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How to make best use of your Travel Photos

How to make best use of your travel photos

Your trip usually ends before you even have a slightest idea that you a free butterfly out from your cocoon. Trip ends and time flies like anything. What it leaves is memories, and trust me, Loads and loads of pictures. If we didn’t had camera memory cards, these photographs would have piled up to take a space of that cringe store room. It’s sad that they are left unattended, till maybe once a year we decide to flip back. We actually let them rot somewhere in our wardrobes, without putting them to their fullest use. So here we are to bring those pictures back into our life with some very cool ideas.

Postal Stamps – You might not have a historical significance in short life while you are living, as most of us are normal people who live a normal life attending day to day hustles. But don’t worry, especially the people who want least one minute of fame. What if i told you that life gives you an opportunity to be all over the message by Personalized Stamps.

Sounds exciting, yes it is. What if you were printed on those postal stamps that go on envelopes. That would sure give you a minute of fame from the person who you are sending this post. All you got to do is check with your local postal service, and chances are that they give you the power of creating stamps with your custom image, which means all your travel postcards with your hallmark.

Printed T Shirt – How about flaunting the best pictures from your vacation to your neighborhood, or your gym fellows, or to every eye that falls upon! These people also deserve to see what good photography skills you have. Plus it is kind of cool when everyone sees your picture and passes a smile. Yep, get your favorite pictures printed on t shirts with services like Spread Shirt or The Print Bar.

You can choose to get it printed in any size as you wish, the size of the cloth can also be decided. If you want to add any text that too can be taken care of. If you want to choose the color of the t shirt that facility is also available, but we suggest that you go with white. You can also gift these custom print tees to your friends or your gang or your bae.

Coasters with Pictures – At time when you are drinking in your house bar, you would definitely not want to be bored, or lets just say that you have invited a group of friends to your house for a drink night and you just want to show how cool you are and where you traveled last week. In cases like these a nice igniter of memories could be a coaster with one of those travel pictures.

Yes they are possible. If you want to do this thing on your own, then you can get some cheap and plain coasters from the supermarket by yourself, get printed some of the travel pictures in the size of the coaster, take a scissor and cut the pictures, then glue them on coasters. You are good to go. But if you want a specialized service, and want to go with professional custom made coasters, try Coaster Kings.

Collage of Travel pictures – If all memories were in same place even in bits, it would really make our life look big and worth it. JUst think all your travel pictures in the same place, and you can revisit all the memories by just a mere glimpse of it. It might be hard to bring all memories together, but the good news is you can do is by creating a collage of all your favorite printed pictures.

We all have done this in our schools and colleges, so why not try this out for our travel pictures. The only thing that you need to note is that you got to tear apart the pictures with your own hand, and give it the authentic look of a collage. You can or cannot get it framed, but you got to hang it some place prevalent like your living or study room, so everyone can have a piece of it.

Poster of a picture – We all have wild fantasies, and we all dream about distant things. We all got to admit that at some point of our lives we all have wished if we were a pop star. The name and the fame, and the crowds going gaga is something that would excite even the dullest of people. I cannot make you people pop star, though we can do something closer to that.

What i am suggesting is that you get your pictures printed on a poster, or simply get a poster made out of your picture. Yes like those pop stars have of theirs. The only thing to note is that it be a solo picture, with you doing something cool while posing. You can print a single picture or collection of them. You can use Vista Print for that few inches of fame, and stick that in your room or door.

Clothespin display – If you do not want to go loud by printing your posters, or getting a t shirt printed, and want to keep your travel pictures a private affair, then we have another solution for you. Trust me you will always have some space when it comes to decorating your pictures hanging by clothespin display. This style is vintage, its classy, its fun, its quirky, and always in fashion.

It needs bare minimum requirement which is of a thin rope and handful of clips, along with of course the pictures printed in the same size and same orientation. Rest of the work is pretty simple, by choosing an empty area of your living room and hang them. To make your work easier here are few pre built frames from Etsy that will enclose all your favorite pictures.

Luggage Tags – Giving your luggage an anti lost trademark definitely sounds like a good idea. We do it all the times, by writing our names, or by writing our address, or even by writing our mobile phone numbers. The thing about about traditional luggage tag is that they are old school. So why don’t we prepare a luggage tag with our pictures, yes that is possible.

What could be better than a luggage tag on your luggage that has your own travel picture on it. It is not just super safe, but also a cool thing to do. You can have one side of the luggage tag with your picture, and the other side for your message or any other text. You can get one of these made through Vista Print and flash your images all over the airport.

How to make best use of your travel photos

Picture calendars – Travelling memories are never enough, so why don’t we have a dose of it everyday! It will be a reminder that we have been to that many places, and it will also be a reminder that we have an entire world to explore. Yep we are talking about Calendars. ONe of the most essential things that we refer to in our day to day lives.

A hang wall will be bold and good to go, or you can also choose it to be a table calendar which are small and easy to refer. Now all you need is pictures perfect for every month and must pass on good vibes. Like for December you can pick up a New Year Party picture, or for February you can pick up a hill station holiday picture, like that. You can get those made from Shutterfly. You can also gift these to your network of family and friends.

Jigsaw Puzzle – I know that it might seem very childish, but that it what it is for, the kids. Apparently jigsaw puzzle is something that every kid loves, so why not take this affair to the next level. What if the puzzle had their face, or one of their favorite pictures! The game will become more fun for them, and they are going to engage even more into it.

This usage of pictures might not sound appealing to you, but trust me that your kids are going to love it to the core. You might even have to get more puzzles made out from the travel pictures of your kid. You can get those picture puzzles made from Puzzles Print. This stuff will never cease to surprise you, and you will realize that you have spent some quality time with your kids while playing.

Picture Postcards – Going on another vacation, what could be better than sending postcards to your loved ones. Yes there were times when we only had few means of communication and postcards were one of them. People sending postcards from various countries, with pictures of the destination on it was once a very normal thing, and we used to love it.

Now its time to revisit the history. Do we need to mention that these postcards should have your own pictures from all around the world! It is the fun part of these picture postcards, and people are going to love hearing back from you with your signature picture on these postcards. You can easily get your customized postcards made from Moo.

Coffee table books – This one is especially for the frequent travelers. If most of the times you are traveling around the world, and taking amazing pictures, then you need to consider to making the best use of them. We are talking about the coffee table books. At this point we are not suggesting that you get made these coffee table books to be sold, but who knows how much people would like them.

Start by creating coffee table books based on every trip you have made, or you can also choose to segregate them with the name of the destination, or the name of the country. It all depends on how many distinct pictures of the place you have. Get them made into a coffee table book and place them all in a shelf in your living room like a mini library. Your family and friends are going to love it.

Stickers – As a kid we all have loved stickers, and we all have enjoyed using them at all the places we liked by leaving our sign through them. Now it is time to use the stickers again. With all those tons of travel photos inventory and being clueless where to use them, stickers will help you make use of them. If you are still young and a little messy, we say you get yourself made some customized stickers.

Although there is no age to get made some stickers, to use those stickers, but if you have kids, then do try this one for them by using their pictures. These stickers you can paste them on fridges, or your carry bag, or on the notebooks of your children, on your cellphone, within your work cubicle, or on your laptop etc. There are n number of places where you can use them. You can get these from Vista Print.

Wallpapers – The larger it is the better it is, works just about fine, if not to everything then least few things. This is especially for people who are bold and are not afraid to try new things. Yes this might take up some of your courage. Well keep your guessing hats on. This is for wallpapers to cover your entire room walls with your favorite pictures as print.

We know that you cannot use these wallpapers in each of your rooms, because that is a house and not some amusement park, but if you have any such spare room or recreational room, or a space where you hang out for fun, then you can try such wallpapers. Juts think how cool it will be to hang out in a room with thees travel pictures all around you. Get these made from Pick a Wall.

Social Media – We live in the age of the internet, and are surrounded with different means of technology at all the times. There is one thing in common we all have as an internet consumer, which is social media. Most of the people would find it dreadful to imagine their lives without social media. So how can leave this when it comes to making best use of our travel pictures.

You can start by sharing them on social media, chances are that you have already done that. But if not then keep few things in mind, add the location in each of your picture which will give them detailed visibility. Instead of posting all the static pictures, create a video slideshow, and add some music as background, then post it as a story or as a reel, it will be praised more.

There is always a picture around you!


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