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Type of Destinations you can Travel to

Type of Destinations you can Travel to

Planning your holiday, but not sure where to head. Luxury of life is in having time off, but what you can’t afford in it, is not knowing where to travel. Random places with various spots can be very confusing. Don’t worry we got you covered. We want this trip of yours to be oriented around ‘Type of Destination’. This will help you in making macro choices, and avoiding fickle decisions. You will get a broader perspective to make choices you won’t regret. We have created a list of Types of Travel Destinations, which will surely come in handy while choosing your next trip stop.

Beach Please – The perfect getaway made of sun, sea and sand. For long beaches have been the center of attraction when it comes to travelers. The reason why beach destinations are on the top is that they are the most sought destinations. Everyone loves beaches, especially the teenagers, and the younger people. We all have to admit that nothing beats a holiday in resort with luxury of private beach.

We can also make a promise that till oceans and seas don’t dry up, we will always be blessed with overwhelming coastline. The best thing about beaches is the serenity of the atmosphere and the calm of the ocean. Another best thing about beaches is that you do not need to Miami, to attract people. Simple and off the radar beaches also do just fine. Cities with many beaches are one of a stop.

Shopping Destinations – Ladies hold on your excitement, because we know that you are already getting wild ideas on how to end up and an empty with piles of bags and an exhausted credit card. If shopping feeds you soul and wardrobes are were you spend most of the time, then that is what you should go for. Shopping destinations mean a little bit of glitz and hell lot of glamour.

There is one thing that is misunderstood about shopping destinations is that shopping is only for the purpose of fashion, but it is not so. You can also shop for jewelry, you can also shop for interior decor, you can also shop for antiques, and what not. Your shopping destination could be Dubai, or maybe Milan. Just be prepared to carry all those bags round the market.

Island Destinations – Islands are where luxury meets travel. It is unarguably one of the most exotic holiday destination that you can choose. Islands will never cease to surprise you with their beauty. The holiday gets even better if you have a yatch with yourself that you can park at some point of the island to party all your way around.

But we aren’t talking about any island like Australia or News Zealand. Island destinations live up to higher expectations only if they are small. The smaller the island is the more fun you are going to have. The more remote the island is the more fun you are going to have. If you are looking for recommendations, then lets start with Hawaii, or Caribbean, and many more that will make you feel king size.

Retreat Spots – Every holiday has a purpose behind them, it could be merely for leisure, it could be merely for fun, it could be merely for celebrating any important event of your life, or it could be merely for exploring new destinations and culture. But when we talk about retreats their purpose is predetermined for every traveler that visits them.

Well Retreats aren’t destinations but still fit the bill, because they offer indulging holidays. It could be around any particular purpose or any particular theme. It could be a Health Retreat, or Spiritual Retreat for eternal bonding, or Yoga Retreat for wellness, or even writing retreat. The experience you will have is going to be mind blowing, and level of relaxation is at another level of high.

Resort Spots – Resorts have their own charm when it comes to traveling. They are like mini worlds, with all the facilities and all the hospitality clubbed together in few acres of area. Again Resorts are not proper destinations, or you would say that they are the diplomas of destinations. At many popular destinations around the world, there are resorts which will not let make you leave and explore the entire destination while living within the confines of the resort.

They are often huge, with gardens, suites, bars, restaurants, recreational areas, exotic pools, maybe a little golf course or tennis court. The kind of facilities you get are at the top of the game. They are made to make you feel relaxed.

Religious Destinations – It would not be wrong to say but our world is quite driven by religion and the faith that people display. Religion is what gives us our basic lifestyle, and gives us the reason to be together. For people those are atheist, well it’s never too late for redemption. God has space for all, and there are just lot of places where you will find his essence.

Religious travel is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. In India majority of the trips are made to religious destinations, or the itinerary will always have a religious spot within it. Consider Vatican or Varanasi, they are the hub of the religious activity. We must agree that there is nothing better than submitting yourself to the almighty and religious destinations give you that window.

Cultural Destinations – Travel has always been a means of exploring different destinations and different cultures all around the world. If different places in the world hadn’t had different cultures, our trips might have become easy, but travel would have become boring. We got to agree that wearing Prada might define your lifestyle, but not the culture.

Culture is the fiber that reflects in every person of the destination. It is the fiber that connects everyone. Be it visiting Dublin, the site of Literature, or Texas the place of cowboys, or the New Zealand the land of Maoris. Culture is what defines the destination, and sets it apart. A cultural destination enthralls your soul.

Historical Destination – They are one of the most popular travel destination type in the world. Yes we all our fascinated by history, and we all tend to feel joy in admiring the beauty of ruins left after by our ancestors as heritage. History is what defines our present and there is absolutely no wrong being a history geek. If you are attracted by the life and work of our great grand forefathers, these places are for you.

The best thing about historic destinations is that they are picturesque and there is a lot that you can learn from these historic destinations. Thees destinations are best suited for families with small kids, as they are the ones who are most amazed by the sights. If you are a history geek then Rome might be on top of your bucket list, or Egyptian mummies capture up your fantasies.

Traditional Sport Destination – We all love sports, and there is at least one or the other sport that we also are good at playing. Be it cheering for your favorite sports star during a critical match, or be it for touring some legendary stadium, we all have once or twice visited sports destinations or sports avenues in our lives, or at least we have stayed glued to TV screens for a match.

We all got to agree that there is nothing better than a game to shake a leg. Wimbledon in London might give thrills of an energetic game of tennis by merely a sight, or simply you might want to admire the Dubai Sports City under sunshine, or you might want to feel the rush of Adrenalin while catching up with F1 race in Monaco.

Adventure Sports Destinations – We all seek adventures in our lives. Be it through a new job, or be it through a new excursion, or be it through a holiday. Well yes, there exist folks with a little higher rush of Adrenalin, and once in a while they like to feel the gush of it. But we must warn you ahead that adventure sports destinations are not for the feeble heart people.

In adventure sports you got to take that leap of faith, and conquer your fears. The thirst of such adventure seekers can only be quenched with a bungee jumping from Macau Tower or bungee jumping from Victoria Falls, or may be by Scuba diving in Fiji, or probably going for Skydiving in Wollongong. The avenues are many, and the thrill is high.

Foodie Destinations – Food and travel go hand in hand. No trip is ever complete till you get to taste the local cuisines of a particular destination. In fact if there is somethings good about travel, then one of it is getting to savor delicious dishes never tried before. These types of destinations have to be favorite of most of us. Nothing beats the dinner of a lip smacking or a finger licking food.

The best thing about foodie destinations is that almost every tourist destination in this world is also a foodie destination as every popular tourist destination has some unique food to offer. Trust me we all have been through food coma, and foodie cities. Yes they can be Mendoza for wines, or Tuscany for those saucy pastas.

Natural Phenomenon Destinations – Travel is also about admiring the beauty of the nature, and nature is something that never ceases to surprise us with its phenomenal activities. We all got to agree if mystery was to be defined at its peak, the answer would be nature. Well it also gives a window to travelers for some speculation of nature.

Trust me when i say that you can never enough admire Northern Lights from Alaska or Norway. No matter if science has dozens of theories about the cause of these northern lights, but as a traveler it is still a mystery to me. Trust me when i say you will be amazed to see the beauty of an active volcano no matter how much destruction has it caused. That is natural phenomenon for you.

Celluloid Destinations – Only thing that keeps us hooked for longest has been films. We watch them all the times, and take inspiration for our lives from them. Films entertain us, educate us, and inform us. They are what depicts our cultural fabric to the finest. Films give voices to topics that have been suppressed all the way along. Films are the windows to the lives of the people.

We must agree that most of us always remain curious what goes behind. Hollywood, Los Angeles is the place for those kind of curious minds, or maybe a trip to Mumbai can show you through the lenses. Apart from this there are hundreds of Film cities and mega sized studios that you can add as your destinations for vacations.

Romantic Destinations – We all love spending time with our partners, and a romantic destination will just about add a little magic to it. Each person on this planet earth has been least, once or twice been touched by the magic of romance. To experience the same magic again and again with your partner is one of the best feelings.

Such destinations will not have sign boards in shape of a heart but will come with an air of compassion. It is the culture of these destinations and the people that live in that make them romantic. For starters Paris tops them, and Santorini whitewashes them all. You could also head on to the biggest symbol of love on earth which is Taj Mahal.

Architectural Destinations – We all love structures provided they are in good shape. Thees types of destinations matches with historical destinations as all the great monuments of the past that have faced the wear and tear of times are also in good shape or say good architecture. But these destinations are not bound by time, but only good architecture.

Our obsession with architecture starts the day we admiring them. A vacation to such a destination can feed the photographer in you, or the engineer in you, or the architect in you. It takes lot of pain and labor and passion to build a structure that has admirable architecture. If you are one of those, Barcelona is the place.

Countryside Destinations – Never forget the roots. Never forget the Foundations. Never forget the country side. Always remember if you want to see the real face of a country, visit their country side. Just think about it and you will realize that all the mega metropolitan cities of this world were once a country side destination until they got urbanized.

The kind of beauty you will encounter in country side destination is going to be raw and untouched. The people are going to be warm hearted, and hospitable. The food is going to have finest flavors and is going to be made from freshest of produce. Some of the country side destinations are just way too irresistible, like Schist of Portugal, Tuscany of Italy, or Pfalz of Germany.

There is a place for all of them.


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