 – Montpellier

If you are a lover of civic properties, you must visit the city of Montpellier. It has the most stylish trams in France which are a popular mode of transportation in the city and you can also avail the bike sharing program of the city for local travel. You will love the architecture of this place, boulevards, and the gorgeous white sand beaches. Montpellier is a multicultural city that never stops buzzing. If you are travelling with family then La Promenade du Peyrou is a quick picnic spot you should visit here. While visiting here you must also go to the Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert which is a small town located in the gorge of limestone mountains around the city.

Thanks to the high student population, you will be in good youthful company. The university here was founded in the 13th century and still has an operational medical school. The obvious good French food of Montepellier is another delight you will find here. While visiting this city you must relish their top food which is oysters that are eaten raw.

The best time to visit Montepellier is the months of July and August, but these months in here can be hot and humid. If you are a budget traveller and want to enjoy the beaches near the city then May, June, September are the best months.

Paris is always a good idea!


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